lost profits

you: jackson should just cancel his schedule, it’s his fault he’s sick because he’s not taking care of himself properly!

me, an intellectual: considering the cancellation of a schedule as packed as jackson’s would be a huge hassle and affect so many different productions and events, it’s incredibly unlikely jackson would let that happen because of his responsibility mentality and inability to “let people down” or “disappoint his fans” and also incredibly unlikely that jype would risk that much lost profit. idols have worked through physical injuries and sickness before, jackson is no different and to suggest he is purposefully not looking after himself and being sick is his fault is laughable when we take into account that he was practically forced into being the face of the group and was given most of this schedule by his company and is made to feel guilty about this every day by some ahgases, he really had no choice but to accept this position and sacrifice his health in order to please everyone and will continue this unhealthy pattern because he internally feels guilty and inferior and unworthy of what he has so this is rooted further than just himself


For all the people saying, “just get over it! your candidate lost. it’s over,” this isn’t a sports game where one team lost and now we can all just go back to living like usual with only damage to our pride. This has serious, long-term effects on our lives, our country, and our future… for everyone.

Here’s why I’m scared:

His professionalism:

  • Trump’s anti-Muslim, anti-LGBTQ, misogynistic, and racist rhetoric normalizes hate speech and emboldens his followers. There have already been reports from people being harassed.
  • You might say that these are only words or the media portrays him unfairly, and he doesn’t have control over what his followers do. As a leader, whether it’s of your church, company, or the United States, you have a moral responsibility to lead by example and create a culture that helps shape how people act.
  • I’m scared for every person of color, every member of the LGBTQ community, every woman, and every minority in this country. I’m saddened that they have to live in fear and worry about their families.
  • It’s also an embarrassment to all of the people he represents.
  • He will probably never release his tax statements. He is unqualified to lead a country. He had extreme advantages (like an existing company and money from his parents and the ability to attend an Ivy League school) to be successful in business; therefore, it’s hard to say if he’s actually successful.
  • “The media only focused on this stuff.” Okay, but what about the things that Donald Trump has said directly? The primary sources he’s released about his policy plans.


  • I would not be surprised if Donald Trump defunds or cuts funding for educational and community services like Headstart, NPR, libraries, PBS, after-school programs, academic research, etc.
  • Trump has planned to stop federal loans for higher education, forcing families to rely on often aggressive lenders and volatile interest rates. He also proposed to abolish the Public Loan Forgiveness Program (which I currently use, but I believe/hope will be protected since I’m already signed up). This program ensures that we have a workforce that is giving back to local, state, and national communities through working in nonprofits.
  • Trump will most likely overturn the regulations on the for-profit higher education system which has been defrauding students for years.
  • Trump has proposed basing loans on student loans on income-earning potential which would mean that only the wealthy would be able to afford liberal arts and sciences degrees. This could mean that millions of potential changemakers would not have access to education. Trump also will undoubtedly cut funding for Pell grants that help low-income students go to school.
  • Trump plans to “repeal Common Core,” despite it not being a federal law but a set of standards adopted by over 40 states. Forcing the states to reject it would mean that he’s going against his “power to the states” philosophy.
  • He’s threatened to dismantle the Education Department, limit federal support for schools, and rely on a “market-driven approach” for schools. Pushing charter schools and school choice would weaken our public education system. We have no idea where the money for his “vouchers” will come from.
  • Cutting or not using the Office of Civil rights which protects students through investigations of sexual assault at colleges, examining schools that have high expulsion rates for students of color, and protecting trans and LGBTQ students.
  • Many children of color fear Donald Trump’s presidency, forcing teachers to have tough conversations with their students and distracting from academics.
  • His Supreme Court nomination could help strip back affirmative action policies which help protect minorities from racial discrimination and societal disadvantages.
  • Trump’s ban on Muslims would mean that many Muslim students would not be able to attend college in America, meaning that we’d lose their talents.
  • Trump has advocated for more job-focused education, meaning humanities departments, women/gender studies departments, and other critical academic areas could be cut or defunded.
  • We don’t know. Trump really hasn’t outlined his plan on education, so we have no idea. Personally, I was planning to go back to grad school eventually, but under Trump, I doubt this will be a wise or possible decision.


