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Domrandomcy is in the middle of celebrating his eighteen birthday when an owl crashes through the window, it offers him an old and worn letter.

Seven years ago, he was accepted to Hogwarts but the owl got lost on the way, what now?


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I haven’t seen anyone talking about this birth certificate on Lady Bevell’s ‘murderboard’, (Granted I could just not have seen it…) but does this not say Sam’s full name is Samuel William Winchester son of John Edward Winchester and Mary Catherine Howard (shouldn’t it be Campbell?). Of course it also appears to have the date April 13,1983 (instead of May 2) but it’s too blurry in the cap I have to know what box the date is supposed to be answering. The Howard thing for Mary seems odd as they weren’t hunting when Sam was born but maybe she changed her name to escape her family’s hunter legacy after the deal with Azazel… I don’t know.. Regardless it’s pretty nifty if they really did give us Sam’s middle name I guess. ^_^

Dear Journal,

This morning I received a letter from Johnny. His owl got lost a little bit! I opened the blue letter paper and read the neat handwritting.

“Dear Remus,
Thank you for the book! I had no idea there was a second part of our book! I read it all in one night! Mum thinks i should read it in parts so it would last longer but I thought the story was si good that I couldn’t close it. I really miss you Remus. I can’t wait to come and visit you at your library! Here, things are doing great! Mum had an upgrade at the ministry! She said we would could go on vacation soon since now she has a little more money. Freddie went home to spend a week and mum was happy to see him. She accepted the fact that I liked boys more than girls. She said she was proud of me. I talked to her about you too! I told her how you helped me and how you were like my big brother now. I can’t wait for you to meet her. And I can’t wait to see you again. I miss you!


I folded the small letter and smiled to myself. I layed it carefully in a box with all the important letters that I want to keep. Some of them were from Sirius, some from James and Lily, some were from mum and dad. This little box was one of the things i cherrished the most.

The doorbell rang and I heard Sirius run to the door. It was Lily and James coming for a baby shopping trip. Baby Prongs was on his way and tommorow Teddy would be home! So we all headed to muggle London to buy some baby stuff.

“James honey do you think we should get this stroller? It’s kinda big for only one baby..” Lily said, frowning at a stroller.

I then heard Sirius behind me.

“Babe how many diapers do we need?” Sirius asked, confusion written on his face.

“We’ll need a lot actually.” I giggled.

Our journey in the baby store was really fun and really exhausting.

- Sirius couldn’t choose between the blue and the green baby pyjamas.
- He chose the blue ones because the baby has blue eyes.
- James got lost in the store.
- We got a crib for the baby’s room.
- Sirius wanted to buy twenty stuffed animals but I told him that 3 was actually enough.
- One of those stuffed animal was a black dog and the other was a wolf.
- Lily picked up maching blankets for our babies to match.
- Sirius kept making weird noises and saying “cuteeee” to all the small baby products.
- We got a little bit of decoration for Teddy’s new room.
- Lily and James didn’t know what color to get because they didn’t want to know if it was a girl or a boy.
- And we finished our baby-shopping trip with a hot chocolate and a lot of stuff!

At home, Regulus helped us build the crib and install a few decorations in Teddy’s room. We were feeling kinda bad because this room was the one Regulus slept in. But he told us that he would be going back to Sophie’s in a few days so he could camp in the living room. He wanted to see Teddy before leaving of course! After dinner, that was delicious may I add (Sirius made it!) we all went to bed. This day was exhausting! Sirius and I were laying in bed, cuddled into eachother. My lips were softly brushing on Sirius forehead while his hands were caressing my bare back. I don’t sleep with t-shirts anymore. Sirius made me more confident. I find it way more comfortable too! I just steal one of Sirius’ pair of boxers and Voilà!

“Babe?” Sirius asked.


“I can’t sleep..” he said.

“Me neither.”

“I’m so excited to hold him and give him little kisses and tickle him and make him laugh.” Sirius smiled.

“Do you remember.. The night you asked me to marry you, the next morning we were talking about having kids.. Well we did it Pads.”

“Yeah.. I remember..” he smiled again.

We just layed in silence, remembering that night.

“And then we had sex for the first time..” Sirius said.

I started laughing at his comment. He laughed too.

