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Non middle eastern POC will white wash middle easterns and white people do everything they can do distance middle easterns from whiteness. White people only do this because they hate middle easterns and non middle eastern POC will white wash us because they have never taken/passed a 9th grade level world history class.

Non middle eastern POC will white wash middle easterns, thereby lumping us into the category of the people who colonized (and still do) our countries, stole (and still do) our natural resources, murdered (and still do) our people, and are responsible for the destabilizing and continued destabilization of our respective mother lands.

Non middle eastern POC white wash middle easterns, but love hookah, belly dancing, henna, eyebrow threading, kabob/middle eastern food, Arab headdresses, using Arabic and Persian letters/language as some of their dumb aesthetic, wearing hamsa/evil eye/farvahar (if you even knew the significance behind either symbol to know hamsa is an Arab symbol and evil eye & farvahar are Persian symbols), etc. you all white wash us but love our non white culture. (Yes I know some of these are part of south Asian/Desi culture but my point is still valid).

Non middle eastern POC will white wash middle easterns, but will use middle eastern Muslim women wearing hijab/other modest Islamic clothing as an example of their “fuck white male society” but will white wash middle easterns who aren’t Muslim or don’t “look” Muslim, fueling the racializing of Islam and the harmful effects of middle eastern=Muslim stereotype that westerners loooooove to promote and spread. Y'all only consider middle easterns as non white when we look/act/are Muslim.

Non middle eastern POC: shut the fuck up and stop talking about us like you know more than us, stop speaking for us like you’re middle eastern, and S T O P white washing us. Since when is it alright to white wash middle easterns but not non middle Eastern POC? Both are racist, except y'all don’t think so.

Also: white ppl y'all stay out of this entirely this isn’t an invitation for you to chime in on anything cuz y'all are annoying too but I’m focusing on the non white people who white wash us rn. Y'all are a WHOOOOOLE other story.

I saw a post about reinhardt just now and it painted him as such a tragic sad character because of his backstory in the overwatch lore, i swear to god it looked like one of those “levi lost his whole squad” posts. 

I feel like i’m in that matrix scene where neo wakes up and the real world is gross and terrible. this website is so fucking weird. reinhardt is not sad about literally anything. have you heard the guy speak? he’s having the time of his fucking life.

terezi pyrope went to the furthest reaches of another universe, braved countless terrors, saw (sniffed?) thousands of unspeakable sights, voyaged to dreambubbles on the verge of destruction, and after days and nights and months and maybe even years of searching, she still wasn’t able to find her long-lost gf, and her reaction was to snapchat john egbert 


“You realize how silly that sounds, right?”

“I do. But after  e v e r y t h i n g  that’s happened, I think we could all use a bit more silly in our lives.”


Not sure how we got here but I can just feel the distance, the lack of enthusiasm. Conversations are short and spread apart. It just does not feel like it has felt in past weeks. It is a little upsetting. They were the person I would go to for problems like these but since I no longer have them I am posting them here, I do not know I just need to get it out.  

They brought me back from the edge, they relaxed my over reactions, they motivated me, they put a smile on my face, they are gone.