  • We import $21b of food from Mexico. While I hate seeing tomatoes in January and agree we should localize our food, we don’t have the agricultural workforce meaning food prices could skyrocket (whether because of supply/demand or because of new tariffs). To meet demand and with Trump’s lessened environmental regulations, American agribusiness will continue to grow.
  • The agricultural and restaurant sectors, for better or worse, rely on migrant labor. The “wall” of increased immigration restrictions coupled with deportation means that a labor force will be deplenished (and crops left unharvested). Companies will have to pay for American labor, increasing costs passed invariably passed onto consumers. Another possibility, under Trump’s removal of a federal minimum wage and decreased regulations, is that this job would be left for the poorest, most desperate Americans under harsh conditions.
  • For small scale farmers, who aren’t able to recover from increased costs, this could be devastating. More and more small scale farmers would go under, increasing large agribusiness.
  • Not believing in climate change, an issue that affects farmers, Trump’s regime could leave farmers behind in the cases of increased severe and abnormal weather.
  • I kind of like my food to have strict quality and health regulations. Trump proposed to limit the role of the FDA, and his plan to “renegotiate” trade deals might further limit the restrictions and regulations other countries must pass to import healthy food into the United States.
  • I also like regulations that protect the surrounding environment (including communities) from agricultural pollutions such as waste and chemicals (including antibiotics used in animal production).
  • Decreased regulation could mean even worse conditions for farm animals. Not only impacting animals, this impacts our moral conscience, our communities, and public health.
  • Removing SNAP (“food stamps”) from the Farm Bill means that it’s more vulnerable to cuts, leaving people hungry.
  • Trump is a huge supporter of fast food. Standardizing food means lower quality, reliance on monocultures, and heavily processed food.

Economic plan:

  • A hiring freeze on federal jobs means that millions will go unemployed.
  • Potentially pulling out of NAFTA. Admittedly, I’m not a fan of NAFTA because of its effects on Mexican food, environmental devastation, health of Mexicans (we export and flooded their markets with HFCS and refined, processed foods), and labor abuses, and I also agree that it should be renegotiated because 15 years ago things were different. However, tariffs would mean that companies would ultimately pass those costs onto consumers, increasing the costs of goods for Americans.
  • It is highly unlikely that American jobs will return for several reasons.
    1. Most companies have a race to the bottom mentality and will find another cheap job market. 
    2. Automation has decreased the number of jobs, not just outsourcing.
    3. Lack of an American work force with the skills needed. 
    4. Lack of an American work force willing to do the jobs.


  • Appealing ACA (“Obamacare”) would mean that millions would lose health insurance. Personally, this could mean me, as I have a pre-existing condition, and without the ACA, I could face higher premiums or outright loss of coverage. 
  • Women’s reproductive health needs may not be met or covered.
  • Again, we have no idea because he hasn’t laid out a plan after appealing ACA.

Foreign relations:

  • Trump plans to “label China a currency manipulator.” America already did this in the early 90’s and it did nothing to slow down our trade deficit with China. Besides potentially violating our commitments with the WTO, this would have serious political and economic effects on our relationship with China and their allies. China could retaliate by increasing tariffs on our imports or sell its holdings of our bonds.
  • Trump’s demagogic speeches and erratic behavior could affect our relationships and diplomacy with so many countries. The damages could be economic or more serious, leading to increases in war or terrorism.


  • Opening up energy reserves and approving the Keystone Pipeline may mean (often short-term and dangerous) jobs, but it will wreak havoc on the environment and speed up climate change. 
  • Even if you don’t believe the countless scientists that say climate change is real, spills and disasters will poison communities of people right now. 
  • Okay, let’s pretend you’re some being that doesn’t need to eat, drink water, or breathe, spills mean lost profits which would be passed onto the consumers.

“Law and Order”:

  • No one really knows what this means. The amount of force and power that it would take to remove the number of people from our country and ban the number of people from entering is unprecedented and troubling.
  • Increased militarization and power to police would increase tension between the police and communities, putting all people at risk.
  • Privatization of the prison system has led to serious allegations of human rights abuses as these prisons focus on profit not people. Cutting costs and corners is dangerous for prisoners but also workers. Understaffing means workers work longer hours to manage these often overcrowded facilities. They are also prone to corruption (“kids for cash”) and increased incarceration rates (primarily people of color). As a society, private prisons do not align with our values of justice and rehabilitation. 
  • Many offenders have trouble re-entering the workforce which increases dependency on social programs. Without the social safety net, people could turn back to crime.

