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IDW wtarsream, jazz, mtmte rung, Megatron, drift, and swerve reaction to their bot s/o being turned into a sparkling. And every time they leave the room , go somewhere their s/o can't see them or hands over to someone else their s/o burst into to tears and won't stop wailing unless they are carrying them even then there would still be some tears

Starscream is Frazzled. He’s one of those stressed-out single parents who have so much to do and no time to do it, and the baby is crying, and the phone is ringing off the hook, and oh no the soup is bUBBLING OVER-! He calls for Wheeljack to please figure out a way to get you back to normal. There’s really no one he trusts enough to hand you off to so you’re on his hip for the entire day. You owe him once you’re back to normal!

Jazz figures out he can keep you from crying with his music. He plays the radio for you on the way to the nearest medic. He’s good with kids, so it’s not hard for him to take care of you, but he can’t hide how scared he is that you might be stuck like this. He’s shaky and dotes over you until he finds a cure. When you’re back to adulthood he falls over in relief- and for a nap. 

Rung is calm. Taking care of sparklings isn’t hard, and there’s plenty of weird science on this ship to get you back to normal. He takes you to both Brainstorm and Perceptor, then takes you back to his habsuite to give them time to work. While the cure is being made he shows you his ships and plays patty-cake with you until you’re tuckered out. Then he feeds you and puts you down for a nap. Later, after you’ve been cured, he brings up having sparklings with you. 

Megatron is a mixture of worried/holy slag/tired of everything. The whole time he’s protective of you and won’t let anyone else hold you. He even keeps you in his lap while Ratchet checks you over. No one messes with him while he’s this on-edge, and a cure is made as quickly as possible. The whole crew sighs in relief when you’re back to normal. 

Drift doesn’t know how to take care of sparklings. Why are you crying? Are you hungry? Tired? He can’t even hold you right. Ratchet pretty much has to stay beside him all day because Drift is clueless but doesn’t want to leave you alone. Eventually he kind of enjoys baby you. Your giggles are adorable and look- you’re trying to put your pede in your mouth! How cute! After Brainstorm fixes you up Drift immediately brings up having a family. You tell him you’ll discuss it later- after you both get a shower and a nap.

Swerve has seen this one movie where the exact thing happened and it was awesome- oh. Oh no no no, don’t cry! He panics and runs to the medbay. He is now also crying. Help, his s/o is a baby what does he do?? Until you’re cured he’s doting mother hen- and even afterward he still hovers a bit. 

i just realized something...

so…that’s (apparently) something only conjunx endurae do. 

and we have kind of a proof for that:

if that’s the case, i would like to direct your attention to this

now, i’m not saying that proves anything. i’m just saying i’m really glad our huge gay mess of a co-captain finally has his husband back

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Headcanons for IDW Brainstorm, Rodimus, Drift, Fort Max, TFP Ultra Magnus, Wheeljack, and Smokescreen having to chase and catch their bot s/o because they are upset/crying over something the other has said (and obviously didn't mean) and trying to calm them down please and thank you :)


‘Oh slag,’ thinks Brainstorm. ‘Oh slag.’ He sees you running away from him and his spark seizes (no, no, not again, can’t lose them.) After a moment of being frozen with panic he searches for you, finding you curled up in a corner. He’s not too good with feelings, but he apologizes and promises he didn’t mean it. Please come back to the habsuite with him? He’d like to talk it out there… You agree, and he clings to you the whole way back.

Rodimus has a habit of putting his foot in his mouth. He whispers a curse to himself and breaks into a sprint after you. “Babe- I didn’t mean it, you know what a blockhead I can be!” Once you finally stop running he apologizes, hugging you close and swaying back and forth until your tears stop.

Drift is usually careful with his words, and he’s kicking himself for upsetting you. He goes back over what he said while he gives you time to cool down. He thinks about how he said it, possible reasons it upset you, and how could’ve has said it differently. Once he works it out he finds you and takes you back to his habsuite, where he gives you a cube of energon and a well thought-out apology as he holds you.

Fort Max feels like slag. Making you cry has officially made him The Worst Person Ever.™ He chases after you and practically begs for forgiveness- he’s so sorry, he didn’t mean it- but that’s no excuse, please let him make it up to you!- you shush him and explain why you were upset. The two of you grab drinks from Swerve’s and then go snuggle in berth. Max gives you lots of kisses.


Ultra Magnus does not know how to deal. He’s so used to standing on ceremony that some things he says come off as insensitive (okay, a lot) and he just doesn’t realize it. There’s a chance he won’t know why you got upset. He finds you and asks what’s wrong, and when you tell him he acts a bit surprised. Then it hits him and he feels bad. His apology is a bit awkward and long-winded, but he never once tries to give an excuse. He asks you to please come back to base with him.

Wheeljack is angry at both himself and you at first. Why are you so sensitive? Why are relationships so complicated? Why is he such an aft-head? He spends most of the day training to blow off steam, and you don’t see him much. But that night he shows up at the base with a huge bouquet of flowers and some high-grade, ready to apologize. 