“Merlin you’re so weird.. I love you.” I said, smilling to him.

“And I love you too..” he said, kissing my lips softly.

April 9th 1978

laelaloo  asked:

Hi! So I've been considering getting a bird for a while now--I used to have a budgie, bless his soul--and I need a feathered companion again. So I'd been considering a cockatiel, but recently I've also been looking into pigeons--it strikes me that the two are very different. Please give me some info! What's it like having a pigeon? How do you care for them? Can you train them? Any suggestions? Please, some basic info for a gal who just started researching them!~

Intelligence-wise they’re the same, I find pigeons easier to train than psittacines because they seem to retain knowledge better and are more into people since they’re domesticated. Rex recalls, targets, stays, goes to my room when I ask, knows “shoulder” means get off my head and go to my shoulder, a bunch of “tricks” like spinning, and of course tasks related to emotional support. Pigeons are very easy to clicker train and they absolutely love to learn new things and if socialized properly look forward to new stimuli. They don’t need as intense socializing as parrots because they’re domesticated, which can be a blessing and a curse because Rex will leap into new situations without thinking it through- but at least she’s not afraid, right? Cockatiels are a lot more dexterous so they can learn to use tools better than pigeons, and can learn to say phrases and tunes (and know what they mean in context!).

In general pigeons are going to be cheaper, the bird itself, the housing, food, enrichment, etc. Depending on the size, a pigeon will need a large dog crate or a cage marketed for rabbits (these are rarely suitable for rabbits though!), which will be $30-$70 depending on if you buy new or used, where from, and the style. I personally don’t use a cage for Rex and she has the run of my room when I’m not home and the house when I am. Tiels will need a big, generally parrot specific cage, the ones marketed for cockatiels won’t do- generally you want one marketed for medium macaws or bigger, which’ll be much more expensive. They need lots of toys, perches, and other things to keep them entertained when they can’t be out. Pigeons do need enrichment but homemade toys will easily suffice, a crumbled up paper with seeds in it will keep Rex entertained for quite a while, as will music and TV.

Cockatiels do best on a varied diet consisting of seeds, pellets, and fruit/veggie chop, scrambled eggs are great weekly. They shouldn’t have too many pellets since they’ve been linked to kidney issues, probably has to die with needing the hull of the seed? Idk. Pigeons’ diets are generally more simple, they need a variety of seeds/grains generally consisting of wheat, peas, sorghum, safflower (can be fatty so be careful with this one), corn. I mix quinoa, millet, and very occasionally chia seeds in too. Her mix is 16% protein but the amount of protein you want depends on their lifestyle. It’s cheap, I get a 2 lbs bag every two months from Morning Bird on eBay. Along with feed you’ll also want pigeon specific grit, and if you have a hen you’ll need egg shells or oyster shells (I prefer egg shells). Both parrots and pigeons will need vitamin D3 supplements if they aren’t outside getting sunlight a few hours a day.

I LOVE pigeon temperaments. It can very depending on breed and individual, but in general they’re people-loving birds. Psittacines generally have to be raised by hand to like people, but pigeons can be parent raised and still adore people which is far healthier since then they get proper nutrients and social skills. Even pigeons that have been feral or neglected more often than not warm up to humans and make awesome pets. Certain breeds are friendly than others, king pigeons are big cuddle bugs bred for meat. They’re exceptionally docile and affectionate. Lucerne gold collars are gentle and even mated pairs will enjoy cuddles. Feral pigeons and homers have even temperaments and they have that bonus homing instinct so you don’t worry as much if they happen to get lost. Owl pigeon breeds are the epitome of adorable and sweet, just avoid breeds like the African owl whose beaks are too short to properly preen. Voorburg pigeons are silly and despite that big neck don’t have any health issues regarding it. There are thousands of breeds with unique looks and temperaments, so google “fancy pigeons” to find a look you like! Finding pigeons in shelters can be hard if you aren’t in an area that has one- pigeon rescues are far and few in between -so I generally promote buying from a GOOD breeder like @ramseyringnecks because the more people that know pigeons aren’t disease ridden pests the better for all pigeons! Do look for rescues first though :)