Human rights:

  • All of these policies will have dangerous implications for the most vulnerable in society. Horrible effects on the lives of people of color, women, immigrants, Muslims, people who identify as LGBTQ, people who are in the lower socio-economic brackets, prisoners, the elderly, children, people with disabilities, people who are ill - chronically or short term, and other minorities.
  • Donald Trump has opposed marriage equality.
  • His policies allow for human rights abuses here and abroad. Increased funding for military and damaged relationships could lead to more war.
  • Climate change will affect the world’s most vulnerable populations.
  • Donald Trump has supported waterboarding and other mistreatment/abuse of prisoners. Increased surveillance of citizens, use of drones, and militarization could continue or increase under Trump’s “law and order.”
  • Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, has a horrible track record for LGBTQA support.


  • They say the biggest fear is the fear of the unknown. We have very little idea how he will lead the country since he has no political experience, poorly laid plans, and erratic behavior and stances on issues. How can we prepare if we don’t know what’s coming?

So, no. I’m not afraid because he used the word “p*ssy” and isn’t politically correct. I’m afraid because this could be the end of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as we know it. I’m afraid because he doesn’t give a shit about us, acts in his own financial self-interests, and will hand power to large transnational companies that value profit over people and the environment. I’m afraid because this ushers in a terrifying reign of power and a culture of oppression.

some woman anonymously reported 6 bombs yesterday in a really popular ski resort not far from my house, because she thought her husband was there with his lover

well, jokes on her, because they found her and now she has to pay 2M (czk) for the damages (policemen, firemen, special trained dogs, pyrotechnicists and lost profits)

but ALSO jokes on her husband, because the law here orders that married couples share EVERYTHING, even debts so he has to pay it as well

moral of the story: don’t get married 

“Everlost” sentence starters
  • “Your hair looks funny.”
  • “Monster only had the power that you gave them.”
  • “That… Is totally uncalled for.“
  • “Don’t do that again. Ever.”
  • “Are we clear on the subject?”
  • “Your screaming days are over.”
  • “Can I scream a little?”
  • “Darn.”
  • This book is so interesting. I always wonder what’s going to happen next.”
  • “This game’s stupid. Who the heck is Zelda, anyway?”
  • “Maybe we’re standing like coins on the edge?”
  • “We might be able to shake things up a little, and find a way to come up heads.”
  • “What are you talking about?”
  • “There are mysteries in _______. Some of them are wonderful, and others are scary.”
  • “Perhaps that’s why we’re here: to experience the good and the bad that _____ has to offer.”  
  • “This is not going to be easy.”
  • “I’m good at being bad, but I’m bad at being good.”
  • “I don’t know the first thing about good deeds.”
  • “What? Were you born stupid, or did you just die that way?”
  • “Think of it this way…”
  • “We’re not ghosts.”
  • “But we can’t choose what we forget.”
  • “The more we try to forget something, the more we end up remembering it.”
  • “Sorry, you just caught me off-guard.”
  • “No person in the world ever lost anything by being nice to me.“
  • “Nobody ever lost money taking a profit.“

The men made it to the Round of 16 in the World Cup. They are ranked 30th in the world. Um… They… play… with so much… passion.

