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Hi, would you be able to find the fic where stiles and his daughter or son take in wolf Derek thinking he's a dog please it's really bugging me that I can't find it usually I just type it in google and it comes up but it won't 🙁

I know this one!!  (Love this fic)  Here you go -Emmy

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Suspicious Minds by HaleHole (SweetFanfics) 

(40,105 I Explicit I Complete)

“Don’t feed Balto your pizza,” Stiles mildly warns his daughter.


Stiles pauses, mouth open and cheese sliding off the pizza as he parrots, “Derek? Who’s Derek?”

His daughter rolls her eyes, like Stiles has just asked her the dumbest question ever. “The wolf, Daddy!”

“You changed his name?” Stiles asks in surprise. Usually she’s pretty set about naming things. Her doll’s name was decided two seconds after receiving it, the car has been Alonzo for three years now, and the toaster ‘Pop’ for the last six months.

Meg nods, prodding the sliding cheese back on top of her slice. “Yeah. He told me his name is Derek. And that he doesn’t really like Balto.”

“Is that right?” he asks, eyeing the wolf who seems far too interested in watching a pair of animated moose arguing. It’s official. This wolf is weird. This whole situation is weird.

Separated from Laura after being cornered by some hunters, an injured Derek finds himself being rescued by Stiles and his young daughter. In more than one way.

We held a writing evening for the four DMs in our group, and it was great fun. To set up, we each wrote 3-5 suggestions for each of the boxes labelled

  • Everything was fine until…
  • And that’s why we have to…
  • At the…
  • And also…

We then each drew a slip of paper from each box and had to write an adventure based on the prompts. We also drew a sample set before we started writing, and this is the random adventure prompt we came up with:

Everything was fine until the king decided to kill every child in the land. And that’s why we have to find the lost prince at the university of broken dreams. And also, the party will be shrunk to Tiny size in the first encounter.

The more people you have playing the better, since that will make for a greater variety of imaginations and styles. We highly recommend this as an activity, as it generates adventure ideas you’d never come up with on your own while just sitting at your computer. We made an evening out of it with snacks and drinks, and did the activity twice over. It was heaps of fun and we all suddenly have tons of exciting content to run over the next year or two.

I looked at you as if you held the secrets to the ineffability of the universe. I could feel the essence of you in the deepest recesses of my soul, cutting into my bones, seeping into my mind. I wanted all of you. I wanted your mind, body, and oh God, I wanted to hold a piece of your soul. When I closed my eyes and set my wishes adrift, the whispers of my desires faded into the night sky. My wishes went unanswered. The secrets of the universe remained secrets.
—  I wanted too much

how many people have talked about that scene after Steven brings Lars back to life and he’s like “I’m sorry it was an accident and I didn’t ask your permission” because like I’m gonna fucking cry, the boy literally resurrected a dead person and one of the first things he does is apologize because he didn’t have consent like ajsjshdjdjjf I cannot begin to stress just how much I fucking adore this show and how it keeps avidly pointing out how important it is to have someone’s consent before you do anything to their body (even if it’s reviving them like???)

god, I can’t tell you how great this shit is

Here comes a thought

Possibly one of my favorite Steven Universe song to date. What a brilliant message.