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Hey :). I'm new to the fandom, and I was wondering if you could recommend some Thor/Loki fics, perhaps the more popular ones? Thanks lovely!

HELLO.  :D  This is a perfect excuse for what I’ve been meaning to do!  If you’re new to fandom, I imagine it’s pretty hard to navigate your way through all the massive backlog the fandom has–there are SO MANY brilliant fics in this fandom and I would love to shove every single one of them at people, but I’m going to limit myself to my Five Ten Fics I Would Recommend To Any New Fans, that this is a list specifically for ones I think would be good at luring new people in and cementing them here with us or else for more casual fans who might just have a passing itch they want to scratch, rather than a deep dive!

No Such Liberty by Xparrot, thor & loki + other asgardians + avengers + thanos, action fic, redemption fic, 147k
   Thor takes Loki back to Asgard in chains, but this does not mean that the god of mischief’s schemes are ended, or that Thor has or ever will give up on his brother. But when Thanos threatens the realm to claim his lost prizes, on which side will Loki fall?
  It’s very easy to read Thorki into this fic–the author is very much a shipper and Thorki is their OTP–so I’m recommending it despite that it’s a genfic, but more importantly it’s brilliant Thor and Loki characterization, it’s brilliant worldbuilding, and the emotional moments made me cry like three separate times.  This fic spoiled me for Thor fic in the fandom, but it’s absolutely and utterly worth it.

Bedding the Wolf by leonidaslion, thor/loki + implied background thor/sif, NSFW, hard dub-con, 13.4k
   If Sif thinks she’s going to get away with wedding Loki’s idiot brother, then she’s sorely mistaken…   OR  Thor is smarter than Loki thinks he is.
  This is one of the first NSFW Thorki fics I ever read and it set the tone for me in fandom, where Loki thinks he’s this genius manipulator, but is not actually as smart as he thinks he is and Thor knows that he needs a heavy hand to deal with him.  It’s more dub-con than some might prefer, but if you’re all right with that, it’s one I return to again and again to reread.

My Love Is Like To Ice, And I To Fire by amberfox17, thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, 9k
   Post-Avengers, Thor brings Loki to face Odin’s decree: he is stripped of his magic and confined to the palace but his true punishment is to be disowned and forced into his jotun form. Thor begins the slow process of trying to repair his relationship with Loki, and along the way discovers five new things about the jotun and one about himself.
  Anything by Amber is absolutely worth reading (I also love this one and this one and Wild Ambition Fortune’s Ice Prefers is a massive AU fic with incredible worldbuilding for Jotunheim and a complicated relationship between them), but I think this one is a great first place to start.  Amber writes brilliantly and choosing one is impossible (seriously, just fling yourself at all their fics!) but if I had to, I’m picking this one because it has a special place in my heart.

Covenant by RobotSquid, thor/loki + others, NSFW, intersex!loki, dealing-with-being-jotunn!loki, 72.9k
  Frost Giants are ugly, cruel, and malicious creatures. Thor has always known this to be true. So then how can Loki, his beloved little brother, be one of them?
  I’m biased because this was a birthday present for me, except, no, shit, it’s legitimately one of the best fics I’ve read in the fandom!  It’s a Loki-focused piece, but all the characters around him are well characterized, Thor is spot on in the background and when he’s with Loki, and it does a gorgeous job of worldbuilding for Jotunheim and the growing relationship between the two characters.  This fic saved me at a time when I was feeling burnt out on the fandom and single-handedly revived me, so it’s a forever fave for me.

Shadow Plays by dreamlittleyo, thor/loki, NSFW, time loop, dub con, 24.4k
   In which Thor lives a single day more times than he can count, and Loki doesn’t know how to fix it.
  dreamlittleyo is one of the authors that was writing early on in the fandom and they’re classics, so I have a ton of nostalgia for them and Shadow Plays is one of the first that I read that gave me so much of what I wanted, strong Thor characterization, messy and manipulative Loki, Thor seeing through that, and a rough edge to them with hope for something better.

