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Things everyone in the Legend/TYE fandoms agree on

•Day shouldn’t have lost his memory
•Thomas is gay for Metias
•Methomas should’ve happened
•Tess is a cinnamon roll
•Raffaele deserved to be happy
•Enzo is bi
•Raffaenzo should’ve been canon
•Day and Magiano are walking memes
•Magiano deserved better
•Metias deserved better
•Adelina deserved better
•Kaede deserved better
(Except Giulietta, she can choke)

Feel free to add more :D

There’s only 4 days left until bellarke is back!!!!!

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Tag Games

These are so cute thx @accidental-rambler for tagging me in it <3. 

“ ❤❤Say something nice about your top three tumblr crushes and be sure to tag them so they can keep the game going and make everyone feel the love! ❤❤”

Here we are: 

1) @blogtealdeal - Ever since I’ve seen your art dude I lost it, you’re one of my favorite artists in this fandom and everything you make it beautiful I wanna hang it on a billboard. Also the smut you’ve contributed god bless 

2) @illyriantremors - Legit one of the many people who assisted me in the Ship Weeks. You’re writing is out of this world and I’m mad I don’t have the time to read everything you’ve written because I KNOW it’s amazing! 

3) @highfaelucien - I know we don’t talk but I looked up to like crazy when I joined this fandom. You’re posts legit always got me out of a bad mood whether it was fanfics or some discourse in the fandom. 

Quick little vent.

I just got anon hate over an old fic of mine. Granted it’s not my favorite out of all the fics I’ve written. I kinda don’t like it anymore really. Like it’s an old fic. I was 15 when I wrote it, it’s a little cringe worthy. I know my writing wasn’t as good as it is now. I had to write it to get here. I still have progress to be made now. For that reason I am proud of it.

It’s just that fic. Story time here: I had this friend, Sophie. We went to high school together and she was actually the person who first introduced me to fandoms. In 2013, I lost her. She died suddenly from a medical condition. 

It was Sophie who helped me write that fic and gain the courage to publish it online. That old “kinda cringe worthy fic” is one of the only things I have left of my friend. 

 It’s getting close to the date when she passed away. So now, after getting 3 comments of just senseless anon hate, I’m feeling a little shitty to say the least. 

I just needed to write this all out. In the end, I won’t let it get to me. No way. I did my best with that fic at the time and I know that. This wasn’t the first anon hate I’ve gotten for writing, I’m sure it won’t be the last. 

I’m going to use this experience to prepare myself for actual harsh criticism down the line with my work. 

R.I.P Sophie. Thank you for everything. 

Fandom Fic Rec Days

The Fandom Fic Rec Days are back!

It is easy to make people look at art; all you need is a reblog. But when it comes to make people want to read fanfiction, it can get just a little more tricky.

To give writers more recognition, and to celebrate their stories, we’ve decided to organize the Fic Rec Days.

On February 10th, 11th, and 12th, you’re invited to rec your favourite fics, from the all time faves to the WIPs you’re currently enjoying.

How? In any way you want!

  • Create a post saying why people should read the fic!
  • Draw some fanart!
  • Create graphics/aesthetics!
  • Make a fic rec list!
  • Make a mix!
  • And so on.

Anything, really; there’s no way of rec’ing worth less than another.

This way, you will:

  1. Promote writers’ fics, and maybe get them new readers.
  2. Make their day, they will be super happy!
  3. Maybe encourage them to write more (win-win!)

Any rules/extra information?

  • Tag your posts with #ficrecdays
  • Tag your fandom/ship.
  • You can always queue if you’re not available!
  • Readers, please consider leaving a comment on the fics you liked!

Above all else, have fun, make people happy (writers and new readers alike!)

Reblog to spread the word, and see you then! :D


2 Months Post-TFP Moodboard

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Friendly reminder that, before Liam held Hayden’s dead body,
before Scott held Allison in his arms as she died, and before
we saw how Derek had held Paige in his arms before giving
her a quick death, there was Lydia Martin, who watched her
first love die in front of her, not once…

but twice in the same night.

Lydia Martin who felt the death of her best friend that she tried to save

and the following night felt the death of her new boyfriend.

The girl who saw her banshee grandmother try to lobotomize herself…

The girl that heard her grandmother’s last breaths,
trying to save her banshee granddaughter from her
same fate of ending up alone and insane…

Before you talk about the poor babies losing their first love…
don’t forget the girl who lost everything she loved.

Including herself.

How the fandom is divided in real life
  • Guy: Oh, I love Lance! I'm totally Klance trash.
  • Me: I love Shiro. He's amazing. I'm Sheith trash.
  • Guy: * goes silent *
  • Me: * sighs and leaves *

The Goddess of Love is married to a man that she truly does not love. But on her wedding day, she first notices Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt. Their love will take them past the fall of Roman Empire, and beyond the days of the Gods.

This is Olympic Hearts: a tale of two goddesses . 

It’s my first ebook (really it’s more of a novelette). And it’s for sale on amazon for 99 cents. 

Support your local tumblr lesbian. Help me write more queer things. 

All the obvious things I’m tired repeating over and over again, but once more unto the breach, dear friends...
  1. Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat, any member of the cast and crew, doesn’t owe the haters a thing. They’ve every damn right in the universe to do with their show what they please.
  2. Sending them hate and threats won’t change that. It just makes you look like a whiny kid, yelling cause you didn’t get what you wanted.
  3. Just cause something in the show doesn’t fit your theory, doesn’t mean it’s unimportant, senseless or unnecessary.
  4. Calling a gay man fake, or homophobe doesn’t have anything to do with ‘just having a different opinion”
  5. Just cause some of us ship pairings like Sherlolly, Adlock or Warstan doesn’t mean we’re homphobes.
  6. Sending hate to our writers, cast and crew doesn’t make you look like a mature person
  7. Hate isn’t something good. You’re hurting people who didn’t deserve it.
  8. Mark and Steven have every damn right in the universe not to make S5, just cause of your pointless hate.
  9. You’re giving our fandom a terrible name. Just think and stop.

Feel free to add to this list.


Alex, Maggie, and the Gay Jokes™

loosely inspired by this amazing post