lost in a fairy tale


And I’d choose you;
in a hundred lifetimes, 
in a hundred worlds, 
in any version of reality, 
I’d find you and I’d choose you 

moon in the houses

first house - your emotions are written on your face for all to see, you have a warm and nurturing quality about you that attracts others. you feel deeply and these feelings may be a part of your identity, something you would feel incomplete without. sensitive skin and round eyes, the most beautiful smile. 

second house - with the moon here, there is a tendency to collect things that mean a lot to you. hoarding behaviours can surface as a coping mechanism to deal with the intense need for comfort and security you feel. your feelings are grounded in reality, but aren’t pleasant to deal with. others find you to be a calming influence. 

third house - with the moon here, you have a need to communicate your emotions. poetry is a great way to do this, as is writing. you always appreciate having someone to talk to, and you try to do the same for others. you may be prone to nervousness due to a lot of mental energy, and your mind and heart can be restless and malleable at times. however, you have a wonderful way with words. 

fourth house - here, the moon is at home. your past and family affect you a lot, whether for better or worse. you are romantic, private with your feelings and very much emotionally driven. your feelings are strong and you value nostalgia. you need a safe and calm environment to flourish, as you are sensitive and receptive to your “home”. you are welcoming and take care of others, just remember to care for yourself too. 

fifth house - you feel things loudly and have a need to express yourself emotionally, whether you do or not. art is a great way to express your feelings in a non harmful way, and you are likely to have a lot of creative ability. at times you may feel like a child and can behave impulsively at times, not thinking about the consequences. you have a cheerful disposition and a great sense of humour. 

sixth house - your emotional wellbeing affects your health more than most, and you are prone to nerves and anxiety at times. you have a lot of mental energy that needs to be put to practical use, and you need to devote yourself to your work emotionally. you are gifted with children and most likely have some natural talents with your hands. nature is important to your inner peace, and it is necessary for you to remind yourself of the bigger picture of life. 

seventh house - you depend on others to feel comfortable and happy, and you may feel empty inside without a partner. love in some form is very important to you, and you adapt very easily to others’ emotional states. you are a romantic and compassionate person who needs to show yourself the same love you do others. 

eighth house - with the moon here, you feel things very intensely and can find yourself at the mercy of your emotions. you have a strange wisdom that can astound even you at times, and you read feelings like books. you are not afraid to dive deeply into the darkest of subjects, but make sure to come back up for air. you are strong, whether you can see it or not, and may have psychic abilities. 

ninth house - your beliefs and spirituality are a big help to you emotionally, they ground you and comfort you when nothing else can. you are idealistic and have a basic faith that you are being led where you need to be. you are able to think about your feelings, and you inspire faith and enthusiasm in others. your emotions are very intense, but you have the lightheartedness needed to carry on through them. you are hopeful. 

tenth house - here, your emotions find their way into your public life. you are known for being sensitive and compassionate, and you have kindness for everyone. there is a deep need to be recognised for something, and you are sensitive about your appearance and public image. you feel secure and comfortable when you are part of something much bigger than yourself, but remember to accept yourself in the climbing process. 

eleventh house - with the moon here, you are a mother figure to your friends and peers, and you may depend on your friends for your comfort. equality is very important to you, and true friendship is a major comfort. you will always fight for what you feel is right, but have a tendency to get carried away by your feelings. you are an amazing friend with a unique sense of humour. 

twelfth house - you may hide and repress your feelings for fear of being misunderstood. however, you will always be there for others, as you are empathic and sensitive, and know how it feels to be unheard. you are a daydreamer, and can get lost in romantic fantasies and fairy tales easily. music can be an emotional outlet for you. you have a pure, kind heart and empath tendencies. 


the lost princess of merope >>> the curse of the seven kingdoms

Once upon a time, there were seven kingdoms, known collectively as the Pleiades. Each royal family possessed magical gifts, and with them- a lust for power. There were terrible wars between them, leaving bloodshed and chaos. An enchantress lost her son in battle. In her grief, she cast a terrible curse. If ever each of the seven kingdoms gave birth to a princess within the same year, each kingdom would be plagued by a terrible dragon immune to the royal magic. If the seven royal daughters could come together in time to use their magic as one, the dragons would be defeated. If not, every living creature in the Pleiades would die.

In order to make this task near impossible, the enchantress sent away the entire seventh kingdom- the kingdom of Merope. The kingdom disappeared; the castle, villages, and the royal family all vanished. To find the seventh princess, the enchantress said, the other six would find the answer in each other.

Decades passed. The remaining six kingdoms found an uneasy peace between each other. And then, one year- six princesses were born. And when they turned 22, the demons came.

Now the six princesses of the Pleiades need to come together to find the final, lost princess of Merope.

In the coming days, you will meet the six princesses of the Pleiades and help them solve riddles, decipher clues, and follow paths that will lead them to finding the seventh lost princess of Merope. Follow/block the tag the lost princess of merope as needed. 


lost at sea | for mermaids, pirates, sailors, and souls that go to the deep   {listen}

I’ll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue
And it’s hey to the starboard, heave ho
Look out, lad, a mermaid be waiting for you
In mysterious fathoms below


the princess of pleiades >>> the northern three

here is a brief introduction for the characters in the story the lost princess of merope. here are the three princesses of the north, their kingdoms, and a snippet to their story. see: the plot, the southern princesses.

Princess Oona of Alcyone >> Alcyone is a kingdom by the sea, known for the people’s love of water, their happy attitudes, and their strong belief in fate. Their colors are blue and white. When Princess Oona was born, everyone expected her to have the traditional royal gift of water manipulation. But Oona had a different gift- thread manipulation. Considered odd by her people and weak by her family, Oona is eclectic, dreamy, and quirky. xx

Princess Evangeline of Sterope >> Sterope is the most prosperous kingdom of the Pleiades. The people value romance, beauty, and wealth, as demonstrated in their colors of pink and gold. Princess Evangeline has the traditional Sterope gift of lightning. She’s taken to trying to improve the strained relationship between her kingdom and the kingdom of Celaeno. She makes frequent visits to Celeano, where she uses her determined optimism to try to crack Celaeno’s severe princess. The more she spends time with the princess, the more Evangeline sees the beauty in Celeano- and in their princess. xx

Princess Tate of Celaeno >> Celaeno is the furthest kingdom, farthest north. After a perceived slight from the kingdom of Sterope years ago, Celeano has all but removed itself from the Pleiades. They are known for their strict practicality to survive their deadly winters, with little time for things like romance and beauty. Their colors are black and white. Princess Tate’s gift of iron manipulation mimics her personality- severe and cold. She resists every charm of Princess Evangeline’s, or at least she tries. It’s hard not to feel something when you see a pink princess among a kingdom of black and white. xx

I had a very stupid idea that ran into me wanting to draw something in a more cartoony style.

(I’m not saying J.R.R. Tolkien actually believed in fairies. I’m just saying that if he did, he might have been less creeped out about getting stolen by them than a reasonably superstitious person would, because oh my goodness Tolkien’s takes on fictional fairies.)


Lost Girls aesthetic

After Wendy returned back home with her brothers, Peter Pan decided that Neverland should not only be the home of lost boys but of lost girls as well. The new inhabitants made Neverland seem even more alive than before, their happy laughter echoed through the silent nights as they danced around the campfire. Everyone including Peter held their breath when the oldest girls told the most wonderful stories about princesses who fought their own dragons or escaped from the most frightening situations with their intelligence as their sole tool. There was a mutual respect between the boys and the girls, neither one of the two groups thought less of each other and they lived together in peace. 


My addiction is getting out of hand.
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