If You Built Yourself a Myth by cavaleira, thor/loki, NSFW, 27k
   A magical artifact causes Thor’s elemental powers to backfire and overload him, leaving him comatose and barely holding on as the power consumes him. Loki is the only one who can stop it, by going inside Thor’s mind and helping him master the power once more. Loki must find his way through Thor’s memories in a desperate bid to find the real Thor amongst the chaos before it’s too late.
  cavaleira has written many good fics (I’m also still very much in love with the King!Thor/Prostitute!Jotunn!Loki AU!) but this one is my favorite, where Thor is put into a magical coma and Loki has to wade into it to save his brother and face up to what Thor really wants from him, that he can’t deny that Thor actually does love him.  And the ending is just absolutely perfect.

Miscellanies by karuvapatta, thor/loki, NSFW, various, 15.3k
  This is a repost of my tumblr ficlets, which are largely unrelated. Tags do not apply to every chapter.
  Honestly, I could not pick just one of karuvapatta’s fics, they’re ALL worth reading, but this collection has a ton of ones that I remember reading and falling in love with–they’re another author who clearly loves both characters, writes beautifully, and has that weight to the characters’ presence in a room that I love.

In the Grip of Grace by proantagonist, thor/loki & odin & frigga & avengers, NSFW, 90k
  When Loki learns the truth of his heritage, he quietly leaves Asgard behind. The search for the lost prince continues for nearly a year until Odin hires a professional tracker to find him, sending Thor along on the hunt to ensure Loki’s safe return. They locate him on Midgard, living on his own in a run down apartment—depressed, weakened, and trying very hard to disappear.
   While Bargaining is my very favorite of their work (I CRIED LIKE THREE TIMES READING THAT FIC, it’s a genfic and more about Loki and all his relationships, not just Thorki, so I’m picking this one instead.  proantagonist’s work is gorgeous, the kind that sweeps you up and engages you and is absolutely a must-read.

The Sound of Letting Go by Velvedere, thor/loki + background characters, mildly nsfw, 35k
   He was going to do it. Thor knew he was going to do it. He had seen that look before. That look echoed across a childhood of stolen nights and broken trespasses. Of dangers fought, revisited, and conquered. It was the look in Loki’s eyes when he’d made up his mind.
  I am ALWAYS AND FOREVER a sucker for “Thor jumps after Loki and everything changes” fic (Flowers on the Sand is another great one, though, there’s less of the kissing type of resolution, but still a lot of great worldbuilding!) and this one is great–where there’s other Realms and worlds and culture and plot, but also Thor trying to understand Loki, understand what happened while he was gone, and the slow burn of them finding their way back to each other.

Black is the color by cunninglingus, thor/loki, NSFW, heavy dub-con, intersex!loki, rough sex, pregnant!loki, manipulative loki, size kink, 53.3k
   “Have you not thought about what it would be like to mount me?” Loki goes on in that mercilessly sinful voice. “About what is between my legs, now that I am unable to work my glamour to disguise my malformation?”
  There’s a reason intersex!pregnant!Loki tropes have become super popular in fandom and it’s because so many of the fics are SO MUCH FUN and so sharp and hilarious in the right moments and hitting our ids at just the right places.  It has such a sharp and brittle and manipulative Loki, while also a good slow burn towards bringing him back around and also a whole lot of ridiculously hot sex.

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hi, i just wanna ask if you know any good slow build + long thorki fics (au or not, it doesn’t matter) with a good balance of angst, fluff, and smut? i hope i’m not bothering you at all...

No bother at all, I love giving fic recs, but sometimes you guys do come up with tough requests :D so, let’s see…

Number One Contender For My Heart by guardianinthesky

Loki has never been into sports, but one day Amora drags him to a pro wrestling event, promising him lots of hot, sweaty guys. He finds himself less than impressed until a particular wrestler named Thor shows up.

