lost in trance

pisces can hear music and sound undetectable by others, it gives these people a great appreciation for art and literature, so much that they can become lost in bewildered trance to the creative drenching. pisces are a swirl of change, a mixture of tears, fantasies, glamor, confusion, and sea salt

Imagine Dean finally realizing his feelings for you, as you walk toward him laughing with Sam.

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As he watched you, your body slightly swaying back and forth as you strode across the parking lot, Dean was lost in your trance. 

And suddenly he realized he was falling for you. 

“Shit…” He mumbled to himself. 

.Thigh Riding Blurb. 2.0


You would already be in his lap, straddling his knee as your fingers tangled in his hair, lips moving together. The kiss was intense and hot, taking turns nipping at one another’s bottom lips. You had surrendered dominance long ago, letting his tongue roam over yours. Neither of you noticed how or when your friends had left the room, too caught up in your own little world to let them interrupt. You would assume it was when you were pulled into his lap, maybe when his lips started to teased at the skin of your neck. It was a habit, the pair of you getting lost in some sort of trance.

His large hands rubbed over your hips, slipping them under the shirt you were wearing. They were warm against your skin. Fingertips dug into your sides as he tugged you closer to him, dragging you over his thigh. You whined against his lips as you rubbed against him, arousal pulsing at your core. He, of course, took quick notice to the pleasure he had caused. A playful smirk formed on his lips as he gripped your hips once again. He guided your body to grind against him, head tilting back ever so slightly just to get a look at the satisfaction that showed on your face. The way your eyes remained shut, how your mouth hung open as you breathed.

You gained control over your body, letting yourself ride against his dark jeans. The sounds of fabric rubbing and your breath filled the silence that lingered around the room.

Needing a way to occupy himself, his lips would find your neck once again, leaving sloppy kisses over your skin. The setting would be risky, and the knowing that someone could enter the common room at any minute. It fed your arousal. But, at the sound of the portrait door sliding against the ground with footsteps quickly following, panic struck you both. You sat up straight and his head rolled back against the cushion, watching as the small group of second years took a seat across the room.

“Upstairs.” He would murmur as you carefully crawled off of his lap. His hand found yours as you both disappeared up the stairwell.

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You were flustered enough by sitting across from him, but knowing he was staring, you couldn’t help but blush and fumble over your words.

Your palms were sweaty and your stomach fluttered every time your eyes Met.

“T-thank you for taking the time to answer some questions.” You exhaled.

He flashed a soft smile, leaning on his elbow. “Of course, love. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have met you.”

His words caused shivers to cover you and your breath escaped you. Was this really happening? Or was this all in your head?

You absentmindedly bit on your lower lip, as you were lost in his trance.

“Harry, we have to get you ready. The show starts in a few hours.” His manager spewed out, snapping you both out of your daze.

You cleared your throat, as you held your paperwork close to your chest, and started to the door.

“Y/N!” Harry yelled.

Turning on your heels, you watched him sprint toward you.

“Leaving so soon?” He smiled, catching his breath.

You nodded, pushing the strand of hair behind your ear. “Y-yea. I’ve got everything I need.” You smirked. Feeling the warmth radiate off your body.

He looked at you for a moment as if he were searching for something. “Do you want to get some food after?” He asked, shoving his hands deep into his pockets.

You swallowed hard, as your eyes grew wide.

“Harry! We need to rehearse.” Niall exclaimed.

“Okay. Be right there.” He stated, returning his gaze back to you. “I have to go. But I’m not ready to say goodbye to you yet.”

You felt your stomach flutter as you couldn’t believe what was happening. “I’m not either.” You whispered.

His smile grew and his eyes glistened. “Great! It’s a date.”