EDIT: There seems to be some confusion, so I’ll add this part:
“Well, we actually broke the record for the most-watched soccer game in the history of America, between men or women. We’ve brought in, what, $17 million this past year, while the men lost $2 million in profit for the federation this last year”
Also, this is a federal complaint accusing U.S. Soccer of wage discrimination comparing to the United States men’s national soccer team. Not abt all sports in all countries
After five years of secret negotiations that have kept you, me and even parliament in the dark— the proposed Canada- European Union Trade Agreement (or CETA) has just been leaked. What does this massive trade deal have to do with me, you ask? You’ll be shocked. Your family’s health care. Your community’s water. Even your right to “buy local.” Nothing is off limits in what adds up to the worst corporate sell- out of our country and our rights ever seen. Now we know why he’s been hiding it… Under the deal Canada and European corporations will be given unprecedented rights to challenge barriers to their profit- making— including local, provincial and federal regulations that protect our environment and uphold the public good. And the most dangerous part? Giant corporations like Nestle and Shell will be able to sue Canada for potentially billions in lost profits. Trade isn’t a dirty word. But CETA isn’t about trade. Stephen Harper is locking us into a corporate rights deal. Where you and I and our families stand to be hit hardest is our health care. The cost of pharmaceuticals is pegged to skyrocket by as much as $1.65 billion under the Canada- EU deal. Why? Because Stephen Harper caved to the greed of European drug companies, agreeing to extend patent protections on brand name drugs. Your city council will no longer be able to favour local businesses. European companies must be given equal consideration to bid on local jobs and contracts. If they aren’t, they have the right to file a corporate lawsuit based on discrimination. The same goes for your right to say “no” to industrial projects in your community. Right now U.S.- based fracking company Lone Pine Resources is using a similar corporate lawsuit provision in NAFTA to sue Canada for $250 million because a Quebec moratorium on fracking is preventing the company from drilling. Imagine your tax dollars paying Big Oil millions to not destroy our environment! No so- called trade deal is worth this.
—  Letter from Maude Barlow, Council of Canadians Newsletter.

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sometimes it seems that Zayn is not interested at the future of his career :/

Oh Nonnie, please don’t say this! Do you think that Zayn has many liberties? or do you think that he is free to pursue other options?

Do you remember the official narrative? We had Zayn, the strongest vocalist of 1D, with an angelic voice, who woke up one morning and decided to leave the band because “he had too much”/ “he wanted to be a normal 22 year old”/ “he loved a girl named Perrie”/ “he missed his family”/ “he got sick of sleeping in a different bed every night”/ (and later) “he could not stand the music”/ “he had artistic differences”/ “he hated the songs”/  “he was not allowed to grow a beard”…. That, btw was my personal favourite!

And  Zayn left the most succesful band or “money making machine” (however you wanna see it) without any repercussions, with a “get out of jail free” card! Without breaking of contract, without buying out his contract (do you remember the rumours about paying up to 16M to buy his way out of 6 months of work? or the other rumours about the other boys suing him for lost profits? Nothing happened as it was proven quite recently).

Yet, while Zayn was out of the door, we kept seeing him with the same people, starting with his security guard Preston Mahon (who bid him a very tearful “farewell” when he left 1D saying that it got him out of a job, yet, mysteriously enough, Louis hired him) and going as far as Simon Jones; and later, one of the security guards of 1D  during their last tour is with him.

He was working with Naughty Boy with whom he later had a very public feud, yet there are songs in his album copyrighted to “Naughty Words”. ANd MYKL, who have co-written songs of MOM (PIllowtalk included) turned out to be the Hannides bros who were in an earlier X factor as contestants, have been asked to submit songs to Syco for the X Factor winners and have worked extensively with Naughty Boy.

it was announced late June that he got a new team signing with TFA (that later became FAE), and yet, there was no change in any professional databases and Zayn was still a client of Modest Management; and that was going on for many months, tiill the Fall.

Our good friend, “that wanker dan Wootton” announced that Zayn was “axed” by Simon Cowell who “ditched” him from Syco and sent him to another label (RCA) and we had some weird photos of Zayn signing alone in an empty office with the RCA logo on the wall annd later two photos with the RCA bosses. When the single “Pillowtalk” came out, it was credited to Syco as well and it took them 24 hours to make it disappear. Since the cat was already out of the bag, Simon Cowell himself verified in an interview for E!news during AGT that Zayn is still signed with them (it is when he messed up the tenses and used past tense for 1D).

You know, i was joking last spring about Louis and a blonde always hanging around him, I even had a tag “louis and the obligatory blonde). After the Zerrie break up and all the slandering articles that noone of the supposed new team of Zayn did anything to combat, Zayn the playboy came out once again always going after blondes (is it a fetish???); and a little later Zayn was given a new girlfriend; enter “Gigi Hadid”, on whose career as a professional girlfriend/protagonist in her bfs’ videoclips I won’t elaborate. But I will say that Gigi had been fighting nail and tooth to raise the number of her followers on social media (remember the article that in Tomi Hilfiger they were very happy wiith the Zigi romance because the number of her followers had risen significantl and that’s why she got the job???).

