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Dear miyuli, I absolutely adore your comics Hearts For Sale & Lost Nightmare and your art in general. I was just scolling trough your blog & I saw Esme and Ilari, and I was just wondering: how would Ilari look like if he was smiling? Because I don't remember that you have drawn him like that, and I'm just curious...

Hng, some of my dearest OCs I created in 2012. Someday their time will come… I will probably draw a smiling Ilari on my deathbed since it’s practically impossible for him to smile….


Chris and Jill X3.This dialogue was removed from Re5 DLC Lost in nightmare.

 " That reminds me. I heard you and that girl in the tech department were getting kind of friendly. I didn’t know you like them so young"

“ how the hell I come young. That’s just thing you want to have good chemistry with someone age shouldn’t be an issue right?

 ” I suppose"

LOL that tech girl will never know why suddenly be in someone’s blacklist

The one of Josh and Jill about Josh and Sheva