In the Grip of Grace by proantagonist

When Loki learns the truth of his heritage, he quietly leaves Asgard behind. The search for the lost prince continues for nearly a year until Odin hires a professional tracker to find him, sending Thor along on the hunt to ensure Loki’s safe return. They locate him on Midgard, living on his own in a run down apartment—depressed, weakened, and trying very hard to disappear.

Dog inside the heart by thebookhunter

Thor and Loki are the children of a dynasty of great actors. Their mother Frigga is a grande dame of the stage and muse of the finest European movie directors, their father Odin is going down in history as the Lawrence Olivier of his time.

Thor and Loki are following on their steps, with everything to prove, to themselves and to the world.

But as they become dragged under the public eye, so does their past, full of secrets and lies.

There are things that not even Thor can protect Loki from.

Shelter by Rynfinity

“You really need to get a life, you know,” his editor tells him over coffee, when he loses track of himself and spends far too much time gushing over the splendid house and its amazing stonework. “Not only is it weird, it’s kind of like stalking. Don’t think I’m going to come bail you out of jail.”

“No one stalks pools,” he tells her, laughing. He makes a mental note never to mention it again.

Facing the Vast by needleyecandy

England has just declared war on Napoleon, Naval captains are winning their laurels on a daily basis, and Thor’s ship is ordered to the South Seas to seek out a lost scientific vessel. It is an assignment for an old man, but the Admiralty will hear no reason. All hope of glory lost, he takes to sea in a foul temper.

Loki is an artist employed by the naturalist who accompanies HMS Hope on the expedition of rescue and research. He is to make quick and accurate sketches of those plants that catch his employer’s eye. For the first time in his life, the rest of his time is his own.

Back home, their paths never would have crossed, but life at sea is different, and their shared journey brings many kinds of discovery.

Waiting for the Moon to Rise by cavaleira

As the newly crowned king of Asgard, Thor’s life is filled with stress as he as he navigates political intrigue and struggles to figure out what kind of king he wants to be. Desperately in need of a night of relaxation, he finds himself at a brothel he used to frequent in his youth. It’s there that Thor spends an evening in the arms of beautiful courtesan named Loki, and his whole world changes in ways he never could have imagined.

Wild Ambition Fortune’s Ice Prefers by amberfox17

When Thor went storming into Jotunheim he was looking to start a fight, but accidently winds up a pawn in Odin and Laufey’s plans for a permanent peace between the realms; namely, in exchange for the return of the Casket of Ancient Winters, Laufey is offering his firstborn child Loki, the Aesir-sized sorcerer, in marriage to Thor. Such a momentous decision is not to be taken lightly, so Odin sends Thor to live on Jotunheim - without Mjolnir - for a season with Loki, to get to know his prospective consort and to teach the wilful prince some diplomatic sense. Thor is horrified, his parents are insistent and no-one really knows what Loki is thinking, but he hasn’t stopped smiling…

Make It Go Away, Or Make It Better by rayemars

It was a normal summer vacation until Thor spotted Loki in his bedroom when his cousin thought he was alone. Then it turned into something else completely; something that upends more than a few family secrets, and changes quite a few things for them both.

Heart’s Desire by Rynfinity

Tuesday-Thursday Noon ‘til Nine, the neatly printed sign in the door reads. Thor breathes out a little sigh of relief; it hadn’t turned out to be as short a walk as he’d thought, and he’d more than half expected to find the shop closed already.

Three small bells clink and jingle as he pushes the door open. There’s no one around; just a sleek black cat stretching and yawning in a blanket-filled basket at the base of the counter. The store smells richly of ink and good paper. Beautiful.

Find a Home by Aria, filiabelialis

Loki lets his head fall back, a despairing smile baring his teeth. “What do you mean by home?”

…and all because of a joke in Student Housing by needleyecandy

Thor and Loki are total opposites, stuck rooming together because someone in Student Housing thought it would be cute to place them together because they shared a birthday. They’re pleasantly surprised to find that they actually get along.

The surprise when they fall in love is even more pleasant.

