lost high resolution photos

MBTI types in the forest

ENFJ: Makes sure everyone is hydrated and remembered the bug spray

ENFP: Talks the entire time, if no humans are there they’ll talk to squirrels

ENTJ: Brings a map and everything

ENTP: Starts making bad puns about everything forest-related

ESFJ: Excited about animals

ESFP: Starts a loud, fast running game and probably gets injured

ESTJ: Sets up a tent or something

ESTP: Climbs all the trees

INFJ: Likes it as a concept but once they’ve been there for 2+ hours whines and tries to go home

INFP: Starts building a home there and plans on making an entire town for forest people and animals, has found hope in humanity

INTJ: Sits in a tree and judges people, likes it but wishes there was Wi-Fi

INTP: Gets lost because they were trying to get high-resolution photos of wildlife

ISFJ: Feeds all the animals

ISFP: Looks for animals, if they can’t find any then they get really angry

ISTJ: Just kinda stands there and watches

ISTP: Genuinely enjoys it, not much else to say