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Bill Skarsgård x Reader Imagine

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Prompt: Reader went with friends to visit Hollywood only to end up lost A.F. Until someone who you would never expect to be Bill Skarsgård! Comes and helps you.

Warning: None

Note: I noticed there is like no Bill Skarsgård x Reader imagines on Tumblr (not including his characters). Well there’s maybe like 2 or 3 but I wanted to add one of my own cuz I’m fan girl trash. But you can come join the fan trash party! I have serious issues XD! And thus this fanfic was born! Go ahead and read my fellow trash friends! ;3!

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Come to Hollywood, they said.

It would be fun, they said.

You’ll meet a lot of awesome celebrities, they lied!

You were basically screwed over right now. You and your bestest friends decided to go on a trip to Hollywood, the plane ride wasn’t the smoothest ride ever but as soon as you saw the Hollywood sign you knew you were gonna have fun.


You were so f'ing lost. 

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Please pray for Santa Rosa, California and all cities affected by the Tubbs Fire.

Santa Rosa is where I was born and have spent all 17 years of my life here. This place is all I know. It was immensly scary how much happened. The skies turned black immensely fast and the moon turned red. Everywhere you look you could see a bright orange glow. And you never knew when youd have to leave or how close the fires could be spreading. Theres over 175,000 people in this area and nearly everyone was forced to evacuate. It is a very sad day as most of my friends have completely lost their house and have no where to go. We have also lost our landmark the Round Barn, which can be traced back to the founding of Santa Rosa.

It started late last night and spread over 20,000 + acres of land.

So far there are 10 confirmed deaths and over 150,000 + homes completely lost.

The 2 major hospitals in the area had to be evacuated and firefighters from all over California, as well as surrounding states have come to help.

The fire is 0% contained and could jump and start more anytime.

All of these seperate fires were spread by 50 + mph dry winds. It created around 20 + seperate fires that kept spreading.

Entire blocks, mobile home parks, and stores have been completely wiped out.

Please pray for all 3 counties affected by this fire.

Aside - Bellamy Blake Imagine

A/N: There will be a part 2 to this as requested x

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Bellamy Blake x Reader

Word Count: 1,045

Warnings: none ??

“You just let skaikru waltz right in? Without even considering the circumstantial consequences? Pandora, seriously?” You spoke angrily. You knew Pandora, your second in command, was just thinking on her feet, doing what’s right.

“I was unaware of your reaction. It’s just we take most people in I didn’t see the problem in-” You cut her off there. “No,” you began to apologise, “I’m sorry, it was wrong of me to go off like that. You know the history.” Pandora was your best friend, even though she was your second.

“I know, but the storm was setting in, it seemed like the midst of a cyclone. I couldn’t leave them out there.” You nodded. “Let’s just hope it’s not anyone I can remember.” You make your way to the dining hall, which was evacuated due to the presence of outsiders.

The grand doors opened, there was a silence. You looked to the five individuals standing in front of them. Your heart leapt at the site of one, an old acquaintance, Clarke. The rest were unknown to you. Hopefully she didn’t recognise you.

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Part 1 / Part 2

AU where Gray is an explorer in the far north and he is caught in a snowstorm. He has lost his landmarks and he doesn’t know which way to go, when he hears a voice that leads him trough the blizzard : it’s Juvia, a membrer of a north tribe, who is singing a sad song.

Pennsylvania Gothic

There are cities, but you only ever seem to get to them by train or by accident.

People who have lived in the cities are scared of them, but you never seem to have a problem.  Maybe the sacrifices work.

Unless you have been to a place about ten times, it is remarkably easy to get lost.  All the landmarks look the same.  Often you only realize you’ve lost your way when you hit a highway.

Deer cross your yard, and then the street.  No matter how many there are, you have never heard their footsteps.

Birds fly into the windows at least twice a week.  They used to only hit the picture window, but recently they will slam into any pane they can find.  They’ve stopped pretending they can’t see the glass.

More housing developments spring up.  You suppose people live in them, but you’ve never met any–and meanwhile all of the supermarkets are closing.

You have to be careful around potholes at night.  Some people have lost wheels– and others have never been seen again.  There are potholes that look like something just clawed its way out and some that seem to have no bottom.

