lost in universe

I looked at you as if you held the secrets to the ineffability of the universe. I could feel the essence of you in the deepest recesses of my soul, cutting into my bones, seeping into my mind. I wanted all of you. I wanted your mind, body, and oh God, I wanted to hold a piece of your soul. When I closed my eyes and set my wishes adrift, the whispers of my desires faded into the night sky. My wishes went unanswered. The secrets of the universe remained secrets.
—  I wanted too much

Here comes a thought

Possibly one of my favorite Steven Universe song to date. What a brilliant message.


“Ugh….Quark! Do something to cheer him up! Sing or something?!”

“Yes my Council!”

Any tiny/microscope bots like Quark, Trepan, Rung, Perceptor and even Clicker can be viewed like Pearls in the Functionalist era since they look physically weak, aren’t that threatening and they fit in the socially acceptable class.  

Hey, folks. I know this is a super long shot but a package my fiancee @undeadchestnut sent me from Germany had to be repackaged by USPS and they lost a painting in the process (this is the sketch the painting itself is based on). I’ll be contacting the USPS recovery center, but on the off chance one of you out there may have gotten it, could you please let me know? I’d really like to try and recover it. Please boost if you don’t mind. I’d appreciate it.

Also, if someone out there was supposed to get a copy of “Study Smarts: How to Learn More In Less Time”, I have it. :/


So I’ve written a thing based on and inspired by @charminglyantiquated‘s fantastic Elsewhere University. Seriously check it out, they are an amazing artist and a wonderful person!

This is a very badly written Intro story about my OC Ash going to Elsewhere U.
Warning: it’s long, rambly and riddled with errors, hope you enjoy!

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