lost planet in wuhan


xiumin takes a tumble during history… (゚ー゚;)

[140614 TLP Wuhan] Yixing and Luhan talking

Yixing: Thank you Chen! Did he sing well?
Fans: Yes!
Yixing: Is he handsome?
Fans: Yes!
Yixing: Who is more handsome, him or Luhan?
Luhan: Don’t do this…

Yixing: Do you know where I was chosen (to be in SM)?
Luhan: Wuhan!
Yixing: Yes, I really wasn’t chosen in Changsha, I was chosen in Wuhan! Wuhan is a place that holds a special connection for me.
Luhan: Yes, very special.

audio credit: Layminiiiii酱