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Marcus Agrippa’s Pantheon

Nothing can prepare you for it.
I’d seen the pictures, the dome and the point,
the perfection of the deep-graven letters.

But, lost on a November day, turning
through streets that look the same,
passing ancient  ruins at every turn,

I followed the map towards it. Giving up,
on an open square, tourist-full, I turned.
And saw. Did I gasp? Did I fall? My heart did.

I nearly died, seeing the ancient boast,
Marcus Agrippa, the consul, made me.

His monument is there. The letters are deep,
perfectly cut; the solid dome defies the centuries.
I did not think, then, “you must change your life.”

I gave thanks to everything that had brought me there:
to the gray sky of a November day, to the tax return
that let me cross the Atlantic, to being lost,

to my inability to follow simple directions, to solitude:
to everything that let me stand there, bowled over
by the feather-light touch of two thousand years.


“I have a great love and respect for children of all ages and conditions, I’m always happy when I see the joy on the innocent and smiling faces of the kids . All their enjoyment of childhood, I passed through himself.“

It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.
—  Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
Ok, but consider this

Be More Chill, the sequel, featuring a Squip redemption arch. The Squip feels like a douche (which he is) and attempts to repent by being Jeremy’s wingman. He forces Jeremy to come to terms with the fact that he is head over heels for Micheal, and Squip helps Jeremy woo the jeans off his Boyf riend.

“Lost in Thought”Regina Follow Forever: Part 1

YAY! My FIRST Follow Forever and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to share one of the things many of you are probably following me for! I didn’t start this blog off as a OUAT blog, but once I did, I met, through here, a bunch of amazing, talented people whom I’m proud to associate with.

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To my followers, both mutual and not, thanks for putting up with my blog and to all the people I follow, I love you guys and you make this world a little brighter! 

(sorry this took so long lol)

Someday My Easy Bake Oven Will Come

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Someday, someone is going to look at you with a light in their eyes you’ve never seen, they’ll look at you like you’re everything they’ve been looking for their entire lives. Wait for it.
  • SCP Tumblr fandom/mainsite coldposters: all the skips hang out in the site cafeteria together and are all buddies!! the coolest skips who are also people get to wander around the site freely because they're cool like that and because they're people. sometimes the foundation loves the skips so much that they let them be agents too because it's fun to have an anomalous buddy on your side right!! the foundation is nice people so they let the D-classes get promoted to staff when they don't fuck up for a month or if they get too sad because they're D-class and that's a depressing job. the foundation is full of tender loving souls who just want to be at peace with everyone and everyone lives in one big happy site where all the sapient skips conveniently live on the literal same hallway together!! so close! everyone is love and happiness and good and pure smol souls. the foundation and the goc are getting married next week and im going to the wedding
  • me: uuuuummmmmmmm that doesn't really sound canonically-
  • Canon-conforming SCP Wiki User(TM) who's Been Around a While(R), interjecting: That's highly illogical. No one lets SCP objects wander around the site; that defeats the entire point of containment. The Foundation is a harsh organization with literally no respect for human rights whatsoever and it is impossible for even one single Foundation employee to be anything other than a heartless slab of gray concrete shaped vaguely like a human being. One time a Foundation agent tried to process an emotional thought and literally just imploded. Human SCP objects have 0.00 human rights left and are likely incapable of conscious thought whatsoever due to the way they're treated. All they do is sit in a box with no books, television, computers, or games (that'd be unclinical) and hate themselves. The Foundation regularly tortures D-classes just for the hell of it because they're cold, heartless assholes. Human skips are subjected to unethical testing procedures literally 749867598 hours a day and absolutely no one cares because feelings don't exist. The world has already ended four times over and SCP-2000 rebooted it. Every time the world reboots the color drains from it and soon everything on Earth will be gray like the Foundation's morals. There is no hope. Put this through the draft forums next time
  • me: look, can we just,