The Disappearance of Miss Nebula by Hermaline75

Vanishing women are a standard part of magic shows, but they are generally expected to reappear eventually. People don’t just step into boxes and never come out.


Take the Long Way Home by cavaleira

Thor strikes a deal with Loki: each month, he will trade half of his golden apple for one day spent together in a temporary truce. Both brothers find themselves getting more than they bargained for.

A Poison that Never Stung by thisdorkyficthing

Loki is a seventeen year old runaway that gets taken in by Thor. (Thor’s probably gonna regret it)

light in monochrome night by umakoo

Thor is young and reckless, eager to slay one of the ferocious frost giants and have the skalds sing songs of his mighty deed. He sneaks into Jötunheimr, but the giant he meets is nothing like the hulking, bloodthirsty creatures from the age-old stories they tell in Asgard.

In the Grip of Grace - chapter 16/16 - by proantagonist
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This story is now complete.


Summary:  When Loki learns the truth of his heritage, he quietly leaves Asgard behind. The search for the lost prince continues for nearly a year until Odin hires a professional tracker to find him, sending Thor along on the hunt to ensure Loki’s safe return. They locate him on Midgard, living on his own in a run down apartment—depressed, weakened, and trying very hard to disappear.

Top 10 7 September 

Man oh man do I wish i had been able to get to 10 this month, but it just wasn’t meant to be I guess :/

Oh, What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?- humane, T, Chose No Warnings
The one in which Romeo and Juliet try to hate each other. On principle. Or, well, okay, because their daddies told them to.
Or: “Fuck.” says the second son of House Æsir, scrambling to shield his eyes from the blinding ray of light coming through his window. “You toothless slobbering Bigelsnipe, Stark!”
Quite frankly this was adorable, and it was a great twist on the R&J trope as a whole.

Journey to the Past- melonbutterfly, M, No Warnings
Loki doesn’t know why he feels the urge to go to Midgard, but it’s strong enough that he, when a stranger offers him free passage in exchange for his pretending to be lost Prince Loki of Asgard, doesn’t hesitate for long.
He really has no idea how much his life is going to change.
Dudes,, this was amazing,,, and damn sweet as well. Not just because there are donuts in here a lot either

better to burn than to fade away- AzulticSerpens, E, Chose No Warnings
Loki takes it upon himself after visiting Thor on Midgard to stay longer and find what was so enchanting about its inhabitants. He stumbles upon a most peculiar man. Tony Stark.
Tony just wants to forget his disastrous birthday party and follows the suspicious Natalie Rushman’s advice: “I’d do whatever I wanted to do…with whoever I wanted to do it with.”
Tony Stark is not going to die a whimpering failure. He’ll do anything to stop it, even if he burns himself in this affair with the tall, dark, and handsome intriguing Loki.
A great take on what could have been, imo.

The Affairs of Wizards- plumadesatada, T, No Archive Warnings Apply (Alcoholism and a subsequent detox are described in detail here)
Imagine a world where people born with the ability to manipulate magic are forced to choose between being second-class citizens and working for the government in what amounts to modern slavery.
Tony Stark, playboy billionaire genius, is the CEO of the world’s number one manufacturer of Anti-Psionic technology, like his father before him, and his grandfather before that.
Loki Olson, a warlock raised by the staunchest supporter of anti-magic regulation, dreams of a better future where he no longer is a fugitive hunted by the government, and works to make it happen.
Then their paths collide.
This is a story of change, personal growth, friendship, love, and, most important of all, hope.
This is the story of a revolution.

This Treacherous Terrain- arabmorgan, G, No Warnings
In which Tony looks for aliens but an alien finds him first (and he doesn’t even realise).
Dudes this was fucking adorable and I loved it so much

Fortune like the Moon- lucius_complex, Not Rated, Underage (Kinda? Ish?)
A contaminated well is drained, but the hole in the earth remains. Somewhere a god is reborn, bereft of sight or memory, and idles the years away in dreams of being filled.
This was a study in thoughts, honestly, and it was amazing. (Also, past stony, mentioned in the beginning of the story.)