Smokescreen probably told a bad joke. As soon as you start crying he frantically apologizes “Oh no no, it wasn’t funny, I didn’t mean it, I’m sorry, my jokes are awful!” He falls to his knees and hugs your legs. “I’m sorry I’m awful I made you cry I won’t do it again please don’t cry I love you-” It makes a huge scene and Ratchet asks you to please take your relationship troubles somewhere else, he’s trying to work!

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IDW Rodimus, Drift, Brainstorm, Perceptor, Ratchet, and Fort Max with a s/o who starts sleep walking with their eyes open and just walks around the Lost Light aimlessly and doing random little things

Rodimus freaks out at first- are you okay??? He wakes up the whole ship because “You guys something’s wrong with y/n!!!” Once Ratchet explains he finds it hilarious. He asks Rewind to record you, to which Rewind replies “Screw you, I’m going back to berth.” In the morning he nearly dies laughing telling you what happened. Go to sleep, Roddy, you’re exhausted. 

Drift also freaks out IS HIS S/O POSSESSED OR SOMETHING??? He comms Ratchet frantically (”why would I know about possession? They’re sleepwalking Drift, just put them back to bed!”) Oh, okay. He picks you up and brings you to berth, cuddling you so you don’t wander off again.

Brainstorm is freakin’ tired and straps you down. In the morning he’ll make something that will stop your nightly escapades but for now… let him recharge.

Perceptor tries to find a way to stop your sleepwalking. You could end up getting hurt, and even if you don’t you won’t be very well-rested. He tries everything- even hypnotism. In the end, it turns out snuggles keep you in the berth.

Ratchet sleeps through the whole thing. But he does notice how tired you are during the day, so at bedtime he locks the habsuite doors and makes sure you’re as comfortable as possible . 

Fort Max is a worrywart. He takes you to Ratchet, Rung, Brainstorm, and Perceptor- any smart person he knows- to figure out how to keep you safe and sound at night. He talks to you about why you do it, if there may be an underlying cause. In the end he settles for making things as safe as possible. He keeps dangerous objects away from the habsuite and locks all the doors, and even sets up an alarm for if you try to open them.

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Rodimus, Drift, Skids, Swerve, Rung, Red Alert, Fort Max, and Brainstorm reacting to their Cybertronian s/o blurting out "I love you" for the first time while bot is in the middle of talking

Rodimus is giving a grandiose speech about the Lost Light’s quest. He’s on his third “’Till All Are One” when you suddenly say, “I love you.” He stops. He stares. Then, while you apologize for interrupting him, he dips you into a kiss. A few bots cheer, Whirl whistles, Magnus yells about PDA, and Tailgate asks if this means the speech is over. 

Drift shivers when the words leave your lips and your field hits his; he can feel how much you mean it. He forgets whatever he was talking about before and grins the biggest grin of his life, cupping your face to look you in the optic. “I love you, too.”

Skids says it back automatically, goes back to what he was saying, then stops cold. “Wait-” did you just-? It wasn’t his imagination. For so long he’s thought of saying it to you, but didn’t want to scare you away. Now you’ve said it and he’s overjoyed as he scoops you up and twirls you.

Swerve is speechless. Can you imagine that? Utterly. Speechless. He makes little noises that might be words, optics filling up with fluids cooling fans blasting. You think that maybe he doesn’t feel the same way and get up to excuse yourself. That’s when he tackles you and covers you with kisses as he nuzzles you and babbles that he loves you, loves you so, so much.

Rung gapes. You can see light flash brighter than ever from his spark window. He lets out a slow, shaky vent as he removes his fogged-up glasses. You ask him if he’s okay. “Yes,” he says, wiping an optic. “I’m- I’m okay… I’m wonderful- and… A-and I love you.”

Red Alert.exe has stopped working. He just… sits there. You have to call Ratchet in. You’re freaking out and frantically ask if he’s okay, but Ratchet just rolls his optics and knocks Red Alert upside the head. “I love you!” he blurts. Ratchet thanks him, but says he was just doing his job.

Fortress Maximus’ lil finials wiggle and his engine stutters. Then he smiles. This boy is absolutely glowing! He kisses your hand returns the sentiment before he pulls you into his lap for cuddles.

Brainstorm runs and hides. Love is scary, love is risky, love is pain. He’s already let things go too far with you; should he just cut it off now? It takes some serious soul-searching but eventually he faces you again. He buries his face into your shoulder and whispers that he thinks… he does love you.

The endless hills

My lab partner was telling me about his hometown in Gloucestershire and I was suddenly reminded of how lovely the English countryside is. I was able to explore Dorset and York earlier this year… hope to see more of the country this coming Easter!

