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Do you ever think about how it hasn't even been a year since Mystic Messenger came out, and already so many people have lost interest? Posts from writers that would usually get 500+ notes only get around 100. I'm just scared that it'll only be a few months more before it all goes away.

I think it’s a normal thing to happen in fandoms. It’s hard to keep a buzz going over something that barely has new content. 

However, I wouldn’t be worried about it going away. Sure, notes may dwindle but I don’t make content for the notes, and I’m sure I’m not the only one in the fandom like this. 

So, keep smiling and enjoying the content that we have! (: Don’t give up hope! 

a summary of the manchester explosions as of 3am manchester time:

-there was a bombing around 2 or 3 hours ago during an ariana grande concert in the manchester arena
-there were 2 initial explosions
-explosions were confirmed in a foyer outside of the arena
-police were on the scene within minutes
-the MA holds 21k people, and it was sold out
-there was much panic and many people were lost
-the manchester holiday inn is holding 50+ lost children and adults
-COBRA meeting is scheduled around 9am manchester time
-19 confirmed fatalities and 50+ injured
-a controlled blast was set off in cathedral gardens on suspicious item
-people in hospitals being treated for shrapnel and crush injuries
-people report seeing nuts and bolts strewn across the floor
-ariana is confirmed to be unharmed
-there is a heavy police presence and ambulances are coming in and out of the scene
-the city is on a high terrorist watch
-US officials suspect a suicide bomber
-no one has claimed credit
-it is confirmed it is a terrorist attack, becuase not only did it target children, but also at the weakest time, when they were starting to leave through the foyer where the explosion occured.

numbers to call:

-police line to recieve updates on family and friends: 0161 856 9400 (or 836, i am not positive, i apologize)

-holiday inn numbers:


please stay safe everyone in manchester and surrounding areas! stay informed and help signal boost tweets and posts of lost children who have people looking for them. PLEASE ONLY CALL AMBULANCES IN MANCHESTER IF IT IS A LIFE-THREATENING SITUATION. THEY ARE EXTREMELY BUSY.


she was right

Come Watson, the game is afoot (again)!! Here is my completed full color Sherlock illustration! I like to hide little easter eggs throughout my work–see if you can find all of the hidden references!

Unfortunately, I lost the post-it note that had the names of all the people who asked me to tag them when I posted the final piece–so I looked back through tumblr and tried to remember the names as best I could! @addignisherlock @anotherwellkeptsecret @junejuly15 @sherlockedwatson @hobbitbilbo @theheartandthebrain

And a special shoutout to @johnlocklives, because I knew I would miss someone.

I hope that’s everyone!


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REQUEST: Jealous Harry smut


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if we were dating, how long before you'd kiss me?

hmmm, i knew my boyfriend for 3-4 months before we kissed. i’d probably take 1 month, or 2 weeks or as long as you’d like. our first kiss was so awkward, my heart was racing so much but i didn’t want him to know that. he said, i want to kiss you and i said what’s stopping you? so he kissed me one night even though we did know each other for a little bit, like 3 months lol, it was innocent, i pushed him away too when he told me he liked me and i was like why would you ever like me. i told him i wanted to be his friend when we met and i’d invite him to random punk concerts and i would just make sure he was okay and keep helping my friends and asking him if he was cold, hungry, lol like any friend friend. we worked together. i didn’t think of him that way at all but it was always in the back of my head, it was weird. i gave him my number, and after giving out flyers together one day we had a beer. no kissing, but even before, we would just always end up next to each other talking, then he started leaving flowers outside my house and i was like ok i’m so in love with you let me push you away, i don’t wanna hurt you. but he said he didn’t mind so i understood. it was pretty cool and here we are. lmfao

der Absender - sender [male]
die Absenderin (Absenderinnen) - sender [female]
die Adresse (Adressen) - address
der Aufkleber - sticker
der Brief (Briefe) - letter
der Brieffreund (Brieffreunde) - penpal [male]
die Brieffreundin (Brieffreundinnen) - penpal [female]
der Briefkasten (Briefkästen) - postbox/letter box/mailbox
die Briefmarke (Briefmarken) - stamp
das Briefpapier (Briefpapiere) - writing paper
der Briefträger - postman/mailman
die Briefträgerin (Briefträgerinnen) - postwoman
der Briefwechsel - correspondence
die Handschrift - handwriting
die Karte (Karten) - card
das Klebeband - sticky tape
der Klebstoff - glue
die Korrespondenz (Korrespondenzen) - correspondence
die Lieferung (Lieferungen) - delivery
das Paket (Pakete) - package/parcel
das Porto - postage
die Post (Posten) - post office/post/mail
der Postbote (-n) (Postboten) - postman/mailman
die Postbotin (Postbotinnen) - postwoman
der Postdienst (Postdienste) - postal service
die Postkarte (Postkarten) - postcard
die Postleitzahl (Postleitzahlen) - postcode/zip code
die Schneckenpost - snail mail
der Stift (Stifte) - pen/pencil
der Teebeutel - teabag
der Tesafilm - Sellotape/Scotch Tape
der Umschlag (Umschläge) - envelope

ablecken - to lick
auf dem Postweg verloren gehen - to get lost in the post/mail
auf einen Brief antworten - to write an reply to a letter
eine Briefmarke auf einen Briefumschlag kleben - to stick a stamp on an envelope
einem Brief etwas beilegen - to enclose something in a letter
empfangen - to receive
in die Schweiz senden - to send to Switzerland
ins Ausland senden - to send overseas
jemandem einen Brief schreiben - to write someone a letter
liefern - to deliver
mit der Post senden - to send by post/in the mail
nach Deutschland senden - to send to Germany
öffnen - to open
schicken - to send
senden - to send
zukleben - to seal
zurückschreiben - to write back

beigelegt - enclosed

dekoriert - decorated
handgemacht - handmade
selbstgemacht - handmade
selbstklebend - self adhesive
ungeöffnet - unopened
verloren - lost

Lieber/Liebe… - Dear…
Danke für deinen Brief! - Thank you for your letter!
Ich freue mich auf deine Antwort! - I’m looking forward to your reply!
Viele Grüße aus Deutschland! - Greetings from Germany!
Dein/Deine… - Yours…