lost my shit during this scene

i just imagined fjord in a potential romantic relationship with another party member and immediately lost my shit because;

  • travis “fix him” willingham reacting to the death of a romantic interest
  • 18 charisma + 14 int = suave af oneliners and pick up lines
  • 7 wisdom = mutual pining because fjord doesnt fucking realize how hot he is & could get anybody if he asked
  • no more travis makes a fish face / hides behind his tshirt during gross romantic scenes bc he’ll be the one acting 
  • how will laura react

Can we talk about just how natural it was for Dawn Allen (yes she Barry and Iris’ daughter until proven otherwise) to touch her dad.

She is going out of her way to “act like a stranger”, yet, she does the one thing, that lets us and Barry (subconsciously) know that she is connected to him.


I lost my shit during this scene. Apologies to all my neighbors who might have heard me screaming last night.

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At last!! I saw Call Me By Your Name... and I have thoughts

Well, I drove to Hollywood to see CMBYN in one of the 4 (!) theatres it’s playing in now in the US because … OF COURSE I am going to take the first opportunity I had to see this film that has had a hold on me for what seems like forever!! Rambling thoughts ahead, mostly for my own documentation/memory. (I have a terrible memory and if I don’t write some of this down I’ll have forgotten half of it by tomorrow.) Please feel free to read (or ask a question) but be warned it is going to be a spoiler-y ride! 

(I promised the lovely @ceciolla95 a long post and this is long - I tried to organize it somewhat by topic!)

**Spoilers ahead**

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Can I just say…this is a fucked up fucking thing to say to your life long friend?

What the hell man? Does Woo Seung have no value to you simply as a friend? Why do you even like her then?! This is just a low, low move and it makes me wish I had never liked your character in the first place. You catch feelings all on your own, bottle them up all on your own, and when she doesn’t reciprocate you decide it invalidates a life time friendship? My girl deserves so much better than a fake friend like you.

I’m glad Woo Seung doesn’t see you as a man, because you don’t even see her as a person.

Ji Hoon is dead to me.

My 12 year old brother* during the Wonder Woman premiere, spoilers below:
  • *makes incoherent impressed sounds during the Amazon beach scene*
  • “Aw, she’s so adorable!” @ Baby Diana.
  • “Fuck yeah!” @ Diana taking her gear from the tower.
  • *literally lost his shit laughing every time one of the boys (Steve Trevor included) opened their mouths*
  • *cheered loudly* @ Diana lifting that first tank.
  • “Aw come on! That’s not fair [for Diana]” @ Steve getting on that plane during THAT scene.
  • “This movie was so aesthetically pleasing / beautifully shot / colourful” - after we exited the theatre
  • “It was freaking awesome!” @ our father who came to see it with us, after he asked him if he liked the movie.
  • “KILL HIM” @ Diana fighting Ares.
  • *was absolutely resolute that YES he is going to watch Justice League when it comes out* when we were watching the trailer in the theatre before WW started.
  • *Sat with me through BvS the extended edition before going to the cinema* “But where is Wonder Woman?” *every 10 minutes until she showed up*

and there’s probably more I don’t remember right now.

Moral of the story: sexist fuckboys are not born that way, they’re conditioned that way. Do the world a favour, take your little / young / not-so-little boys to watch Wonder Woman.

*That same brother whose favourite character from Suicide Squad is Harley Quinn and who also until last year had a very strong preference for the M   C   U

*tap tap* Is this thing on?


Allow me to introduce myself. I’m tumblr user galahadthelate, also known as galahadthelatte, also known as Jessicat but amongst the civilian folk I’m simply known as Jessica. Londoner who is old enough to know better and be too jaded to care. 

My intro to Kingsman began on the happier days of late March 2015, I honestly didn’t give the film much thought at first. But, and I shit you not, I had a dream I went to go see the film and enjoyed it and after seeing enough hype about it on my dash I decided to give this film a go. Honestly it was one of my most memorable film going experiences (the entire audience lost their shit at the Head Pop and Circumstance scene) and I watched it it a following four times at the cinema after that. 

