lost promises

I wanted to know you forever. I wanted to watch you age and I wanted to fall in love with the way your eyes began to crinkle. I wanted to watch your walk begin to slow and your hair begin to grey. But I can’t know you forever. We lost the promise of forever. The picture in my mind will never age and your youth will be my only memory.
—  death by departure.

OF COURSE the first thing I draw from the TOA book is big brother Percy. Really, I wanted to draw something really sweet with Percy holding his little sister. But then I thought I wanted Annabeth in the picture. Then I thought what would happen if Percy had to babysit his little sis. And then this was born.
To set the scene: Sally is at a book signing and Paul is at a conference, so Percy and Annabeth babysit while visiting New Rome for college stuff. And of course, Percy has to show off the cute babes.  

A/B/O Starters

I tried to keep these as gender neutral as I could.


“I can smell that you’re in heat”
“You’re such a cute little beta/omega”
“Here, let me take care of you”
“I can’t wait to have kids with you”
“You’re sick, go back to bed beta/omega”
“Let your alpha take care of you”
“You look lost beta/omega”
“I promise, I’m not like other alpha’s”
“God I want to breed you.”
“You shouldn’t be walking alone beta/omega”
“I will always protect you my beta/omega”
“You’re irresistible when you’re in heat”
“Did your heat just start?”
“I need you my little beta/omega”
“I’m an alpha, you’re a beta/omega, it was meant to be!”
“I’m an alpha, not your captor.”
“You’re so hard to resist.”
“I want to claim you as mine”
“You shouldn’t be stressing yourself out like this, I’m your alpha, I’ll take care of you.”
“I don’t want to be just any alpha, I want to be your alpha”


“I almost envy omega’s/Alpha’s”
“It’s so hard being in-between an omega and an alpha”
“I just want to find a nice alpha mate”
“I just want to find a nice omega mate”
“I don’t want an alpha or an omega”
“We need more beta’s with other beta’s”
“I could swing for either an alpha or omega”
“Stop treating me like an omega”
“I’m only a beta, but I still want to claim you”
“I’m only a beta, but I still want to breed you”
“Being with an omega is hard, we sometimes go into heat at the same time”
“You know beta’s face a lot of discrimination”
“Beta’s are very misunderstood”
“I want you to be my alpha/omega”


“I may have just started my heat”
“I’m an omega, not your prisoner”
“I can’t be with a beta, I’m sorry”
“I need you to claim me”
“You can’t claim me yet!”
“I need my alpha/beta”
“Being in heat is killing me”
“You’re my alpha/beta, I should be the one taking care of you.”
“I want kids with you”
“Please breed me!”
“I need you to be my alpha/beta”
“A gang of alpha’s/beta’s was harassing me earlier today”
“I just want to find a nice alpha/beta”
“I couldn’t care less about finding an alpha/beta”
“I’m ready to be bred”
“I’m not ready to be bred”
“I’m a living being! Not just a set of holes to fuck!”

I always thought you were something special. But there’s nothing special about how much pain you’ve caused.

just one last poem i own, deep in my soul. and it shall be the final doom, the poison of them all - and of you.

only one last poem to pray to - and it’s the revolting beauty of my decaying truth.

i’ll tell you what i would have done for you, for us - what i’ve already done a thousand times in the sacred, holy dungeons of my agonizing heart.

one, i would have grew fangs. i would have greeted legions and legions of tides and blood and rage to steal my soul away, a newborn moon newly crowning her witches with the gore dripping down their alabaster thighs.

i would have ripped your soul out in shreds with them, ingested them all with my bare hands. i would have taken you vulgarly, taken you with such greed your whole being would have tasted the whip that are my lips.

two, i would have murdered the universe for us, right in its heart and with its own stars - and their sharp, sharp edges of conscience lost and broken promises and tears as sweet and blessed as your desperate fears.

three, i would have smashed the bones, chewed the flesh, of each person flower sunset or prey you’ve ever loved, i would have smashed them against my bare teeth and grin at the long dead heavens your devotion to me.

“no, stop. this isn’t you. this isn’t love.” i can hear you weep even from here, even from a future that shall never be - you murdered it.

and yes, you’re right. you see, this is indeed not love my sweet.

Love, is far deeper, far worse
than any of this.

Love, is far worse than anything.

—  Love // l.e. wildë 
I thought you were my forever, baby and then you were my heartbreak, maybe. But then your love turned into a nightmare, baby. Your love fucking hurt me, turned me crazy. So this is not goodbye maybe.. forever this time baby.
the signs as bi characters
  • Aries: Korra, The Legend of Korra
  • (spontaneous/strong-willed/driven)
  • Taurus: Calliope Torres, Grey's Anatomy
  • (loving/stubborn/patient)
  • Gemini: Dorian Gray, Penny Dreadful
  • (flexible/moody/imaginative)
  • Cancer: Inara Serra, Firefly
  • (loyal/introverted/sympathetic)
  • Leo: Oberyn Martell, Game of Thrones
  • (brave/head-strong/loving)
  • Virgo: Annalise Keating, How to Get Away With Murder
  • (analytical/impatient/intelligent)
  • Libra: Clarke Griffin, The 100
  • (understanding/indecisive/justice-oriented)
  • Scorpio: Frank Underwood, House of Cards
  • (confident/secretive/perceptive)
  • Sagittarius: Bo, Lost Girl
  • (intense/afraid of commitment/tenacious)
  • Capricorn: Alexander Hamilton, Hamilton
  • (philosophical/prone to dwelling/persevering)
  • Aquarius: Nolan Ross, Revenge
  • (honest/eccentric/humanitarian)
  • Pisces: Brittany S. Pierce, Glee
  • (emotional/gullible/dreamy)