String Theory- lashworthe, M, Major Character Death (But also not)
It’s 136 years since Tony Stark died, taking with him all the secrets of his genius. Loki Ruser is the new up and coming genius who buys up the old Malibu home of Tony Stark to discover its secrets. He gets more than he bargains for when he discovers the Iron Man design plans, and a sentient hologram of Tony Stark himself. Eventual mature content.
Guys, babes, dudes this was probs one of the best fics I’ve read from this fandom, and I am so glad it got mentioned in the frostiron discord server so that I could read it. This one and ‘The Affairs of Wizards’ were probs my faves from this month.

“Until It’s Gone” (Pt. 5)

Hey!! Hope you guys like this next chapter! I’m kind of just allowing this story to do what it wants. :)

One year.

It had been one whole year since you’d left Asgard. Since you’d left Loki.

On Earth, it was apparently a custom to celebrate the new coming year with exploding lights and drinks that tasted rather like the spirits on Asgard… only somehow better. Men and women danced to strange music while dressed in what you presumed passed for “formal” attire… on Asgard these women’s dresses would, you believed, shock even the most promiscuous of your people. Aside from the strangeness of some of their celebratory customs… you couldn’t help but feel delight in celebrating the romanticized idea of the past year falling into history, as the new one provided a blank canvas for every Midgardian, and evidently Asgardian, on which to start their new lives.

Keep reading

Imagine you work at the palace in Asgard. Your best friend works there as well and comes sometimes in contact with the younger prince Loki. In usual gossip with her, it turns out that she has a big crush on him. Shaken by the fact that she, a servant girl, will never get a chance to be with a prince, she asks you, who has a natural talent for art, to draw her a picture of him. After some time you are done and present it to her. You could capture the beauty of him to its fullest, your friend is very happy and like a professional you have also signed it for her. Unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle of the work, the artwork gets lost. And of all the people at the place it manages to land precisely in the prince’s hands!! After all that time, you’ve managed to go unnoticed, you have gained the attention of the sinister young prince Loki, who, after a while of wondering has found out whom the name of the artwork belongs to.

In the Grip of Grace - Ch 11 - by proantagonist
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Thorki. Canon universe with an AU twist. Hurt/Comfort. Slow burn … that has actually already burst into flames.

Summary: When Loki learns the truth of his heritage, he quietly leaves Asgard behind. The search for the lost prince continues for nearly a year until Odin hires a professional tracker to find him, sending Thor along on the hunt to ensure Loki’s safe return. They locate him on Midgard, living on his own in a run down apartment—depressed, weakened, and trying very hard to disappear.

Thorki fic rec update - multichapter

Some of these are WIP! As usual, a complete rec list is here.

Find an update with one-shots here.  

Title: dream state
Summary: Years after losing his brother, Thor sees someone that looks exactly like him.
Rating: E
Wordcount: 25k
My comment: What a great story. There’s pinch of everything - angst, guilty pleasure, smut, action and fighting..

Title: Wergeld
Summary: It was springtime, and Thor had taken his men war-faring to seek goods for themselves; but raiding a foreign temple brought him far more than he’d ever imagined–in either goods or trouble.
Rating: M
Wordcount: 80k
My comment: Amazingly drawn historical AU, I was totally captivated. There are amazing nuances in Thor and Loki’s relationship and the complications it all brings to the life they lead. Stunning world-building.

Title: The Old Ways
Summary: “And I thought you liked tricks.” Loki only sighed, low and light, his chest barely moving against Thor’s own. “Oh, I see. Just not when they’re played on you.” Based on a Norsekink prompt in which Thor and Loki get fake-married to avoid a diplomatic incident in the outlands of wild Álfheimr. Except they got real-married. And they’re going to find out the hard way.
Rating: E
Wordcount: 41k
My comment: Behold the fic in which Clarice gave us what we all wanted. Fake marriage turned a real one? Some heavy angst? Indulgence? Yes, thank you. Brilliant.