And here comes the interesting part: TFA/FAE always had connections into the fashion world and was interested in more; what better way to secure their footing in the fashion industry than by setting up the ZiGi romance? they killed two birds with one stone! Hushing down the persistant gay rumours about Zayn and getting a base of operations (via gigi) in the industry. Far fetched? Not at all! Look at the articles and how Zayn is pictured as a model/ boyfriend of a model and NOT as a singer/musician. And look at Zayn’s manager, Sarah Stennett being there when there’s a major operation (she was in Milan, giving them instructions on how to get out of the hotel, and she was the one to “beardsit” gigi during some outings in NYC while MOM was presented). I wonder which is their most important asset, Zayn or Gigi, because from what I can tell Zayn is working for Zayn’s career much more than Gigi is working for his…

Do you understand now my anon why I said that I’m not sure Zayn is free to pursue other options? Zayn was never free; it was an illusion created (rather sloppily) by 1DHQ. it’s not that Zayn is not interested in his futire or in his career, it is that at this point of thegame his future and career are still dicated by 1Dhq in accordance (or should I write “in disguise”???) wiith zayn’s NT, hence my sarcastic tag “Thank God for Zayn’s NT”…

There are links to posts and articles of everything I have written; if you are interested in seeing them, just let me know.

The actual company that tried basically the exact same plan from Quantum of Solace was the Aguas del Tunari consortium, primarily funded by the largest civil engineering company in the US, the Bechtel Corporation. They won the bid to privatize the water system in Cochabamba, a dismally under-serviced Bolivian city. They planned to come in, reduce inefficiencies, build out infrastructure, and make a healthy profit for the foreseeable future. At first blush, that doesn’t sound too evil at all.

Unfortunately, in order to win the bid, they had to agree to build Mayor Reyes Villa’s pet project: an ill-conceived and expensive dam that would primarily profit his backers. Bechtel was willing to build the dam, but obviously the cost wasn’t going to come out of their end. They used their newfound monopoly status to pass the cost of the stupid satin-laced dam on to consumers. After all, what were they going to do? Not pay for water?!

They did not pay for water. The increases passed on to poorer customers were too much to bear, and riots broke out, in what is known as the Cochabamba Water War. Bechtel had bit off more than it could chew.

Protests brought the nation to a standstill and forced the government to rescind the deal with Bechtel and co. That’s when Bechtel decided to really go above and beyond in the field of being giant assholes. In true villain form, the company sued Bolivia for $25 million for lost profits that they thought they should have earned if they hadn’t legitimized a huge waste of public money, thereby inciting a riot. They wanted the people so poor they couldn’t pay for water to foot the bill for their bad wager.

5 Evil Movie Plots You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

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what do you think about lsw so far, it makes me sad seeing fushimi the way he is like this but yatachan is so cute!!

So. Many. Feelings. All the feelings. I had to put it under a cut because ramblings about the feelings.

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Trans Pacific Partnership Expands Corporate Lawsuits Against Nations for Lost Profits

The Obama administration is facing increasing scrutiny for the extreme secrecy surrounding negotiations around a sweeping new trade deal that could rewrite the nation’s laws on everything from healthcare and Internet freedom to food safety and the financial markets. The latest negotiations over the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) were recently held behind closed doors in Lima, Peru, but the Obama administration has rejected calls to release the current text. Even members of Congress have complained about being shut out of the negotiation process. Last year, a leaked chapter from the draft agreement outlined how the TPP would allow foreign corporations operating in the United States to appeal key regulations to an international tribunal. The body would have the power to override U.S. law and issue penalties for failure to comply with its rulings.

