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Trini definitely sucker punch him for that later

Things John Teaches Rosie
  • All the words to “Love Me Do” by the Beatles
  • How to break free if your wrists are zip-tied
  • Which kind of plaster is best for scraped knees
  • What to do to cheer up a sulking Consulting Detective: “Loud, silly, smacking kisses work best but if all else fails? Try tickling his toes.”
  • The difference between a Browning and a Walther pistol
  • How to properly introduce yourself with a firm handshake
  • Where to find help if you’re lost in London (aka CCTV camera locations) 
  • How to tell if it’s Uncle Mycroft or Greg coming up the stairs
  • The names of all the actors who’ve played James Bond: “Roger Moore was the best Bond, Rosie-bee, no matter what Papa may say about Daniel Craig.” 
  • Which brands of tea are best for everyday and special occasions
  • How to make risotto (peas optional) 
  • What tags to use when blogging about her day: #school #crime scene #Hudders bakes #I love Papa #obviously

We know Dimitri has an office near the top of the Towering Pagoda:

But notice how there appears to be an even larger office above his that isn’t accessible in the game:

And who might that belong to?


remus lupin aesthetic

❝you can exist without your soul, you know, as long as your brain and heart are still working.❞

you’re 25 and your home smells like you don’t quite know what you want out of life. you’re 25 and you’re saying, “i’m fine” to no one in particular, because there’s no one around to ask. you’re 25 and you’ve spent half your life listening to your own pulse, making sure you were still alive. you’re 25, but you don’t feel 25, you feel 105, you feel stuck and lost at the same time; you feel trapped, but also petrified, because the thought of freedom scares you. you’re 25 and it feels like the world has moved on five years ago; it feels like you’re arriving at the party that’s been over for a while, everyone’s gone and it’s all stale pizza and leftover cheap wine, and 90s music that you feel like you should know, but you don’t. you’re 25 and everyone’s talking about a quarter-life crisis and you think that maybe, you know how it feels - it tastes like microwaved food past the expiry date, and smells of bleach and mould; it sounds like sunday phone calls and pretending that this is the life you want; it feels like the anxiety of rent that is too high, and a job that feels like a noose around your neck, because you’re becoming the person you hate. you’re 25 and you’re not having fun. you’re 25 and you feel guilty, you feel wrong, you feel like you don’t belong; because this is not what 25 is supposed to feel like - it’s meant to be all sunrises by the ocean and drinking without hangovers and laughing from your belly and kissing boys who don’t make your hands tremble. you’re 25; this is your life and it feels like you’re doing it wrong. you’re 25, you’re scared, and you are lost. you are 25; you’re not alone.
—  marina v., the quarter-life crisis. 

Professor Layton Locations | Future London

Beneath a stagnant yellow sky lays a city that claims to be the London of the future. While many features remain recognizable, the atmosphere is strangely different from the London Layton and Luke left behind when they first entered the clock shop on Midland Road. Giant cogs, running wires, and steaming pipes provide an industrial feel, like a giant machine in motion. Spires pierce the ether, but even these fall short of a dark, towering pagoda that stands at the edge of the city’s Chinatown. Across the Thames, an enormous facility and single lighthouse­—all strongholds of the city’s darkest secrets. From sunlit arcades, to narrow, seedy allies, it is a sprawling metropolis both familiar and alien.

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