lost rewatch

how many people have talked about that scene after Steven brings Lars back to life and he’s like “I’m sorry it was an accident and I didn’t ask your permission” because like I’m gonna fucking cry, the boy literally resurrected a dead person and one of the first things he does is apologize because he didn’t have consent like ajsjshdjdjjf I cannot begin to stress just how much I fucking adore this show and how it keeps avidly pointing out how important it is to have someone’s consent before you do anything to their body (even if it’s reviving them like???)

god, I can’t tell you how great this shit is


“And then all of a sudden you get on set… and they all have full prosthetic faces, teeth, black blood coming out of their mouth, eye contacts, they can’t really speak properly. […] They’d all come to me, “Luke.” And I’m thinking, “I have no clue who any of you are.””