lost on venus

  • Aries: I like you because in my eyes you're cool, exciting, and new.
  • Taurus: I like you because you seem grounded, earthy, and stable.
  • Gemini: I like you because I think you're interesting and easy to talk to.
  • Cancer: I like you because you make me feel safe, comfortable, and at home.
  • Leo: I like you because I see your confidence, radiance, and creative expression.
  • Virgo: I like you because I find you healthy, kind, and perfect to my standards.
  • Libra: I like you because you are beautiful and make my heart soar into butterflies of romance.
  • Scorpio: I like you because you obsessively spark my interest and I want to know the depth of you.
  • Sagittarius: I like you because you are someone I feel like I could have fun with while we're experiencing the fullest of life together.
  • Capricorn: I like you because I see your potential and I want to show you how to grow it.
  • Aquarius: I like you because you're different, misunderstood, and open to let me explore your world.
  • Pisces: I like you because I am lost in your eyes.

Notice Mary Magdalene with her three children at the bottom of this picture, flanked by two women of the Jerusalem Church, representing the sacred feminine in the forefront of Jachin and Boaz, with dozens of masonic symbols, including the beehive, square and compass, spring of acacia, plumb, level, scythe, Jacob’s ladder, lamb, rough and smooth ashlars, point within a circle, anchor, cable-tow, ark of the covenant, lost key, past master symbol, noah’s ark, trowel, vitruvian base, venus (pentalpha/pentagram), mercury/alchemy star (star of David/Jewish star),  The Hierophant Tau Cross, mosaic pavement, three steps (degrees), the Sun, and the Divine Shekhinah in the center of the Holy of Holies, the inner chamber of Solomon’s Temple; this represents the Venus/Mercury conjunction with the Sun.  There are more symbols here, but these are just off the top of my head and what I can recognize. One of my favorite paintings, for various reasons. 

- Richard E. Gordon III 32 PHA, Knight Kadosh and Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret


“Julius Caesar is said to have been tall, fair and well built, with a rather broad face and keen, dark eyes. His health was sound, apart from sudden fainting spells and a tendency towards nightmares that troubled him towards the end of his life, but he twice had epileptic fits while on campaign.

He was something of a dandy, so that he not only kept himself carefully trimmed and shaved, but also, as some people have charged, depilated with tweezers. His baldness was a disfigurement which his enemies harped upon, much to his exasperation, but he used to comb the thin strands of hair forward from the crown of his head, and of all of the honors voted him by the Senate and People none pleased him so much as the privilege of wearing a laurel wreath on all occasions- he constantly took advantage of it.

His dress was, it seems, unusual: he had added wrist-length sleeves with fringes to his purple-striped senatorial tunic, which he wore not only belted but loosely belted at that- hence Sulla’s warning to the optimates: ‘Beware of that boy with loose clothes!’

The only charge ever brought against him regarding his sexual tastes was that he had been King Nicomedes’ bedmate… Licinius Calvus published the notorius verse:

The riches of Bithynia’s King

Who Caesar on his couch abused.

Dolabella called him ‘the Queen’s rival and inner partner of the royal bed,’ and the elder Curio ‘Nicomedes’ Bithynian brothel.’ Bibulus, Caesar’s colleague in the consulship, described him in his edict as ‘the Queen of Bithynia, who once wanted to sleep with a monarch, but now wants to be one.’ Cicero too not only wrote in several letters that ‘Caesar was led by Nicomedes’ attendants to the royal bedchamber, where he lay on a golden couch dressed in a purple robe, and so this descendant of Venus lost his virginity in Bithynia…’

Lastly, when Caesar’s own soldiers followed his decorated chariot in the Gallic triumph, chanting ribald songs, as they were privileged to do, this was one of them:

Home we bring our bald whoremonger;

Romans, lock your wives away!

All the bags of gold you lent him

Went his Gallic tarts to pay

And to emphasize the bad name Caesar had won for both easy virtue and adultery, the elder Curio refers to him in a speech as ‘every woman’s husband and every man’s wife.”

- The Twelve Caesars by Suetonius, published AD 121

problematic johnny marr

•late for gigs bc he went jogging and got lost
•forces the venue to serve only raw vegan food but eats roasted almonds backstage
•purports to be a socialist but shops at gucci
•fills ur champagne bottle with water as a prank
•angry blogposts about hemlines on skinny jeans