Drew this to cleanse my palate a little, since I’ve been working only on Memorabilia for the past couple of months. Chapter 5 should be done in another month or so ;v;

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How would poly Cygate,Rung, Megatron and swerve react to there Bot s/o who seems to have little control over the volume of there voice sometimes they'll get too loud and get told to be quiet or shut up alot by other bots or they'll talk too quietly and other bots getting annoyed with the quiet mumbles. (sorry if this is too much, this happens to me alot, I just get so excited talking about things I like I get loud and ramble. )

If anyone gives you trouble for how you talk I’ll send them a wild pack of geese. Please yell and ramble about your passion, fam.

Poly Cygate

  • Tailgate gets just as excited as you when you talk about what you love. Cyclonus finds your passion refreshing.
  • If you’re being too loud Cyclonus gently pets your hand and gives you a kind look. Neither of them get annoyed by your mumbling, they just ask politely for you to repeat yourself.
  • One day you were half-shouting at the bar and some jerk told you to shut up. Tailgate threw them across the room. Another time you were mumbling and Brainstorm almost said something until he saw the glare Cyclonus was giving him. No one messes with you anymore. 


  • He’s never annoyed by the way you talk- in fact, conversations with you are his favorite thing! He loves how he can talk with you, subject after subject, and never get bored. 
  • If you look at someone when you’re speaking there’s a better chance of you being heard. He works with you on optic-contact so you won’t have to repeat yourself to others so often. 
  • You start to finish each other’s sentences. If you suddenly can’t find the words or have trouble articulating yourself, Rung is there with a steady servo on your back and will help continue what you were saying. 
  • An angry Rung- an actually, truly angry Rung- is terrifying. He’s not the strongest ‘bot, but he knows pressure points to bring a mech to their knees. The one instance you’re told to shut up Rung takes care of it, telling the mech to mind their own business with a well-aimed grab at their wrist. Then he takes your servo and ushers you out of Swerve’s. He’s shaking. Back at the habsuite he apologizes for his outburst. 


  • Honestly that kind of thing tends to bother him. That doesn’t affect how much he likes you, though, and he gets used to it. He never asks you to try to change your speech. He loves you- all of you- and wouldn’t change you if he could.
  • Soon enough your voice becomes a comfort to him. It reminds him that you’re there, alive and well. He often asks you to tell him stories when he can’t recharge. 
  • The only time he asks you to lower your volume is if it’s important for everyone to be quiet (like in a meeting or at a library)
  • If someone is rude to you suddenly the word “pacifist” is no longer in Megatron’s vocabulary. He shoves them against the wall and threatens them, but you can’t hear exactly what he says to them. 


  • You two are peas in a pod. You talk about anything and everything. Both of you have a tendency to talk over each other and go off subject, but that’s just what makes the conversations exciting fun!
  • Swerve loves it when you get loud. He stares in admiration as get more and more animated. Your passion makes his spark skip a beat (do sparks do that?)
  • Anyone who gives you crap is kicked out of the bar and reported to Ultra Magnus. But not before they get an audial-full of Swerve telling them how amazing you are and how they’re just jealous because you actually have stuff to say worth talking about. He’s a clingy, cuddly Mr. Grump for the rest of the day.

lance : shiro, you’re the senior officer here. what should we do ? 


shiro : yeah we are a team let’s decide together

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WOOOO sending in my first ask to this blog! Okay I really liked the idea of human s/o turning into a cybertronian by the allspark and was wondering could you do the reaction of MTMTE Whirl, Brainstorm, Megatron, and then TFP Wheeljack and Optimus? Thanks!


Whirl is weirded out and not sure how to feel about it. He bounces between excited and indifferent. Yea, now you’re less likely to get hurt on accident but he’s also… not pumped. To him, Cybertron is a sucky place full of sucky people (like functionists) and he actually sorta liked that you were human. Of course, this doesn’t change the way he feels about you as you. He asks you how you can be okay with this sudden change to your body. He… might be projecting just a bit.

Brainstorm is gonna study! He asks you all sorts of questions and checks you over (and over and over and over.) You have to get him to chill down. He also wants you to go to the medbay regularly. Until you’re comfortable in your new body he’s protective and hovers.

Megatron is… concerned. His main concern is your comfort and wellbeing, but when he gets the chance he’s going through old texts to find any similar instances. If you’d like to find a way to change back he’ll stop at nothing to get it for you; he also has a long conversation with you about your choice. Cybertronians live a very long time; you’ll outlive your friends and family. If you chose to stay Cybertronian he teaches you what you need to know and invites you to live with him after the Lost Light’s quest is over.


Optimus is worried. He wants you back to your old human self; not that he likes you any less (in fact he likes the feeling of having you on his arm) but this is a dangerous situation. If the Decepticons find out about the transformation it could have devastating effects. And even they only see you you’re in danger. He doesn’t want you to go on missions, and does everything he can to reverse the what the Allspark did.

Wheeljack is excited. He can’t wait to teach you how to fight, how great highgrade is, how to fly the Jackhammer. Um, oh. This isn’t easy for you, is it? He slows down and walks you through how to take care of your new body. He sits with you during your visits to the medbay. From then on he’s the Most Supportive Boyfriend.