Every once in a while the air just smells like sulfur.


power rangers morphing calls

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Part 1 / Part 2

AU where Gray is an explorer in the far north and he is caught in a snowstorm. He has lost his landmarks and he doesn’t know which way to go, when he hears a voice that leads him trough the blizzard : it’s Juvia, a membrer of a north tribe, who is singing a sad song.

Rare Silent Film With Black Cast Makes A Century-Late Debut


A rare, untitled 1913 silent film is the subject of a new exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The exhibit, 100 Years In Post-Production: Resurrecting A Lost Landmark of Black Film History, tells the story behind the silent film’s production.

The film features Bert Williams, one of the era’s famed black entertainers and the first black Broadway star. He performed in blackface on the stage, and does the same in this film, a romantic comedy with a large black cast of actors.

The movie was never produced in its time; its seven reels of negatives were locked away by the Biograph film studio. The Museum of Modern Art claimed the reels in 1938 as part of its founding film collections. The negatives were inside a cache of 900 film canisters donated by Biograph when it closed and donated its vaults, and MOMA made the first print from the film in 1976.

Bert Williams: Lime Kiln Field Day Project, starring Odessa Warren Grey and Bert Williams, was never released — or even titled — back when it was shot in 1913, starring Odessa Warren Grey and Bert Williams, was never released — or even titled — back when it was shot in 1913.

The museum gave the orphan movie a working title — Bert Williams: Lime Kiln Field Day — for the exhibit and November screening, when it will be shown as part of the museum’s annual festival of film preservation.

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San Francisco: Abe Warner’s Cobweb Palace. C.1890s.

Abe Warner opened his Cobweb Palace at the foot of Meigg’s Wharf on the northeast corner of Francisco and Powell Streets in 1856. His establishment earned its name by the curtains of cobwebs hanging from the rafters. Abe admired both spiders and their webs. Crowds gathered at Abe’s tavern to view his extensive collection of oddities. 

The Cobweb Palace displayed scrimshaw carved from sperm whale teeth and walrus tusks. Totem poles from Alaska adorned the entryway. Wonders from the Orient included Japanese No masks. War clubs and the like from the South Pacific and taxidermy of all sorts joined the collection.

Abe’s live menagerie included trained parrots, monkeys, and various small animals as well as the occasional bear and kangaroo. One parrot named Warner Grandfather often spouted, “I’ll have a rum and gum. What’ll you have?” He swore in four languages and enjoyed the freedom of the saloon.

An old crippled sailor sat outside Abe’s bar selling peanuts to young couples and children. Meant for tourists, the peanuts often found their way from little hands into the mouths of the parrots and monkeys. All manner of food and leftovers fed the bears. Abe spent almost nothing feeding his animals. 

A visit to Meigg’s Wharf offered a day of excitement. More than just a hangout for sailors and sea captains, Meigg’s Wharf and the Cobweb Palace exuded a carnival atmosphere. On any Sunday, young couples and families strolled on the wharf, taking in the sights, visiting the shops, testing their skill at the shooting gallery, and sampling Abe’s free chowder. The Palace offered a new experience for the locals and tourists: pier- side dining. The Dungeness crabs were sweet, succulent, and sure to please. Customers dined on simple fare of cracked crab, clam chowder, mussels, and an excellent local French bread. 

Abe had a fancy for tawdry paintings of nudes, and reputedly collected over a thousand. Dust and cobwebs obscured most of those hung on the walls. He was a tidy man, well groomed and of good reputation, the cleanliness of his bar notwithstanding. Abe held court over all from his usual position behind the bar. Though the drink of choice at Abe’s was a hot toddy made of whisky and gin boiled with cloves, he also served the finest liquors and brandies from France. 

Abe Warner retired in 1897 at the age of 80. By then, the state of Meigg’s Wharf reflected a serious decline in business. The shipping trade returned to the piers by the new Ferry Building where the wide Embarcadero Road and new rail lines could quickly dispatch goods. 

A breakwater surrounded Meigg’s Wharf in the late nineteenth century, and the later landfill to that breakwater put the location of Abe’s Cobweb Palace inland. That location, 2200 Powell Street, now houses a U.S. Post Office branch, over four blocks from the Embarcadero and the Bay. 

From: James R. Smith, San Francisco’s Lost Landmarks, Word Dancer Press, Sanger, CA © 2005, 2007