As far as keeping a pair versus a single pigeon:
Both pigeons and parrots mate for life. A single pigeon is probably the most loyal and affectionate pet you can find, but requires more work than a pair of pigeons. Since the bird is single it’ll deem you as its mate which makes for a very snuggly, cuddly, and sweet partner, but also demanding- luckily they have lower standards than most parrots. Rex is content if not all my attention is on her so long as some of it, so I can go about my day without having to stop and give her my full attention. She’ll happily ride around on my shoulder or waddle rapidly after me without demanding that I play with or touch her. So long as she can see me and be on/near me she’s pretty content. However she needs to be able to do that for at least 6-8 hours a day! She loves cuddles and snuggles. When she goes broody (which happens whether you want it to or not, with both hens and cocks) I just ask her to get off the nest every few hours to make sure she goes potty (they don’t poop in their nest- this means they can safety be potty trained unlike parrots who it can become unhealthy for) eats, drinks, and every few days bathes.

If you can’t give that then a mated pair is a better option. They won’t be as affectionate, but they’ll still consider you a flock mate and sit on you, love to learn and be trained, and enjoy doing non-cuddling activities with you. They’ll be happy and keep each other company when you’re away at school or work.

This applies to parrots too. A lot of people say so long as you have at least one hour to spend with them they’ll be fine, but all parrots are social flocking animals- even territorial ones like cockatiels or parrotlets! They need you or a feathered friend to keep them happy.

Hope that helps ❤️

Centipede & Owl: Two Lost Souls

The parallels between Kaneki and Eto.

[This is a rather long read and if you aren’t up-to-date with Tokyo Ghoul :re this could spoil some things for you.]

Unidentifiable Sorrow…
Having succumb to despair,
& the desire for destruction,
Lost on the way back home.
& forgotten to go back at all.
I had a sweet dream,
that never existed,
& so I wish for death once again.

Eto and Kaneki both stand in the center of both the human and Ghoul worlds and they have even lived in both worlds. Since the abuse of his mother, neglect from his aunt and the life changing events which led to him becoming a Half Ghoul, his torture at the hands of Yamori, and the confrontation with CCG’s White Reaper, Kaneki has known sorrow. He never wanted to become like he is now and was thrown into a harsh world. Kaneki has gone through physical and mental horrors.

In the 24th after some event which took her ‘foster father’ from her, Eto had been alone, fending for herself as she grows in power. Since her early childhood, there had been someone there for her to show the young hybrid love and compassion and teach her. No longer. With the writings of her mother and nobody there to care for her anymore, Eto began her hate for the world, the powerful emotions overtaking her sending her spiraling down the dark path she’s walked ever since.

Anger. Both have felt this, Kaneki shown to feel it more than Eto thus far. He has wanted to save those who close to him and it drives his actions in a strong way. In a sense, it is his reason for living despite everything that had happened.  His anger however has been aimed at Aogiri who has been partially responsible for the dangers his friends have faced. While he will defend himself against CCG, he has no remorse for Ghouls in several cases.

Eto’s anger is seen pointed in two directions. First, she hates V for what they have done and has no mercy for anyone associated with V including those within CCG as they stand in her way of getting to the prime culprits. Secondly, she despises her father for his choice to run from V instead of fight them. At this point, it could be said that she views her father as a tool of creation on the path to destroy V and finally tear down the birdcage. It could also be said, she despises relationships as she is known to destroy them any chance she gets. Revealing that Kanou isn’t the father that Kuro and Shiro believed he was. Targeting Shinohara in the Anteiku arc. Torturing Takizawa and making him eat his own parents. The torture of Kanae.

That being said, Kaneki has shown instances of physical punishment to his opponents in bits of anger. This is scene when he impales Nishiki over and over. This shows again when he faces Ayato, breaking numerous bones leaving him incapacitated. We can even add in Kaneki threatening to stick a centipede into the ear of Madam A during his search for Kanou. Similar instances could be seen during his time as entertainment for the Gourmet (Tsukiyama).

One other similarity between the two is their belief that if one is weak then they are at fault for what happens to them or for those who are taken from them. Eto has brought this up when speaking with Hinami and Kaneki has voiced this himself on a few occasions.

