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Maya, Bengal cat (12 y/o), Madison Square Park, New York, NY • “She lost her leg to cancer a year ago. She’s been out on a leash her whole life but can’t wear a harness anymore without four legs.”
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Quite big - Harry Styles Imagine

Plot: Y/N is attacked by crazy fans

“New York is… kinda… big,” you whispered and automatically laughed.

You couldn’t stop yourself from saying that. It was too hilarious and became your and Louis thing. Even if you weren’t looking at Harry’s face you could imagine wrinkles on his forehead.

“It’s unbelievable. When will this joke be over?”

“Don’t know, probably never?”

He sighed, still feeling embarrassed. It was all about one stupid interview; Harry once said London was quite big for him and since then you couldn’t resist yourself.

Of course you were so thankful for Harry paying for your trip to New York. It didn’t matter he would have earned that kind of money in few hours. Or even less. You couldn’t afford it and you were sure he knew it, but never said a word about it. Deep in your heart you also knew that Harry wouldn’t have made you pay for anything; you felt bad about it ‘cause you couldn’t give him anything – this man had everything. You pushed black thoughts away. You loved each other and that was all that mattered.

“Ugh, I can’t believe I’ll hear it till the end of the days,” he laughed.

“Styles, I’m pretty sure that soon you’ll lose it again.” You mocked him again. “But that’s something I really like about you.”

You stopped and got closer to him. He pulled you into his arms; you could feel his warm breath on your cheek.

“Like about me?”

You wrapped your arms around his neck. “Yep,” you muttered.


You didn’t know how it was possible but  he pushed you even closer. It made you feel so safe, it was your whole world. Being around Harry’s arms was the greatest feeling for you. His smell, his chest, his hair tickling your face and those deep, green eyes. You could feel his heart beating and every muscles that had to work to hold you.

“Ah, Harry, love, stop it and kiss me already.”

This boy was literally driving you crazy. You reached his lips and he rubbed them against his own. Your kiss was passionate; you saw each other for the first time during one month, but it felt like you hadn’t seen each other for a thousand years. Your fingers were knotted in his hair; his hand were caressing your back. It was so hot before or was it a blood rushing in your vains? You couldn’t catch your breath so you moved away from Harry but he followed you, slowly kissing you again.

“You didn’t do much work out lately?” 

“I didn’t have anyone to work out with,” you laughed.

“We have all night to work out, Y/N,“ he suggested.

You were sightseeing all day so you assumed that evening at a hotel wouldn’t be such a waste of time. Harry missed you so much and you were sure he didn’t want to spend all day on walking. One way or another, he’ll spend next few days in a studio so you’ll get your time to see New York City.

“You know, Y/N, it’s kinda far a way, we could get a room he…”

You interrupted him. “Harry, I love you so much for that, but you’ve already paid for our apartment and you know how I feel about your money.”

Harry was such a generous person, but you didn’t want to expose him to additional costs. Instead you spent time laughing and talking on your way to the hotel. When you finally saw a building it turned out that a couple of fans were waiting for Harry.

“It will take a couple of minutes,” he assured you.

“Not a problem, I’ll go to the shop across the street, okay? I need something.”

“Don’t get lost, NY is quite big.” He made fun of himself and you couldn’t stop smiling.

When you were walking away you heard girls screaming.

Yeah, that’s my boyfriend, you thought.

You walked into a store and bought some chocolate. You really needed that and weren’t sure if Harry had something sweet in the apartments. Queue was moving slowly and when you finally paid you noticed your hair doesn’t look good. You wouldn’t bother but  there was a possibility that paps were outside the hotel so you decided to find a restroom and fix your hair style. You were so excited about the evening. It was worth waiting one month.

“Fuck,” you said when you saw yourself in a mirror.

Suddenly everything happened so fast. Two girls opened a door, glanced at you and started screaming. You didn’t realize what was happening; someone pin you to the wall and hit your face. You wanted to get away by leaving your head but you were shocked. Your head was bleeding, you could feel that but had no power to push those psychos away. Now you were lying on a floor, screaming for help, crying and desperately trying to protect your face from their kicks. You felt it all over your body, praying for help that never came. You thought you were going to die there, you couldn’t see anything.

“Help! Leave me!,” you screamed again but they laughed at you.

“Leave Harry,” one of them said.

You couldn’t focus, you just wanted to survive. There was a blood in your mouth, that taste was the last thing you remembered and then you must have blacked out.

You barely opened your eyes, every move made you hurt. You tried to find your phone, but your purse was gone. You gave up on trying, you felt nothing. You wanted to scream but couldn’t anymore. You were staring at a wall, petrified. You were so scared there were going to come back. You tried to find a place where pain was coming from but you couldn’t. You weren’t even sure what you were doing.

When someone opened a door you hid your head in your hair. You knew you wouldn’t stand another hits.

“Oh my God, Y/N, what happened here?”

You heard Harry’s voice and saw his boots and trousers. You felt relief, but  on the other hand still afraid that is not really him, but your mind playing games.

“Call 911!” He yelled at someone.

You felt his touch on your arm but you groaned and tried to move away.

“I’m so sorry, babe, I’ll never leave you again… Shhh,” he touched my hand, “It’ll be okay in just a few minutes. I’m so sorry, please, forgive me. I shouldn’t have left you alone, I’m sorry. So sorry. Are you hurt? Y/N, please, tell something! ”

You heard his voice breaking and cracking and you felt so bad. You opened one eye and saw his face full of tears; it broke you so much.

“Itt…it’s okay, Harry. I will be. As long as you are here,” you managed to whisper and closed your eyes again. You barely felt his touch on your hand and everything became silent except Harry’s voice.


Queen of the Desert is finally in US theaters. Rob contacted famed director Werner Herzog years ago, because he wanted to work with him, and Herzog thought Rob would be perfect as the young, charming T.E Lawrence. A majority of the critics agreed, and not content to rest on his leading man good looks, Rob is continuing to build his reputation as someone you can depend on when you need a strong supporting character as well.

The NY Times just reviewed the film, and they liked it and Rob’s performance: “T. E. Lawrence himself appears; he is played, in a winking turn, by Robert Pattinson, who can be seen to even better effect — in the same period — in James Gray’s coming “The Lost City of Z.” ~ NY Times

Knox, Great Dane (8 y/o), Prince & Sullivan St., New York, NY • “He lost his leg to cancer last year but is doing well now. He loves to cuddle and thinks he’s small.” @knox.dog

ok but imagine mamamoo sneaks out of their hotel today to go see the pride march imagine their gay asses covered in rainbows blending in at pride nyc

Friday, Australian Cattle Dog (13 y/o), W 10th & Bleecker St., New York, NY • “He lost his leg in an accident. He’ll walk around, pee, and then go back in the stroller.”

Lucy, Boxer (6 y/o), 79th & Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY • “She lost her ear because of a mast cell tumor. She’s a bossy clown – she’ll talk at the dinner table and if I’m sitting at the keyboard, she’ll push my hand away with her head.”


Obama lost NY to Clinton by 17%.
We have a FUCKTON of support in California and Ohio.

WE HAVE A LOT OF STATES LEFT.. And trust me, we’re ahead with those states.

SPREAD THE TRUTH! The more you learn, the more you Bern!


You know shit is heavy when even CNN is saying it   Good one to understand a bit more of brazilian politics, in english with portuguese subtitles