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Even if we reluctantly agree closeting was necessary in 2012 to break America. Was this never before seen extremeness necessary? The only band with beard parades and girlfriends clubs? Regular headlines that bandmates who called themselves BFF's/OTP-5 in two years have outgrown each other and only see each other during work. Bandmates can't interact on stage or even look at each other? Fans are called crazy or unreal fans if the say things are strange with band. If 1DHQ did more to protect+

Anonymous said:August 5th 2014, 6:14:00 pm · 21 hours agoI understand why they’re closeted but the way it’s been done is so over the top and it only makes it more obvious that they’re hiding something. For one thing, how did they even go from being best friends and actually living together and not wanting to be away from each other for 3 days to not interacting at all? Because of gay rumors? I don’t think a guy who’s afraid of those kind of rumors would change the lyrics to ‘just like HE already owned it’ and grab his crotch at the same time.~~~+~~~ Anon #1, part 2 did not come through, mate. As for your many questions, I think a BIG part of the problem 1D is facing right now is that no one gave a fly fuck about gay rumors prior to 2011. Look at the video diaries, look at their first UK & Europe concert footage. I mean, come on - they put 5 twinks on stage at G.A.Y.!!! 1D was expected to do what all past TXF acts had done - have a few months of popularity, maybe go on Eurovision, then disappear. So a couple of them were schtuping, no big deal because in a few months no one would remember their names anyway. No one could have predicted how popular a 3rd place boyband would become.  Now for you both: The problem with not anticipating all possible outcomes is that you can be taken by surprise, which is what happened with 1D. They became insanely popular. So popular that America became a very real possibility, much to everyone’s surprise. So now what the hell do they do?! There is very clear video evidence that Harry and Louis are madly in love. But that will absolutely kill their chances in America, which means an insane amount of lost profit! (Remember, Management tends to get ~15% off the top, and the record label another !20%) Small change suddenly could become big bucks, IF, and only if, they could win conservative middle America. Yes, it was over the top and stupidly excessive! They also left themselves with no viable exit strategy. This entire plan was based on the premiss that the fans would believe whatever they were told - which is how marketing to the tween demographic has always been done. Again, because they did not really pay too much attention in the early days, they missed the signs that the early “Larry Shippers” were not young tweens who would follow the herd, but older independent thinkers. Which turned it from a simple marketing strategy into a fight for control of the image and message. Which they were, I believe, winning, until late 2012 (around the time of the bullshit tweet). That one tweet did immeasurable damage. And had everything else stayed the same, I believe all talk of gay thingies may have died out. But things had not stayed the same: the world changed! I do feel sorry for Modest and HJPR most days; what should have been a simple rebranding completely went off the rails, became this twisted and complicated web of lies, and dropped their unprepared arses right in the middle of an LGBTQ equality shitstorm. And this is where we are today: they are trying desperately to find an exit strategy that has the boys coming out without doing serious and permanent damage to the reputation of HJPR, Modest, and Syco/Sony. And that is a bloody difficult thing to manage with the way things were handled.  The lesson we can all learn is to have a strategy in place for EVERY possibility, even the ridiculous ones. The universe has a fucking twisted sense of humor, and sometimes the most improbable things are what you end up having to face. 

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Whats so bad about lifting?

It hurts businesses, it hurts employees. It hurts the manufacturer and their employees. It hurts small businesses who have to compete with the prices of name brand shit that keeps hiking up to make up for lost profit. Not to mention that you can go to jail for it, which can affect your chances of getting a good job later in life, not to mention gaining people’s trust. It can rub off on others when liftblr makes stealing look fun and edgy, causing more lost profits, jobs, and possible jail time for the person influenced by this toxic culture.

those female empowerment commercials are cute but if you for a second believe dove or pantene give a fuck about anything but their profits you lost as hell 

Brokers buy tickets to live events in bulk using illegal software called “ticket bots,” according to a report in January by the New York Attorney General’s office. Ticketmaster, which has a deal with some Broadway theater owners, tries to thwart bots by requiring buyers to type characters into a box to prove that they’re human.

Yet sophisticated brokers get around this by employing armies of “typers” – or human workers in foreign countries where labor is cheap – to type the security phrases into the boxes in real-time, the report found. Each year “tens of thousands” of tickets to live events like concerts are bought by ticket bots, crowding out human buyers and causing prices for good seats to soar, according to the report.

“Ticketing, to put it bluntly, is a fixed game,” the Attorney General’s office said in the report.

Catherine Martin, a spokeswoman for Ticketmaster, said in a statement that the company uses “best-in-class bot-blocking technology.” Ticketmaster “welcomes additional efforts to help ensure tickets get into the hands of fans,” she said.