If you could look through my eyes, it would be really easy to explain how I feel about you. You would notice that my eyes see beyond your physical features and starts having a staring contest with your soul. I am naturally drawn to your personality and I can’t help, but to gaze at your inner qualities. Your caring nature, strong will, and selfless behavior, leaves me star struck. When I’m around you, your aura keeps me warm. Your presence alone feels just as good as wearing a cozy sweater on a slightly chilly day. When you speak, I let your words repeat in my head like the melody from a catchy song. My ears long for the stories about your day like a plant needs water to survive. You have me lost in your trance without even attempting to draw my interest. I guess that’s what I love most about you, the fact that you bring so much joy to those around you, when all you’re really doing is just being yourself. I wish you weren’t so oblivious to the impact you have to those around you, because then you would be able to see exactly what I see when I look at you. Maybe it’s not about you being more aware of your impact, but instead, me just being upfront and telling you how you make me feel. Knowing me, I probably won’t say a thing. However, whenever you catch me staring at you, the look on my face should say it all.

what if there was an extremely spooky clan of wind dragons that knew the ins and outs of sound, and used this sound for their own purposes?

what if they positioned bamboo and assorted other objects in such ways that when the wind blowed just right, the most elegant songs and choruses would bloom from seemingly nowhere?

what if the other clans in the area would wander into their territory in search of the music, but it came from everywhere and nowhere at the same time, so they would wander in circles for eternity, getting lost on the way back home?

what if the other other clans would come to look for the lost, but became lost themselves, finding themselves surrounded by mysterious dragons and their powerful melodies?

what if the lost ones fell into a trance, powered by song and kept so by the intense rhythms locked in their minds?

what if the lost ones were made to protect the mysteries, trapped forever in the music-based stupor, running off former family and friends?

and what if the lost in music could never be brought back?

Thor: Banishment (Part III of III)


I growled against his lips as he bit down hard on my bottom one causing it to draw some blood. It was as if time had stood still from the time we last did this. I can feel Thor’s arms rub up and down my back as if remembering as I was. So lost in my trance I did not hear the incoming footsteps.

A voice cleared from behind Thor. “Sorry to interrupt your highness but your father would like to speak to you.” The guard said as Thor moved away from my body and set my feet onto the ground. He briefly rested his forehead against mine before turning to address the guard.

“I see…” He says before briefly glancing at me over his shoulder. “Escort Lady Y/L/N to my chambers.” He says before turning around to give me a brief once over. “I will be back soon.” He says with a look that says he was debating something.

I nod refusing to argue with him in front of the guard who had caught us attempting to rip each other’s clothes off. The guard nodded at me before moving to lead the way back to Thor’s chambers. I felt like an idiot as I watched Thor walk back off towards the throne room to meet with his father.

I had a life that did not include war, death, and mayhem. If I allowed myself to stay I would inevitably be sucked into the life that I was banished from again. I inwardly face palmed. I should have known better than to let my guard down and let my emotions have free rein.

That was a terrible lapse of judgment. I was no longer a child. I knew better than to attempt anything like that in public. Besides that, he had Jane, who seemed to be better for him than I was. I followed him as I watched the guard who seemed to be taking that display a lot better than I was.

I needed to stop worrying about my little incident and think back to being trapped here again. I told Thor I was not planning on staying yet he thinks to bend me to his will like he once did. I sighed; this was not who I was, nor who I wanted to be anymore. More importantly the meeting with Odin raised a few flags. Like, what was with the odd way Odin had acted earlier? Or why Thor was summoned back? Why didn’t Odin want to seek out answers?

I watched as the guard paused as we ran into a few others. “We are needed.”

The taller of the two guards said to my escort. “I ha-“

I forced a sweet smile, one I used to wear when I was here. “Don’t worry about it. I am sure that Thor will understand. Besides, I know my way.” I say heading in the direction of Thor’s room.

I made sure that my pace was slow as I waited for them to round the corner and head out of sight. I turned and headed down the narrow corridor I once knew so well. I smiled sadly remembering all the times Loki and I would use the little hiding place to spy on Odin’s councils or to eavesdrop when Thor had done something stupid.

I laughed as I made it to the small alcove that was hidden. How many people passed this not realizing that it was not just a piece of showmanship but a secret passage to the throne room side wall? I smiled remembering Loki. I move silently within the passage until I see the wall and gently push it open. Upon opening the door and staying in the shadows as not to be made I noticed that the Warriors Three, Sif and Thor were all summoned back.

“What else can you share?” Odin asked adjusting himself into an odd sitting position.

In all the years that I have known Odin I have never see him sprawl out on the throne like that. In fact the only person I ever knew who did wa-Loki. My eyes widened, how was it that none of them noticed?

“Father Y/N believes that someone is looking for it.” Thor says.

“I am aware my son. However, you could have brought the news back yourself. Instead you bring her back here.” Odin says staring up and down at his staff.

