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As this post says here, Tumblr is, for some unknown reason, wiping out all customizations of themes at random. I still haven’t seen anything saying what the cause of it is, or even what can be done to prevent, and I have yet to figure out a good way to prevent it myself other than backing up HTML on pastebin or in notepad. However! I have discovered a very easy way to recover your edits if this should happen to you. 

Just visit https://www.tumblr.com/themes/recover! It’ll give you a little dropdown menu option for which blog you want to edit ( in case you have any sideblogs you’re using as well ) and will offer to revert your theme back to when your last html/customization edit was made, no matter how long or short ago it was. 

I ended up having to use it, and all you’ll have to fix from scratch is your title and any symbols you have in your description/links. Please, please reblog this if you’d like to spread the word! It’ll save people tons of time if their blog gets wiped out and set back to default.

ship II

continuation of this 

After that Hux starts playing his own game.

He stands on the base, talking to Kylo Ren, when suddenly he leans forward, reaches out with his hand, and picks a single strand of hair off Ren’s robe. “You’ve got something there.”

The next moment Ren is on the other side of the room, backed against the wall, heart racing like a pod car.

Hux, completely calm, turns to the next person and starts talking like nothing happened whatsoever. While the whispers rise like wind in treetops he addresses one of the young lieutenants. “You’ll come drinking with me tonight. Everyone needs to unwind every once in a while.” Of course the lieutenant doesn’t dare decline. Whispers turn into a frenzy. What does it mean? What is the general trying to do? Is it a ploy to make Ren jealous?

The lieutenant returns to work next morning and of course everyone immediately storms him with questions. The beet-red young man just shakes his head. Hux made him swear not to tell anyone anything. Rumours jump into hyperspace.

Hux asks Phasma, “How are the stakes?” and she answers, very confused, “Most are betting on Ren right now, Sir.”

“Splendid. Put me down for a thousand credits on him, too.” And walks away. Phasma has no choice but to put him down for a thousand credits on Kylo Ren.

Hux and Ren are standing at one of the monitors, talking about stormtrooper deployment, when Hux takes one step closer to Ren and steps right into his personal space. He doesn’t touch Ren yet, but he is close enough for Ren to freeze. Ren doesn’t say a word and doesn’t move away either, trying not to make things awkward, but his brain lags temporarily and each time Hux asks him a question he has to ask “What?” at least three times. Everybody notices. Nobody is sure what it means. Especially since sometimes, Hux does it – randomly – with other people, too. The only person he always does it with is Ren, though.

One time he passes a group of communication technicians who boast to each other about their latest conquests. When one of them mentions, “I had him moaning like you’ve never heard anybody moan before,” Hux halts.

“You are talking about Kylo Ren?”

The man starts to panic as he stares up at his general. “No, Sir, of course not, no, I would never…”

“Well, then you haven’t really heard what moaning sounds like,” the general interrupts, face completely straight, and leaves all the men behind, gagging and whispering furiously.

There is the time Hux comes into the Starkiller Command Centre in the morning, smelling of Kylo Ren’s cologne. “Hm? Oh, my old one ran out. This one was incidentally lying around.” Nobody dares ask any further. The next day Hux smells of his usual old cologne again.

Then there is the time Ren has been on the bridge since early morning. Hours later the general comes in. Reaches for his belt, unhinges Ren’s lightsaber from his waist, and holds it out to Ren for everyone to witness. “I found this still lying around.” Ren snatches it out of his hand faster than light. He doesn’t utter a single word. Rumours spike, but nobody is sure of anything. It could have been lying around anywhere. Or not.

Of course there is the time nobody can find Ren. Finally one of the captains gathers his courage and approaches Hux.

Hux doesn’t even look up. “Last thing I know he was still in his room. He was pretty exhausted, after all.”

“Exhausted from what, Sir?” the man stutters before he can stop himself.

Hux looks up and raises an eyebrow. “Any normal, sensible person would think from his daily workout. Or do you have another explanation, Captain?”

The man retreats as fast as possible. “No, Sir, of course not. Workout. Right, Sir.”

“And if his rigorous workout means that he won’t be able to get up anytime soon, that really shouldn’t surprise anyone.”

The man almost trips over his own feet. “Yes, Sir.”

Then there is the time when Hux and Kylo Ren argue and right in the heat of the argument Hux calls Ren “Honey” once. He never does it again, Ren never says anything about it and nobody is quite sure they have heard correctly. Still, the rumours have been sparked and they don’t stop coursing. The pining squad squirms. The shagging squad cheers.

Once, when they have yelled themselves into another argument that has been going on for thirty minutes already Hux suddenly demands, “Take off that mask so I can tell you to your face exactly what I think of you!”

Everybody inhales sharply once and then holds their breath. This is it. This is the moment they have all been waiting for. It’s finally happening. Hux is doing it, he is going to make all their dreams come true…!

Kylo Ren stays silent for a few seconds. People are staring. A few are whispering under their breath, “Do it already!” Finally he lifts his hands and slowly takes off his mask. He is a little bit flushed, but he doesn’t say anything. Only looks at Hux.

Hux brings his face so close to Ren’s, that there’s no more than an inch separating them. Eyes locked into each other. Ren tilts his head a bit, Hux does the same, so really, the angle would be perfect.

And Hux says something, voice so low it is barely a growl. Everybody strains their ears, but nobody except Ren can understand what he is saying.

Then he smirks, straightens back up, turns around, and walks away. People slowly start breathing again. Heartbeats are audible. Ren stares at the spot where Hux has been standing until just now. Suddenly he dons his mask again, turns around and leaves in the opposite direction.

People are very confused. They talk about it for weeks. The incident becomes universally known as The Hottest Moment in History.