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Ugggh I was going to write things about Andromeda today (and also write a gaming session summary and do yard work and prep classes for this week) and instead fibro said HI LOST and I’ve spent the day alternating between lying in bed and playing Andromeda MP. Badly.

Maybe I will reblog the Andromeda ask meme that’s going around - I might be better able to write answers to that than anything big picture - and try to find something we can eat.


The water is shallow,
the sun is yearning
The sanctuaries in my bones
are slowly fading.

My skin is paper thin,
my lips are dry
The lost souls are here
can you hear them cry?

My body is growing graveyards
instead of gardens and forests
Your voice still echoes
It’s anxious, it’s restless


​ ha respondido: Now here’s the thing. Does she accept the head? Cause I think the answer is yes. How do you say no to a person giving you a head, cause uuuuuh… like what happens if you say no? It’s not that you WANT the head. (I mean she might but probably not) but seriously, WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU SAY NO! Very problematic.

you know what man, you’re right– my most problematic doodle yet and i didn’t even realize.. so now Aryn is just stuck with some random, decapitated head(s) and unable to decline or return them

Okay but why don’t more people like Atlantis?! like

the main character is a dude that’s brave and amazing but isn’t typically masculine

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the characters are diverse in both races and body types

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Kida is a total badass princess that literally kicks people’s ass

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they fucking made an entire language for the film (made by the same dude that developed Klingon, btw)

we have one of the most gorgeous scenes ever

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and the music is by freaking James Newton Howard, what else do you want in life?!

He doesnt know why he’s so worked up, honestly.

They’ve been dating for a month, now. Surely that’s more than enough waiting for something so small. And Yuri was always comfortable with being physically close to him, even before they got together.

So why are his palms so sweaty?

“Beka? Are you alright?”

Shit. He spaced out too long and now Yuri’s noticed. “I’m fine, Yura. Are you done?”

“Yeah!” he lifted the leopard print shopping bag to show him, grinning happily. “You still didn’t have to pay for it, though.”

“It’s your birthday, Yura. Whatever wish you have, I’ll grant it.”

Yuri’s face flushed so quickly Otabek was scared he’d combust. “Why- you- god, you’re so fucking sappy and gross. I can’t handle it sometimes.”

“You love me,” Otabek chuckles, prodding Yuri’s forehead lightly.

Yuri scoffs, but his blush doesn’t move. “Whatever. I’m starving.”

“Ah, right. I know a place, it isn’t too far from here.”

“And this time, I’m paying, alright?”

He chuckles. “You wish.”

And this, he realizes, is the perfect time for him to do it. Dinner is their last stop for their date, so this might be his only chance at doing this…

Quickly, before he loses his nerve, he casually slings his arm over Yuri’s shoulders and starts leading them away from the store.

He feels Yuri’s shoulders tense, and suffers through a brief second of panic - oh god, I’ve probably overstepped his boundaries. He probably feels so uncomfortable right now, how do I take this back - before he feels them relax, and Yuri brings his hand to the one Otabek has on his shoulders and entwines them together, as if they’ve done this many times before.

This time it’s Otabek’s cheeks that are burning, and Yuri doesn’t let it go unnoticed. He laughs, poking Otabek’s cheek. “You’re so goddamn cute sometimes.”

“I’m pretty sure you’re talking about yourself, Yura.” Otabek replies, and he leads them through the busy streets with his arm wrapped tightly around Yuri’s shoulders.