lost my poster

met the high rollers at mcm london and saw the high rollers live show last weekend, was amazing to meet everyone, the live show was brilliant and loved talking to the gang and sharing my art of the party with them which they all kindly signed, had a great time but sadly lost my high rollers poster over the weekend, leaving it at one of the stalls and when i returned it was gone, was devastated when i couldnt find it  :(


Super Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, stop messing around with my feelings


So uh this is super late and all but I just wanted to put up some stuff so I can remember a few things from this RTX

4) I met Dan, my favorite creature! (They’re all great and i love them all ofc) The first time I saw him he caught me creeping on him with a picture of him and the other creatures at the Game on! panel. The first time we met I just asked him to sign the poster I’d just bought at their booth. The second time we met I asked him for a hug and to sign a shirt I also bought just then at the booth. Third time we met was at the signing so I had a bit of time with him. I asked him to doodle something on the back of my poster since he and Jordan had already signed it.
He was very much willing and immediately after I got a second hug from the lovable oaf!