(thanks to @clintboon)
Too many to watch

The Vision of Escaflowne
Dance in the Vampire Bund
Towa no Quon
Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings
Red Data Girl
Eureka seven
Cowboy Bebop
Ghost in the shell
Tears to Tiara
Gun Grave
Chibi Vampire
Break Blade
Inu x Boku SS
nurarihyon no mago
Muv luv
School Rumble
Burst Angel
Heaven’s Memo Pad
Toyko majin
Tide-Line Blue
Kurokami The Animation
Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto
Arcana Famiglia
blood c
Say “I love you.
Black blood brothers
Nabari no Ou
Rozen maiden
Kamisama Dolls
Steel Angel Kurumi
When they cry
Unbreakable Machine Doll
R.O.D the TV
phi brain
Maria Holic
Good luck girl
The World That God Knows
little busters
Psyco pass
Elemental Gelade
We without wings
Last Exile
Birdy the Mighty: Decode
Kokoro Connect
Tiger bunny
Okami san
Hayate the Combat Butler
Speed Grapher
Heroic age
Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu
Is the Order a Rabbit?
Chrono crusade
puella magi madoka magica
Kamisama Kiss
Casshern Sins
Sunday Without God
Ah my goddness
ef a tale of memories
Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions!
Aquarion Evol
Knights of Sidonia
Corpse Princess
The Legend of the Legendary Heroes
Eden of the East
The Galaxy Railways
Trinity blood
Tokyo Underground
Ergo Proxy
Xam’d: Lost Memories
Innocent Venus
The Big O
Kyo Kara Maoh
Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo
From the New World
Hiiro no Kakera
Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
Eden of the East
Maoyu – Archenemy & Hero
Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne
Outbreak Company
Majestic Prince
Valkyria Chronicles
log horizon
Please twins/teacher
Kill la Kill

I have all these anime on my watch list and I dunno what to watch lmao Nearly all dubbed or going to be dubbed if anyone needs dub to watch :)

Famous, Not Because Of Youtube (3) Masterlist

part one, part two

A Massage Fit for a Size Queen - chocolatesaucelester

Summary: Dan and Phil are both popular pornstars that are famous for their own specialties: Dan for being one of the biggest size queens out there and Phil for his monster cock.

Bear - askmeaboutmyphanfics

Summary: Popular!TumblrFamous!Punk!Phil starts to have a crush on NewKid!Dan and makes secret posts about him on his blog, that Dan happens to follow.

Beautiful Boy - literallyabstract

Summary: Dan is a world-famous model who’s a young confused boy, lonely in a big city. A pizza deliveryman with a northern accent ventures to his flat accidentally and attraction occurs.

Celebrities Are Always Perfect In The Eyes Of A Fan - phantabulousfiction

Summary: Dan is a famous model and a huge fan of Phil’s who gets lost in the venue, and Phil is mistaken for a venue employee.

Celebrity Crush - kittyxuchiha11

Summary: Phil has a huge crush on the famous actor, Dan Howell. So when he gets told that he’s getting to interview Dan, he doesn’t waste a moment in time. When they finally meet, there’s a spark of chemistry.

Fallin’ - dannihowell

Summary: Dan’s quick rise to fame will be Phil’s downfall.

Hell Is Empty And All The Devil’s Are Here - unlester

Summary: All the world’s a stage, and Phil is just another set piece in Dan’s life.

I’m A Stitch Away From Making It (And A Scar Away From Falling Apart)

Summary: Dan Howell is ‘the next big thing’ and Phil Lester is not good for publicity, will the increasing fame create tensions that simply cannot be overcome?

It’s Okay If it Doesn’t Actually Rhyme, Right - cherryblossom-phil

Summary: AU based off the movie “Music and Lyrics”; Phil Lester’s a “has-been” - a jaded popstar slowly fading into obscurity. But when UK’s new princess of pop, Zoella, asks him to write her next single, Phil gets a chance at reinvention. There’s just one problem - he’s never been good at writing lyrics, just the music behind it. Enter Dan Howell, the strange young man who waters his plants and has a way with words.

Jesus Christ, That’s a Pretty Face - phansdick

Summary: Phil is a famous indie-rock singer who never shows his face on stage and Dan is a massive fan who unknowingly meets his favorite artist at the library.

On Set - amazingphilia

Summary: K-Pop!verse AU, sequel to PR Stunt written like a news report. “Main vocalist of Orange Excuse Dan Howell has travelled to Norfolk to visit his fellow member (and rumoured boyfriend/fiancé) Phil Lester, who is currently filming for his lead role in the BBC sitcom ‘52: The Jokers’.”

Sk8ter Boi - sexyassphan

Summary: Based of Avril Lavigne’s song Sk8er Boi with Pastel!Dan and punk!Phil Phil learns what love is but also how to be broken from it, Dan helps him learn both of them things. who will face the consequences.

The President’s Son - skinnyjeanshowell

Summary: Dan Howell is the President’s son, and Phil Lester is a member of the secret service who is hired to look after Dan. Dan isn’t happy about being followed around by some random guy, and Phil isn’t happy about wasting his life following a spoiled teenage brat like Dan. Things quickly change whenthey both start crushing on each other, and they spend time together.

What You’re Missing - analester

Summary: Phil is a really famous punk singer. He has taken over the world with his talent. Him and Dan used to do date but Phil’s ‘rock lifestyle’ was too much for Dan to handle so Phil chucked him. A year later, Dan’s friends got VIP tickets to a Lester concert.

You Will Be Covered In Gold - Lonewritersclub

Summary: They became famous and loved. But fame is pain sometimes and Dan never was a masochist. Phil can’t help but worry, when their vocalist turns to drugs to find an answer. // Band AU.