lost mourning day

We mourn and love for them, the lost

Our day of mourning is tomorrow; this community remembers these forgotten children. The silent – the seemingly non-verbal – but also flapping and hopping.

We lost them. 

These little ones no one understood. The ones who were so afraid. 

We remind them they were loved, are loved. We read their names aloud. Children of the spectrum. The slower processing. The sweet and clever. 

Those we never understood. We see their stories and rock ourselves to sleep.

We remember – today, from now on. They live with us – as we mourn and love and live on. Filling voices where there was once horror and silence.

 Love lives here with us. Our memories, their stories collected and recalled in community memory. We speak – not for them – but with them. 

We love enough. For them and for us. Known and loved, because of, not in spite of ourselves.