“You know why.” Thor says anxiously.

“Ah. Yes, because you love her.” Odin says glancing at Thor, “Or who you thought her to be.”

I watched as Thor clenched his jaw. “ Fa-“

“Enough. I have heard all I need. You are all dismissed.” Odin says with a wave of his hand.

I watched as they all exited the room. I turned to do the same but was stopped by a familiar chuckle.

“Never was really one to behave were you my child?” He says to me.

I move from my place next to the passage. “Your child?” I questioned knowing very well that Odin would never refer to me as his child. “You must be drunk on power to not have realized that your father would never say that to one such as I.” I say moving away from the large pillar and into the full view of the throne.

I nod of understanding came as I watched the illusion Loki cast fall away and be replaced by a much older looking version of the boy I grew up with. Not that he had aged, just that his features seem more hollow, his eyes angry, and his hair a greasy mess.

Loki laughed harshly. “Thor always did think he knew you best. But really he only knew what you allowed him to right Y/N?” Loki says tauntingly.

“You’re not really one to speak.” I point out watching his eyes narrow. “I mean you wanted them all to see how clever you were, how blood thirsty you were, what you were capable of whether it was good or bad, but you never really allowed them to see the pain, the hurt, the betrayal.” I say looking at the man who radiated so much pain.

I understood the feeling that no matter how good you were, how hard you tried that you could always be an outsider. I understood the pain of betrayal from those you loved above all else.

“It seems that you are the only one. Maybe we should have ended up together?” He says smiling uin a way that changes his features.

“You forget Thor was not the only one who betrayed me.” I point out as he stands. “You both did. So don’t think you are above it all.”

Loki cocks his head to the side. “I am sorry.”

I roll my eyes. “Yes, I have heard. You are all sorry. You all wished you would have looked for me.” I say setting my hands on my hips. “I do not care. You know why I came back.”

“Thor?” He says smirking.

“The gauntlet, he is coming for it along with all of the stones Loki.” I say and watch recognition flutter across his face. “You already knew that though didn’t you?”

“Like I said perceptive.” He says smiling but it does not reflect happiness or glee in his eyes, instead it reflects pain.

I closed my eyes. “The scepter, you were working for Thanos weren’t you?” I ask already knowing the answer. “Is being a king so important to you that you are okay with having that… Titan alters the fabric of our galaxy?” I asked.

“I am meant to be a king.”

I let out a bitter laugh glaring at him. “Are you? Well, I’m pretty sure Thanos will have other ideas, I mean after all you failed.”

I watched him clench his jaw. “What happened to you?” I asked. Even though time moved relatively slow for Asguardians a lot had happened in my absence.

“I have been slighted; I am merely taking back what I am rightfully owed!” He says in anger.

“Owed?” I questioned feeling my own anger bubble. “That is not how life works. You don’t just take what you want because you feel people are indebted to you. If that were to I would have taken what you and your brother owed me. Life is not about slight Loki, it is about forgiveness. A true king, one worthy of any type of crown would realize that.”

He steps closer so that I am straining to look up at him. “Is it then how come you forgave me but are still refusing to for Thor.”

I narrowed my eyes. “I am n-“

“I know you better than that. You feel angry at me, but you are still deep down enraged that he never even tried to search for you. So don’t preach your philosophy if you refuse to follow it.”

I angled my chin up to stare him directly in the eyes. “I did forgive him. I just don’t have to like it.” I say folding my arms under my chest. “Also I am not the one that must live with him. I have a life I built of my own.” I point out taking a step away from him.

“Did you? How odd I was under the impression you couldn’t wait to be out of his presence for good, now that you know the truth about him.

The door behind us opened again and Loki transformed himself back to Odin’s form. We both turned to see an angry looking Thor and an amused Lady Sif standing there.

“Father I-“

He waved his arm. “Apologize? Very well. I summoned Lady Y/N here to get things in a better perspective.” He says turning to me his eyes pleading for understanding. “This seems that there will be a tighter guard kept around here and needing around the clock guards around the gauntlet.” He says turning to face Thor as they approached. “As for Earth…” He says trailing off.

“It is still under my protection father.” Thor says to Loki.

This causes me to snort and leave me to receive glares from both men.

