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so what is the future?

This thought just popped into my head… we know that Jack infused Cas with a vision of paradise and it was made very clear that - at least for Cas - this was a vision of the future. He tells as much in 12x19 and in 12x23.

We also now know that Jack didn’t show Cas this stuff out of a malicious intent to manipulate him but that he generally thought Cas was a good guy and wanted to bond with him, choosing him as his guardian. He also didn’t have any *real* control over his powers, he just acted instinctively in a way that benefitted him the most so we have zero reason to think he lied (or, maybe more importantly, was even ABLE to make the decision to lie).

Still, when Jack is born he searches for Cas who’s dead. Shouldn’t.. he have known this if he had seen and shown the future? Or was what Jack was showing Cas not a vision of the future at all? But then why would Cas think he did? He could have said something along the lines of “I saw paradise. I saw something I’d love to have in the future” or whatever I’’m not a writer you know what I mean.

But he repeated two times that he saw the future. So what is it?  


The Last Shadow Puppets
I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
Webster Hall, NYC

Creepypastas as Dark!YouTubers [part 1/2]

//NOTE: I am also in the process of drawing these so you will be seeing the creepypastas “cosplaying” the dark youtubers listed here, as well as the dark youtubers “cosplaying” as the creepypastas listed. I hope you guys enjoy this!

Zalgo as Natemare

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Jeff the Killer as Mad!Cry

BEN Drowned as Virus!Cry

Slenderman as Darkiplier

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Splendorman as Wilford

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Glitchy Red as Googleplier

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Laughing Jack as AntiSepticEye

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Eyeless Jack as Dr. Schneeplestein

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Jane the Killer as Darkiishu

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Clockwork as Peevils

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Lost Silver as Dark!Dan

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Puppeteer as The Host

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Tales of a burning heart - Chapter 2

So, here it is. Chapter 2. Normally I go over my work in the morning, but I’m fucking too excited to wait. AAAAH! So, if you see any errors, I’m sorry. Please please pleaaase let met know what you think. Did I get Guy’s character right? What should happen next?

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Chapter 2

Summary: Reader just returned from the holy land. Before she left, she had a fling with Guy of Gisborne.
She didn’t forget him and intends to pick things up right where they left them…. Will Guy still feel the same about her?

Chapter 1

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If you wish to be on this list, let me know.

Warnings: Slightly NSFW, some sexual tension as well.

You find yourself back on a large boulder in the middle of Sherwood forest. Your hands lie useless in your lap, bleeding from the cuts you’ve suffered. Your dress is ruined too. You tore it while running carelessly through the woods. The vibrant green color is soiled with dirt.
You sigh. It doesn’t matter that your brand-new dress has been ruined. None of it does matter anymore. You shiver as the cold autumn air brushes past you and you know you’ll catch a cold if you’re staying here like this, but you actually don’t care. Dying from a fever would take away your pain. It would be most welcome right now.

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I love specifically 5 kinds of battle music (search them at your own risk for spoilers on some):

•Urgent, nerve-inducing, ‘if we don’t win this fight we’ve doomed it all’ music (see: Insomnia Battle Theme, Hellfire (phase 1), Glory/Ruin (Deeds), Past Below (Flow))

•Battle chanting, accompanied by powerful instrumentation (Malefactor, Mastermind, Monstrosity, Demise (phase 2) Ganondorf (Sword Battle, Twilight Princess))

•Sadder, more classical music that builds with intensity as you go from sad to angry (Don’t Say Her Name, Magnus Insomnia)

•Hopeful and happy music, either played at the beginning of a game, when things are lighter, or when you’re doing well in a battle (Prelude (Ablaze), Abundant Solace (Festival), The Fight is On)

•Sheer and Utter Chaos (Lost King’s Supper, Puppet Ganon (forms 2-3), Annihilation (Galvanized), Disappeared (Xemnas Secret Battle), Desire Below (Flow))


Warnings: None


It’s not your fault you got lost. Seattle is huge, so what if you took the wrong exit. Lots of people have. You get siri to look up a new route while you’re paying attention to the crazy drivers around you, even more so with it being PAX. What you didn’t expect was a high pitched cackle coming from your phone. “Are you lost puppet?” You let out a small shriek at the staticky voice. You glance at your phone to see a man glitching green, red and blue. He has a sadistic looking smile on his face. “Who are you?” You manage to ask. With a scoff, the man answers, “I’m the one and only Antisepticeye! And who might you be deary?” You answer without fear, but more of curiosity at the green haired man, now known as Antisepticeye, “My name is (Y/N).” Antisepticeye lets out another cackle and says, “(Y/N), let’s have some fun!” Hesitantly you answer, “Okay, sure.”


You were walking down a street in Los Angeles, when you noticed a very cute item in the window of a store. You stopped to admire the item and decided it was to much for your small budget and kept walking. ‘On second thought, let’s go back and look in the store,’ you think to yourself. With your choice made you quickly turned around and ran into a man in a gray suit. Gasping you quickly let out an apology. ‘Way to make yourself scream ‘tourist!’ You mentally slapped yourself. Once you reached the storefront again you stopped to look at the item again and decided to go in. You look at all the stuff in awe, that is until you start hearing a slight ringing in your ears. “A human who actually knows manners.” You stop and shake your head at the voice that spoke to you. You find a nice little key ring and go to the front register. You pay with a debit card and walk out. “We’ll be sure to meet again Ms. (Y/N).” You hear the voice again and turn around to see a man in a gray suit. ‘How are we suppose to meet again if I don’t know your name?’ You think to yourself, not really expecting an answer, “My name is Darkiplier.”