lost in your criminalmind

xinhaleredveinsx  asked:

I sent in a Drabble the first Sunday you did this but I don't think you got it soooo "fuck the statistics" I used it one of my stories and I love it

Your back hit the wall in the middle of the evidence room as Spencer’s hands tangled in your hair. Boxes of evidence were scattered on the floor after you had hit them repeatedly on your way towards the back of the room. 

The air was hot as Spencer’s lips ravaged yours with vigor and passion. Your hands locked behind his neck, pulling him in closer as his own hands groped underneath your shirt. His tongue pushed past your lips to roam in your mouth, moans escaping both of you. 

He pulled away breathlessly for a second to give you a chance to reconsider what you were about to do.

“You know, statistically relationships that start in the workplace-”

“Fuck the statistics,” you growled as you pulled him back to you. Spencer grinned against your lips, his mind lost in your touch.