“You will be needed here for a while after you return Y/N and say your goodbyes to your Jane, of course. Y/N, you are to return unless otherwise summoned.” Loki says. “Now you all need to vacate my presence.”

I exit without another word to Loki and make my way back towards the bridge so I could return to Earth.

“Y/N…” Thor says from behind me.

“Don’t.” I say knowing that all of the things that Loki said were true. The fact that Loki knew me better than Thor, not better he was far more observant though, scared me.

He tugs on my arm for me to stop. “What is wrong?” He asks.

I stop and turn to face him without speaking. Instead, I study him the anger was still there it was just put in check.

“He just pointed out some things that I needed to hear.” I say truthfully.

I watched as Thor clenched his jaw. “I already expl-“

“That doesn’t change anything!” I shout. “It doesn’t change that against my will you brought me back here. It doesn’t change you didn’t try to find me dead or alive, it doesn’t change you are with Jane, nothing has changed!” I shout angrily and yank my arm out of his grasp.

I began to walk away when I hear Thor shout.

“That is where you are wrong. Everything has. I know you felt like this was coming home. I know you feel like even with who you have become that this is where you belong, that with me is where you belong.” He says stepping closer and kissing my forehead. “Regardless to what you or my father thinks I know you. I know you are kind, loyal, brave, loving and stubborn. I also know that you are far wiser than I, that you love beating me, that reading is something you pretend to hate but love. I know that you bury how you really feel to coop.” He says pulling my chin up so I had to stare in his blue eyes. “I know everything about you which, is why I am going to come back for you.”

I open my mouth to respond but am cut short by the fact three guards approach. “We are to escort you back to Midguard.” The brown haired one says to us.

Within moments we are being transported back to Earth.

I sigh as we are back at the site. I turn to find my keys and phone sitting next to a table. Someone must have found them and put them here. I turn and see Thor staring at me.

“You should go see Jane. We could’ve been gone a long while.” I say.

“Shut up we are going to get in trouble.” I hear a women whisper.

“I’m just saying what if you took off with that god forsaken wo-“ Another women said but stopped upon seeing us.

“Thor!” Jane exclaimed wrapping her arms around him. I nod at the other women and brushed past her.

“It is good to see you Jane.” He says and I can tell he was smiling.

“Well at least this time was only three days.” She says and I can practically hear the happiness coming from her.

I kept walking I did not need to hear any of this. As I made my way through the warehouse I felt as I did the day I was banished. I may have grown and changed but my emotions seemed to have reverted to the way they were that day.

“Y/N! I hear Thor shout as I make my way out to the parking lot.

I turn to see a very depressed looking Jane and a confused brunette woman.

“I shall see you again.” He says.

I nod and go to turn around but stop. “Thor?” I say looking at him to see he never took his eyes off me.

“Yeah?” He says with a murmur of hope in his voice.

“Be careful with you father.” I say pausing. “He is not who you think he is.” I say alluding to the fact Odin was an imposter before turning around and disappearing from his eye sight.

Two Months Later

It was pouring out as I walked through the London streets. It was much like the day I first saw Thor. I sighed. He was right. The damn man had to look into my soul and strip it down until I was left standing vulnerable and wanting nothing more than to tell him how right he was. The worst part of it was that I had to get over him all over again, or maybe I never was I just let the anger have a hold over all of my other emotions.

Since coming back it has been silent, in the sense that no Asgardian has come back to Earth, including Thor. I stared down at my feet maybe I had screwed it up this time by running because I wanted some sort of twisted pay back for not looking for me? I sighed. As I walked I ran into a buff chest. I inwardly groaned. “Shit, I am so so-“ I stop and look up to be meet by the blue eyes that had been haunting me ever since I left.

“It is I who is at fault.” A husky voice said.

My eyes widened. Thor. I pushed my hood back as I stared up at him. “Thor.” I said warily.

“I promised I was coming back. I was not losing you twice in one lifetime.” He says looking at me like he was staring into my soul.

I watched as he smiled sadly. “You were right.” I say.

He just stares at me blankly.

“I run, it’s just what I do. I mean after being banished I had a choice but I was terrified that you had moved on so I choose to stay away. I felt betrayed because you never looked so I built barriors that you just toppled over so I left.” I paused gauging his reaction. “But most importantly I run because I know that even in the deepest parts of me that home isn’t Asgard.” I say pausing

He seemed tried to mask the hurt but wasn’t quick enough to fool me.

