lost s4

I’m so angry!! With every new article that comes out about Benedict and Martin’s ‘frosty relationship’ (which is obviously complete bullshit) and Mark saying they can’t align the schedules and 'there’s no desire to come back’ blah blah blah, everyone keeps rubbing it in my face! My mum keeps saying 'well all those rubbish conspiracies are out the window’ and 'gonna have to get over Sherlock now’. No! It’s not over! This show gives me happiness and she keeps laughing like it’s nothing…

the gap

I’m sure other people have noticed this before me, but I was rewatching t6t and I couldn’t help but think about this.

“It’s the gap. Look at the gap. It’s wrong. Everything else is perfectly ordered, managed. This whole thing’s verging on OCD. … Something’s missing from here, but only recently.”

The gap. I can’t help but think this has to do with the show itself. Everything is this show is meticulous. All of the details are perfectly aligned, and yet, this ugly gap remains. It’s bordering on OCD. Something is missing from the show- but only recently, only season 4. Only now.

Around this same part, he starts talking about intuitions and how intuitions are simply data processed too fast to comprehend. How we should listen to our intuitions. Others have agreed that this episode went really fast and needed time to go back and rewatch to fully process it.

All these things that feel wrong with season 4 are the gap. The data processed too fast to comprehend it.

Sorry no, hold on!
I was going through my Sherlock album on my phone and it’s mostly screencaps from info on series 4 and I found this?!
Steven was saying the long 29 page dialogue was this mind palace scene, but we never saw that did we? It’s not when he’s figured out the ‘anyone’ clue is it? Because that wasn’t really mind palace it was him high as a kite!

Hullo. Are you ready for the story?

This is the story of Sir Boast-a-lot. Sir Boast-a-lot was the bravest and cleverest knight at the Round Table.

But soon the other knights began to grow tired of his stories about how brave he was and how many dragons he’d slain. 

And soon they began to wonder, Are Sir Boast-a-lot’s stories even true? Oh no…

So one of the knights went to King Arthur and said, “I don’t believe Sir Boast-a-lot’s stories. He’s just a big old liar who makes things up to make himself look good.” 

And then, even the king began to wonder. 

But that wasn’t the end of Sir Boast-a-lot’s problem.


That wasn’t the Final Problem. 

The end.


[im feeling so sorry for every of you there and for myself, that was to much, wasn’t it?]


IT IS WHAT IT IS and for now is better than it seemed before ATY airing.

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can you just forget about “Sherlock” and back to normal life?