I fell hard for Harry hard at “there’s a reason aristocrats developed weak chins”  and I haven’t looked back since. 

Kingsman has been the one fandom that have inspired me the most creatively. I dabble in some writing here and there but I also enjoy making A Softer Kingsman strips. I’m a sucker for angst. 


 I sometimes get work as an extra (it’s surprisingly easy in London). During one of my jobs I met this lovely gentleman:

Also known as

He was super cool and sweet and gushed about Colin. I wont bore you but long story short he said “it was weird having him talk to me about the weather one minute and then stabbing someone in the face with a gun the next… acting! I guess” 

I have another friend who got to be an extra for the upcoming sequel and spoiled the ending for me. 

I love cosplaying Harry whenever I can. Be it in daily life or at cons. 

The first time I heard the ‘rent boy’ line my initial reaction was to headcanon that Harry used to be one himself, not Eggsy. And you will pry that headcanon from my cold, dead hands. 

I have a toy Harry I sometimes like to animate with

And… I honestly have nothing more of interest to tell! My ask is open, I’m always happy to shoot the shit. But don’t feel pressured to do so because god knows it’s alway daunting. I’m gonna be a bit controversial and avoid tagging people because I’m quite paranoid I’m going to miss/forget someone and I figured there’s a lot more fun people who’ve already done a way better job than me. Although @hellahartwin definitely gets a mention because, guys… she’s just cool and is incredibly creative and a good soul, all round. 

So Hail Satan and peace out!

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You know what we may not have got a lot of him during S2, but I fucking love how Shamier portrayed Dolls and I think he deserves some serious praise. My man is so in love and you can see it throughout the whole season how much he loves wynonna. He would do anything for her, even in that AU his portrayal of how lost Dolls was without wynonna and his last words being her name with that single tear. Shit man it was so beautiful seeing those scenes and I have hope that we'll get more in S3.

I 100% AGREE

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for the ask: how did you start shipping lizzington

i didn’t really ship them at first. i appreciated the scorched earth approach he took towards her (see: wujing, stewmaker, luther braxton)

i didn’t romantically ship them until he said her name right before he thought he was going to die. that some romantic ass shit right there. like htf are they gonna write this and it not be romantic as shit.  wtf. 

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I was laughing during the sex scene but then I realized that it's actually just Owen with a camera and I lost my shit

IT WAS SO INCREDIBLY… AWKWARD. i didn’t find it sexy at all, but i admire his ability to not just totally balk at that stuff (however, from my film class i remember hearing that the set is made as comfortable as possible, and i think jodie is generally a very easygoing director who works to make the actors feel as comfortable as possible in their environment.)