“It’s you.” I say after holding my breath. My admission is met with nothing but silence. I quirked an eyebrow at him.

He chuckled shakily. “Loki was the imposter.” He sighs and places his hand on my shoulder causing me to stare up into his eyes and realize it was no longer raining where we stood. “He handed the Gauntlet to Thanos.”

I felt my heart stop upon hearing those words. There was going to be a war unlike any other this realm has ever seen. “Tho-“

“Father would like to speak to you.” He says stepping closer to me, but I wanted to first.” He says cupping my face in his hands. “I know you missed me.” He says smiling.

“Pretty sure my speech made that obvious.” I point out still waiting for a reaction towards my speech.

He chuckles and moves to rest his forehead against mine. “I know that was hard for you.” He says before pausing and moving his hands to rub up and down my chilled arms. “Which is why what I am going to ask you is a lot to ask, but will you please come back with me? Fight beside me. End the war my brother began.” He says as he closes his eyes.

I reach my hand out and lay it on his chest. “I’m done running.” I say swallowing.

“There has been no one but you my whole life.” He says moving to wrap his arms around my waist.

I leaned forward and pressed my lips to his in a heated, needy kiss.

His strong hands moved from my arms to my waist, pulling me tighter against his body. A warm shiver ran pooled in my stomach as my hands tangled in his silky blonde hair.

He wrapped his muscular arms tighter around my smaller frame. Thor’s tongue swiftly passed my lips and entered my mouth; I gasped softly, but allowed him complete access.  I felt spreading warmth in your stomach that crept through the rest of your body. It was different than our last kiss, it was better.

My hands grabbed the material of Thor’s tunic and pulled him closer needing more contact than probably should be granted in public. I gently ran my hands up his stomach from under his shirt and could feel the muscles clench under my roaming hands. I felt Thor’s lips form a smile before they moved to my neck, before stopping and just resting his head in the crock of it.

Thor stood back up to his full height. “Are you sure about this?” He asked with a tone that vibrated with nerves.

“Not at all.” I say smiling. “But, it is far past time that I get what I have wanted all of these years.” I say earning a face splitting grin from him.


You were already nervous from being with the guys, but to have Jensen stare endlessly at you, you couldn’t help but fluster.

“S-So Jensen, do you think your character will ever have his vacation?” You smiled.

He looked so deep in thought. Just staring directly at you.

Jensen couldn’t stop himself from looking at your lips. Watching them move and twitch with every word you muttered.

He was mesmerized. Lost in a trance he couldn’t get out.

Jared cleared his throat, and nudged his side. “Uh Dean and Sam’s main focus is to get rid of the darkness some how. So I don’t think a vacation will be in our future any time soon.”

Jensen nodded, blinking profusely as he settled into his chair. “Right, yea. What he said.”

You let out a soft chuckle, pushing a strand of hair behind your ear. “Well thank you both for taking the time to hang out with me for a bit.”

They nodded and smiled. “Of course, thanks for having us.”

Jared gave you a quick hug before the makeup artist escorted him back to his trailer to get him ready for a scene.

As you were packing your things, getting ready to go, jensen cleared his throat.

“Oh! I didn’t know you were still here.” You cackled.

He flashed a smirk and shrugged. “Wow, didn’t know I was invisible to you.”

You shook your head and playfully smacked his arm. “Shut up that’s not what I mean.”

You both chuckled together, feeling your stomach flutter.

“So…” He exhaled.

“So?” You raised an eyebrow.

He locked his gaze with yours, almost taking your breath away. “I was wondering if maybe you’d like to go out sometime? Maybe get some coffee or something?”

Your heart was beating profusely as his words replayed in your head. Did he just ask you? On a date?

You sucked in your bottom lip, and nodded. “S-Sure.” You exhaled.

Jensen flashed a smile, rubbing the back of his neck. “Awesome.” He muttered. “Well I ought to be getting ready to shoot. But how about tonight around 9? I’ll pick you up?”

“Sounds great.” You exclaimed.

“Great.” He whispered.

