lost my vcard

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Lol wat I'm 18 and still havnt lost my "vCard" either. Wtf is wrong with that anon???

anon said: Don’t worry about that anon…I’m 17 too 18 soon. It doesn’t matter the age it’s your choice and if you’re waiting for the right person that’s perfectly fine 😁

anon said: To that last anon. It wasnt really funny. Maybe she didn’t want to loose it yet and it’s not cute going around telling ppl that you lost yours a 14. Like it’s okay to still be a virgin at 17. Tf

anon said: To the person that bragged about losing their vcard at 14: good for you but, you see, some people havent found someone important enough to give that part of themselves to yet. So before you mock someone bc they value themselves highly. Look in the mirror. And dont be an ass.

anon said: Ok but I just want to say. Good for you. Who cares if you haven’t lost your V card yet. I’m 21 and I haven’t lost mine. Proud of it too.  

anon said: You bitch ass, pussy ass, cock sucking dick don’t you dare come up in here and insult someone for not losing they’re vcard yet. At least someone on this planet has some respect for themselves UNLIKE YOU BITCH. (Sorry mini rant lloovveee yyyoouuuuu ❤️)

i just don’t understand how you can lose your ‘vcard’ at 14. shit i was afraid of boys looking at me then…damn. but hey, if you were comfortable losing your virginity at that age, then whatever. 

i’m proud i haven’t lost mine yet either. cringey as it sounds, i want to find the right one but rn my expectations are too high and i’m just waiting for gucci king kim taehyung to show up at my door

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I lost my vcard banging a jade harley cosplayer. Grabbed her hair and nearly pulled the wig off lmao



How I lost My Vcard 

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