I watched Bay Window 10 hours ago but I'm still having emotions so here's some stray thoughts bc my life got consumed by a fucking sitcom on Disney channel
  • I honestly have not stopped laughing about Lucas freaking out at him looking the same in his baby photos omfg
  • The return of Cory Matthew’s obnoxious yellow hoodie God Bless America
  • Now, as riarkle af as I am, I am always lowkey crying about rilaya. And I just. Riley and Maya, ages 7 - 20something in this episode, were the gayest they’ve ever been, like so gay it fucking cleared my skin.
  • (I’m not fucking kidding I clicked the link with my face looking as usual and when I turned off my computer, my skin was almost fucking clear. This is the best my skin has looked in months. I am honestly so fucking confused especially since I’m approaching my period so if anything I should be breaking out???? Riley and Maya’s homosexual love honestly cleared my skin there is no other logical answer here)
  • Topanga going on about how you get “used to comfortable” was really interesting. I can’t remember the exact wording atm but it gave me a lot of riarkle vibes and also threw me back to her and Cory’s first breakup. Where, ya know, they broke up because they were too comfortable together/nothing felt new. I need to rewatch that little speech tho bc it was interesting.
  • Okay I’m sorry but Lucas starring at his phone in confusion and mild horror going “Guys something is wrong” I’m dying
  • Like I love Lucas in situations like that but just everything else they do with him is like. Stop. Pls.
  • “You are both very special to me in…whatever ways you will eventually tell me” I honestly groaned so loud I woke up a bird sleeping in the tree next to my window. The bird was not amused and neither was I.
  • Farkle meeting the girls was so freaking adorable I can’t even begin but if Riley didn’t already know him why was he at a costume party in her apartment??
  • I got really weirded out when I realized “Baby Riley, Baby Maya and Baby Farkle” where all. Like. Around the same age I was when I first started watching Boy Meets World/when BMW ended. Like one of my first vivid memories in general is I was like maybe 4 and sitting on the floor in front of the tv, and Cory had a job as a telemarketer or something??? And he’s fighting with a costumer on the phone and goes “I’m bringing in the WIFE.” and Topanga made the sale. And now I’m a gross legal adult and watching a show about their kids. Yikes. Just fuck me up.
  • The little shout out to Mrs. Swavorski was nice.
  • They messed up their timelines again though because this had Maya saying her dad left when she was 7. But in GM Forgiveness they said he left when she was 5. Not that big of a deal but I like to nitpick.
  • Lil’ Farkle wearing a turtlenecks because he was scared of Vampires but then dressing up as Dracula because “My brain is very fancy” had me on the floor omfg. That was so cute and also like I’m 90% sure I did something similar at that age so this just further confirms that Farkle Minkus is My Son.
  • *Topanga, in labor, frantically honking the car horn* “YEAH, YEAH, WE ALL GOT THINGS HAPPENING.”
  • C O R Y like listen that scene was the closest we’ve gotten to Vintage Cory Matthews in a while and I’m LIVING
  • Farkle getting all embarrassed when the girls appreciated his glo up game awww
  • Riley telling Maya she’s her safe place and Maya holding up her hand to show off her ring and saying “And I’m yours”. How…heterosexual…
  • yeah, sure
  • Adult Maya getting her art showcased in SoHo!!! Yaaass bitch!!!!
  • Baby Maya literally just climbing into a stranger’s apartment because she liked the room decorations and heard a pretty girl singing omfg I could go on for hours.
  • Like I want to see what Cory’s reaction to eventually finding her there would’ve been you feel me?? I can just see him walking in and getting confused about the random little girl and Maya just tries to convince him she’s a ghost or something omggggg
  • “Whatever you want”, said softly with a loving smile.
  • So hetero
  • How does Farkle even get his hair like that
  • They joked about Riley almost drowning while bobbing for apples but fun fact in 3rd grade I had a Birthday/Halloween party and we had a tub set up out in my back yard and this one girl Kerry stuck her head in the water and deadass no lie a brick fucking fell on her head and she almost drowned and had to go home. So, the question is, why wasn’t overprotective Papa Bear Cory Matthews obsessively chaperoning the game when he knew how accident prone his 6 year old daughter was?
  • But Farkle saved her life like the prince she was dreaming of so I guess I ain’t even mad.
  • Okay it made for a cute episode and I get why Maya was upset, I do, but…Riley should not have to ask for Maya’s permission to redecorate her room??? It’s seemingly little things like this that make it hard for me to figure out whether or not I actually like Maya ugh
  • Why does Topanga’s hair appear to be a different length in every episode?
  • I like how they just walked in on their daughter and her friends tearing down wall paper and throwing everything out and even though they apparently had no heads up on this, C+T were just like “I'ght.”
  • As much as I don’t care about Lucaya, that “Giddy up, Huckleberry!” part was super adorable.
  • “Have some dignity, Riley!”
  • Can someone with actual talent make a gif of Baby Maya saying that and Riley yelling that when Maya jumped on Josh’s back orrrrr
  • Honestly everything that came out of Baby Maya’s mouth made me go “awww” like that kid was so good omg
  • I almost cried during the last scene and I’m kinda mad at myself tbh
  • Idk what else to say like I have more thoughts but I think this is my 40th bullet point so I’m wrapping this shit up rn. Overall, great episode. I’m still lowkey emotional. Honestly send help.