Emptiness. Both of them have shown fake smiles which hold very little happiness behind them. Eto has known very little happiness though this will be covered in a little bit. Kaneki has always shown some form of hiding how he truly feels, from touching his chin or the fake smiles. Something I stated before is that Kaneki didn’t want to become what he is now but he’s forced to live with it and has become empty inside especially after his departure from Anteiku. When he visits :re as Haise. he thinks about how he possibly had someone beautiful (Touka) in his life before and shed a tear.

Moving on to Eto now, we can touch on a few points that we can say about her past, what little we know of it. Following the loss of Noroi, she lost that love and compassion she once had, forming a void inside of her. She became empty inside and she replaced what she once had with hate and later on with the beginning of Aogiri which took away from her loneliness. However, she had still just wanted to be loved though part of her feels that she cannot be loved as everyone close to her dies.

“No matter how much you fill that empty hole, the fact that it is empty will never change.”

Both have a desire for destruction however, their desires can be said to be different. Eto’s is a burning urge to see the birdcage ripped apart and V destroyed once and for all with a new world rising from the ashes.

Kaneki’s however points more towards the destruction of Aogiri and self-destruction. Depending on how you look at it, Kaneki went in to V14 partially wanting to die. which in a sense he did. Currently, he is on the path of self-destruction wanting to die but not allow those close to him to have a similar fate, preferring for them to live on while he ends the nightmarish life he’s had. Kaneki has certainly suffered greatly over the course of the manga and now he wants to end it in a special way.

Eto’s path of destruction could be said to reach to anyone who stands in her way of defeating V and she isn’t above using any tools available to reach this goal whether they are people or even subordinates.

This path of destruction they have been set upon has guided them far from a home of sorts that they both could return to should they choose. Anteiku. Though the coffee shop was destroyed after CCG’s raid, it had always been a place welcoming to Ghouls while not turning away Human customers. For years, Yoshimura Kuzen ran the coffee shop, waiting for his daughter to return. Hoping that one day, the little girl he left in the care of someone he trusted would return to him. In the back, he even kept a special tea cup from Ukina’s shop turned upside down. Something that surely would’ve meant a lot to his dear lost child. It’s clear he had thought over what he would say to her when she finally did. What he told Kaneki about his status as a One-Eyed Ghoul felt as if it were something he had wanted to say to someone else. As we now know however, Eto had seen the cafe and her own father but instead of stepping inside and meeting her father face to face, her anger showed and she stormed off, Kuzen finding the crumpled book she left behind. His saddened expression as he held the ruined novel was one that sticks with me.Ever since, he had waited and waited. However, by that time, she had no desire to return.

Kaneki found a home of sorts with the staff of Anteiku. They looked out for each other and despite now having to adapt to the Ghoul way of life, it was a place he could return to. It was also a place he was familiar with as he visited them with Hide. After his kidnapping by Aogiri and severe and traumatizing torture at the hands of Yamori, he began to become distant from Anteiku, forming his own group to take on Aogiri Tree and almost refusing to go back. His desire to seek out Kanou led him into confrontations with CCG and further away from where he could be. It wasn’t until CCG targeted Anteiku in a raid that he wanted to return however, in a sense he failed to return, being driven into the underground and into the fateful confrontation with Arima which changed him for quite some time.

This leads me into their 'sweet dream’ which they both had, if you wish to call it that. Starting with Kaneki here. Following the incident in V14, Kaneki was now Haise Sasaki who while he appeared to be Kaneki was different in several ways. Haise seemed to have a more stable mental state than Kaneki did and even deciphered how Takatsuki Sen (Eto) must feel by reading her books. This is one difference between Haise and Kaneki. While Kaneki seemed to enjoy Takatsuki’s novels, Haise did not. He could see the sorrow and despair behind the well written words in each of her works. However, Haise was a persona created by Kaneki during his time in Cochlea following his near death at the hands of Arima. The poor guy drove himself insane, clawing at the door, his eyes, screaming to be released. Haunted by nightmares and refusing to eat. Arima calmed him down and allowed him to choose the name which he would go by. from an assortment of kanji, he chose two which together formed Haise.