Title: In the Grip of Grace
Summary: When Loki learns the truth of his heritage, he quietly leaves Asgard behind. The search for the lost prince continues for nearly a year until Odin hires a professional tracker to find him, sending Thor along on the hunt to ensure Loki’s safe return. They locate him on Midgard, living on his own in a run down apartment—depressed, weakened, and trying very hard to disappear. But finding Loki turns out to be the easy part. Thor must figure out a way to get through to his brother before his anger finally boils over into violence.
Rating: E
Wordcount: 34k
My comment: This author is a magician when it comes to exploring pain and healing. The atmosphere is almost palpable in this story.

Title: Out of the Mouths of Babes
Summary: “He’s my brother,” Thor says with a shrug. “I don’t expect you to understand.” He doesn’t. He doesn’t understand any of it himself, after all.
Rating: E
Wordcount: 196k
My comment: This is a very long series, paired with The March of the Damned bellow, exploring extremely harsh topics, including domestic abuse, suicide, drug addiction.. it hurts and it puts a strain on your view of all the characters, but it’s an amazing work.

Title: The March of the Damned
Summary: From time to time I feel the urge to write a Loki’s POV story from the Babes!verse AU. As any of you who’ve read Out of the Mouths of Babes know, its stories are nearly entirely told from Thor’s POV. So, the Loki stories will go here.
Rating: E
Wordcount: 227k
My comment: As said in the summary. Very brutal, but captivating.

Title: Never Doubt
Summary: The Aesir won’t accept a king who would ride into battle and be unable to tell enemy from ally, so when his berserker nature is discovered, Thor and Loki’s inheritances and roles are upended drastically. But some things never change.
Rating: M
Wordcount: 35k
My comment: Angst. Angst everywhere. I love this reversal play.

Title: A Poison that Never Stung
Summary: Loki is a seventeen year old runaway that gets taken in by Thor. (Thor’s probably gonna regret it)
Rating: E
Wordcount: 29k
My comment: I love everything about this, the setting, atmosphere, characters.. both Thor and Loki are stubborn, but relatable, you can easily see both of their points of view and it’s all fluffy and angsty..

Title: Where Shadows Lie
Summary: “We could call the enemy ‘Walkers’,” offers Bruce. “Like they do on The Walking Dead.” Thor thinks they should be called Shamblers or Stumblers instead, but keeps his silence. His teammates might take offense to their iconic television show being referred to as The Stumbling Dead. Zombie AU. Written to sate my desire for Thor/Loki-centric apocalyptic fiction. Title from Tolkien’s Ring verse.
Rating: E
Wordcount: 30k
My comment: This was so well and compelling! What a ride.

Title: Godchild
Summary: When Loki finds a de-aged Thor wandering alone on the battlefield, Loki takes the five year old child in and resolves to figure out how Thor was transformed and why… The whimpering grows into sobbing and Loki waves the steam away with a sweep of his arm to reveal a blond haired boy wandering across the cracked pavement. The child stumbles over Mjolnir and falls to the ground. Loki starts and not because the child is crying anew, but because Mjolnir shifted a small measure as the boy’s weight leaned against it. The hammer moves for no one save for the God of Thunder himself. “Thor?” Loki questions and before he becomes fully aware of what he’s doing, Loki sweeps in, snatching the child into his arms.
Rating: T
Wordcount: 39k
My comment: As might be obvious from the summary, the fic is Gen and explores the brotherly relationship of Thor and Loki. It’s unbelievably brilliant and without any hyberbole at all I am telling you I actually cried towards the end. Real tears and sobs.

In the Grip of Grace - Ch 10 - by proantagonist
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Thorki. Slow burn. Hurt/Comfort. Explicit.

Summary:  When Loki learns the truth of his heritage, he quietly leaves Asgard behind. The search for the lost prince continues for nearly a year until Odin hires a professional tracker to find him, sending Thor along on the hunt to ensure Loki’s safe return. They locate him on Midgard, living on his own in a run down apartment—depressed, weakened, and trying very hard to disappear.