The producers of “Hamilton” declined to comment for this story. Jeffrey Seller, the lead producer, told the New York Times last month that a broker armed with a “bot” purchased 20,000 tickets to the show. Even when the brokers get caught, “they figure out a new way to hack the system. It’s frustrating, and it’s infuriating,” Seller said.

To be sure, many people involved in “Hamilton” are doing quite well. The show has made almost $67 million in revenue since it began in July, according to BroadwayWorld.com. It nets $500,000 in profit each week, according to the Times. Last month, the producers agreed to share some of the show’s profits with the original cast members.

Yet brokers are siphoning off some proceeds by taking advantage of the high demand and tight supply for tickets in the 1,300-seat Richard Rodgers Theatre, said Ronald Shechtman, a lawyer who represented “Hamilton” performers in the profit-sharing deal.

“Now that the actors have a stake in the profits, they are affected by this part of the market,” Shechtman said. “That’s money that’s not going to investors or the artists.”

Meanwhile, stage hands and musicians who don’t share in the gains typically get a minimum gross salary of $1,907 a week, said Weiss, the Broadway manager and author.

“The poor manager of the show who is working 12 to 14 hours a day because there’s so much business going on makes a flat salary,” Weiss said. “They don’t get any more.”

Some producers are trying to recover lost profits by adjusting ticket prices or capturing a slice of the secondary market. Broadway theaters are experimenting with variable ticket prices based on demand, similar to how the airline industry operates. And in 2014, StubHub, owned by EBay Inc., struck a deal with the producers of “Book of Mormon” and the ticket service Telecharge to sell premium seats at face value on StubHub.

“As a marketplace, StubHub does not have the ability to regulate where and how sellers obtain the tickets they sell,” company spokeswoman Jessica Erskine said in an e-mail. “Importantly, a large number of tickets offered by a seller does not indicate in any way where or how tickets were obtained.”

For Hamilton’s producers, raising prices for premium seats may not solve the problem. If the face value goes up, “the brokers will just raise their prices even higher,” Weiss said. The brokers know that there will always be wealthy theater fans willing to pay any price to say they saw a popular show, he said.

Cheritz COULD have just made Jumin Tall, Dark, and Snarky: always cool and composed and ready with stinging one-liner

They COULD have had him just be mysterious and stand-offish

But they didn’t

Jumin Han is, at his core, a fucking dweeb that spams the group chat with cat stickers and puns bc he thinks it’s funny. He has to be actively discouraged from taking on ill-advised cat related business ventures, and often doesn’t listen even though they often end up resulting in lost profit. His status for the past 3 days has been a string of nonsense Elizabeth the 3rd keyboard smashed.

I bet he sends company wide emails that are just links to cat videos. I bet he still thinks lolcats are funny. I bet his Facebook wall is 90% cat memes.

To remember and let go - A LOST ANNIVERSARY PROJECT

Hello! September 22nd is the tenth anniversary of an amazing show that has had an impact on many of our lives! I would love to create something to commemorate that and share all of the amazing memories and moments that we experienced.

What it is:

A book combining photos from lost with text written in the handwriting of the fans. I want fans from all over to hand write a moment or memory they have related to LOST that is important to them and pair it with a image from the show itself. On September 22nd the book will become available for purchase* (*Note, I am not profiting from this at all. The price you pay will only cover the cost of printing, binding, and shipping the book.)

How to submit:

Hand write whatever you’d like to say about LOST and scan it into your computer. (Or if you must, you can photograph the paper) Once you’ve done that, attach the image as a high quality jpeg or pdf file and email it to lost815book@gmail.com

If there is a particular photo or scene you’d like me to use in relation with your text please specify or send a picture of that as well.


In most cases, I plan on removing the handwriting from the paper and placing it directly on top of photos so please try to write in dark ink on white paper.

You are free to say whatever you wish, but anything offensive, rude, or irrelevant will not be accepted into the book.

Sign your letter with your name and any other information you wish to be displayed. (Such as location.)

DEADLINE: August 15th, 2014

For any additional comments, questions or concerns, email me at lost815book@gmail.com

*Note - All rights to images and content from Lost do not belong to me. This is an entirely fan based project with no monetary profit.