The name of his sweet dream. For a time, he lived a decent life as a Ghoul Investigator. Or so it seemed. In appearance, he was happy however, just like his old self, when he mentioned being happy, he touched his chin. We all know that that means. Deep down of course was Shironeki, the personification of Kaneki within his mind. Kaneki wanted his body back and slowly but surely, Haise began to see that maybe he needed this other part of him if he wished to achieve his goals. At the time it was believed that Kaneki had forgotten everything however, I believe this isn’t the case. Instead, he created Haise as a way to live outside of the horrible life he had, if only temporarily. Over time, those repressed memories came back and the old Kaneki began to resurface.

It wasn’t until Eto herself took personal action that the real Kaneki awoke once more, ending the dream. Haise Sasaki was no more.. Kaneki Ken had returned. 

Or was he always there? Truth is, Kaneki never really disappeared. This showed in a scene I mentioned before, when Haise saw Touka and shed a tear. This was not Haise crying.. but Kaneki. He had believed that she was killed by Arima when he had told him “I killed them all.” Seeing her alive and well was certainly something that brought a form of relief to him.

Overall, in several ways, his old self remained as he made bonds with the Quinx Squad similar to those bonds he made with Ghouls of Anteiku. However now it serves as an inner conflict in the war which rages.

The young Eto, while looking to form an organization that would one day rival the mysterious group known as V, used her skills in writing and became Takatsuki Sen. While originally, the purpose of this was likely to support Aogiri Tree, it became a bigger part of her life than I believe she thought it would. At such a young age she became quite popular and quickly rose to Best-Selling author status. Takatsuki Sen, a horror novelist had many fans who loved and adored her. Something Eto lacked for quite some time. While she was with her fans, the same person who threatened CCG was there however, her personality was quite different. Known to be manipulative and sadistic, when she appeared as Takatsuki, she took on a more child-like and ditsy personality. Normally running late to her book signings.

One interesting thing to note is that despite her manager, Shiono, discovering the truth that she was a Ghoul, he continued to work with her and Eto let him live. In a sense, Takatsuki Sen can be seen to be Eto’s humanity. As the famous novelist, she got to sample the human life and enjoyed being around her fans. Despite being told that she shouldn’t she would take pictures with some of them. The One-Eyed Owl, taking pictures with fans of her work? When you think about the sadistic little Ghoul that has lead Aogiri up to this point, this seems rather odd, doesn’t it? This was Eto’s own personal dream.

She lived a nice dream and had someone who seemed to care for her that she even showed a form of caring for. However, that dream has since come to an end. Turning herself in and revealing herself in a press conference, she has killed off her own dream and now everyone knows Takatsuki Sen is a Ghoul. But the real end came most recently with the death of her manager. This, I feel is an act which further shows her that she cannot be loved because those closest to her die.

With all that said, this brings me to our grand conclusion and something both of them share in different ways..

A wish for death.

With everything Kaneki has been through up to this point, he still wishes to end his rather miserable existence in a grand way or as Shironeki put it, “I wish to die in style.” To him, he feels that he should die at the hands of Arima, someone he has seen as a father-like figure during his time as Haise. He has been down this road before. But, he was saved from it once and likely will be again. He calls it his “last job”. The last acts he will do before he goes willingly to death which he believes will finally free him from the cruel world which has wronged him so. He wants to do something which will make him loved before he goes and this could be the act that could do so, but fate may have other plans for this poor tortured soul..

While, it is harder to say that she has such a wish, Yoshimura Eto is set upon that route. The natural hybrid has spent over a decade locked in conflict with CCG and hasn’t been able to accomplish her goal. With Aogiri on the brink of total destruction, she has turned to the plan she believes will lead to the goal she has been working toward her entire life. Even at the age of 27, she says how she has gotten old and has even shown she is no longer hiding. Revealing Takatsuki Sen as a Ghoul, turning herself in to CCG and in the eyes of V, these are not beyond her plan. However, it could be said that she could even look toward her own demise. Though she spent time among humans and glimpsed that life, she has done terrible things and wants to create a new world and looks to pass this goal on to Kaneki who could carry on the fight even after her passing should she die before V comes to an end. Keep in mind, this is pure speculation however, she has lived a long and lonely life full of sorrow and anger. It is likely she too could look toward an end at some point.

To pass on and be free from the burdens of a cruel world …