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Bts has me lost in a trance

Preference #3 How he kisses you


He always cups your cheek pulling you closer to him, he likes to kiss softly and randomly even when in public. He often gets lost in a trance staring into your eyes before his gaze periodically flickers down to your lips. His tongue will sweep across his bottom lip and after he will tug his lip in between his teeth before pulling you in for a heated passionate kiss. His kisses are usually soft and tender but when caught up in the moment his tongue may find its way in your mouth exploring it greedily while his hands rest firmly on your hips.


He kisses you with force and passion, often as a way to warn off guys and make sure they know you’re his. He finds it difficult to keep his hands off you when kissing, they always manage to explore your body in the heat of the kiss. He savors your lips like they are the sweetest thing on earth, his tongue explores it always staying in control and he never lets your get the upper hand on him.

Still, the days passed. They passed in carrying out chores, in making sweet gestures towards others and providing service to the poor and needy; and sometimes they passed in a hermit-daze, when Parvati was lost in a meditative trance. Some called her a goddess in the flesh, a form of Annapurna, the providing deity. Some called her the absent-minded dryad

pisces can hear music and sound undetectable by others, it gives these people a great appreciation for art and literature, so much that they can become lost in bewildered trance to the creative drenching. pisces are a swirl of change, a mixture of tears, fantasies, glamor, confusion, and sea salt. they can be quite experimental with their appearance and take on many forms and faces. they can say one thing and do another. they can think one thing and believe another. they can feel one thing and sense something else. elation and melancholy are constant oscillating states. charles carter says pisces was most at home on earth when we took voyages toward the saint. this is why she feels so lost in this world

I realized I don’t have to believe my thoughts”
Our mindfulness practice is not about vanquishing our thoughts. It’s about becoming aware of the process of thinking so that we are not in a trance—lost inside our thoughts. That’s the big difference. To train in becoming mindful of thoughts can help us to notice when your mind is actively thinking, either using the label “thinking, thinking,” or identifying the kind of thought—“worrying, worrying,” “planning, planning.” Then, becoming interested in what’s really happening right here. Coming home to the sensations in your body, your breath, the sounds around you, the life of the moment.
As our mindfulness practice deepens we become more aware of our thoughts. This offers us the opportunity to assess them and notice that much of the time our thoughts are not really serving us. Many thoughts are driven by fear and lock us into insecurity. During our residential meditation retreats, one of the biggest breakthroughs people share with us is:
“I realized I don’t have to believe my thoughts.
—  Tara Brach
Music is my escape. I sit down at the bench and let my fingers glide across the black and white keys, mixing colors here and there, creating beautiful grays. I roam through the school halls with my earphones in, pretending every person I pass is a dancer in my latest music video, becoming lost in a trance. I stare out the windows when the house is empty and belt my favorite songs, not caring that neighbors might hear, forgetting all of my worries. I stand in the shower and let the water run down and cleanse my body as singing cleanses my soul. I lie in bed at night humming the latest and greatest songs stuck in my head and smile. I smile because even when nothing seems to go my way, music always does.
—  8:38pm thoughts// music never fails to disappoint
My thong goes missing at work

@sharedgirlfriend here is my take at your little fantasy stories. Maybe I should finish off the one about the strip joint.

My first day exploring my boyfriend’s hotwife fantasy and I’m looking through his profile at work. I’ve played with myself twice already and continue to touch myself under my desk. I’m lost in a trance and decide to remove my thong while I sit tucked into my desk. My pussy has been wet all day and I smell myself on my fingers.

As I move my feet around to get the thong through my heels, I hear my boss come up to my desk. He asked me to come into his office to review my work and I feel my face turn red.

Did he see my phone? Did he notice my thong on the floor? Was my skirt riding up showing anything inappropriate?

My boss is probably in his mid thirtys. Sexy for an older guy but a straight shooter. I never looked at him sexually but I was now walking in front of him to his desk swaying my ass for him to see.

When I got to his desk he didn’t give off any clues that he saw anything inappropriate and the meeting went as usual.

Walking back to my desk I could feel my heart racing. That was erotic and I loved it. I got back to my desk and that gut feeling quickly returned when I noticed that my thong was not under my desk.

Who could have taken it? What is going on? I’m going to come back home from work to my boyfriend wearing no panties. Who the fuck had them?

To be continued…

Whether you get down to funky baselines, flail to dubstep, get lost in a state of trance or even fist pump to the 4/4 beats, I love all of you. Express yourself the way you want to and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise