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| Sonic Chaos | Chapter One : Eggman Blows Up His Own Ship

( A/N :  This is REVISED FROM THE ORIGINAL!!! Thank you all for being patient while I revised parts of the story! I love you all!! Also, thank you @lightningstar1389 for illustrating this chapter! )

                                                ~Chapter One~

It was a warm summer evening where Sonic The Hedgehog and his best friend, Tails, decided to rest for the day. Lounging lazily in their beach chairs, they watched the sun set peacefully in the distance. The powerful duo had recently been on back to back adventures for the last few months; saving an entire race of aliens, fixing space and time, and almost accidentally draining the entire planet of its life force can be quite exhausting.

Sonic took a moment to focus on the silence around him. He closed his eyes and took a deep, slow breath. He wanted to hear nothing but the calm noise of the waves crashing onto shore and the distant call of seagulls on the horizon. But, his mind began to race. He was never the type to sit still for a long amount of time, after all. His foot began to tap on its own; he smirked at his impatient behavior. Sonic slowly opened his eyes and stared at his feet.

“This is nice.” he said calmly.

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To Sonic: In Lost World, when you and Tails crashed on the lost hex, did you guys crash or land?

“It sure was a bumpy ride!”

“But with me and Sonic, nothing’s too wild and crazy! We made it down in one piece, I expertly landed but there were some kinks and crash marks done to the main engine and wings. I repaired it alright though.”



I just suddenly thought of something

So they recently revealed that the Classic Era, Modern Era, and the Human world are located in different dimensions

What if the Zeti are actually from another dimension??? They (somehow) found themselves in the Modern Era’s dimension and specifically the Lost Hex. Which is why we don’t see any other Zeti.

(or they’re dimensional travelers and they destroy other dimensions for some reason. The question is why they haven’t destroyed Lost Hex in that case)


Coming up with a set of Misdreavus variations was a lot of fun, so I decided to expand on that with evolutions and descriptions!

A few additional notes on certain breeds:

  • Sighs and Blessings’ songs and sounds are very soft and slow, sometimes never raised above a hum. They often bring themselves very close to people and other Pokemon to sing their songs to them, and they love cuddling.
  • Bans on Damnation Mismagius became widespread after several cases of them killing other Pokemon in trainer battles. Wild Gengar and Mismagius typically view one another as competitors, so this breed almost never appears in the wild. Thank god.
  • Hex Mismagius, unlike Chandelure, never harm their victims. They love watching their confusion and frustration, but should a person become absolutely, irredeemably lost, Hexes will often feel remorse and help them find their way back to where they were.
  • If you can adjust to the amount of noise they make, Echoes and Charms are fantastic pets. They’re easy to train, loving, friendly, and loyal. It’s often argued between breeders whether or not Blessing or Charm Mismagius make better pets.
  • There are no records of what a Curse Mismagius’ song sounds like. Most researchers theorize that Curses’ songs can only be heard by other Ghost-type Pokemon.

what i’m rly intrigued about is the role the wisps even play on Lost Hex.

like, we presume they aren’t native native, since their homeworld is Planet Wisp. but the DS version of Colours does say that Mother Wisp created Planet Wisp, so are we to presume they just kind of floated around before that? did they have multiple established places of living, Lost Hex among them?

Sonic Runners tells us some wisps stayed on earth to help Sonic fight the good fight, but presumably not enough for them to just wander off and find a continent that apparently nobody else but Eggman had found for like, a bajillion years.

is it possible they originated on Lost Hex, and then some went off with the Mother Wisp to found Planet Wisp, possibly after some enslavement at the hands of the Zeti? it’d explain why there’s wisp colours on Lost Hex that we never see in Eggman’s space amusement park (though I’m more than willing to accept that they didn’t show up because you can’t predict future game mechanics for the sake of minor continuity dilemmas)

I almost get the impression that the crimson wisps being the only ones based off animals suggests they might have been domesticated or selectively bred by the Zeti (see: wisp falconry, on my desert ruin post)… but the whole idea of breeding wisps brings up a new dilemma entirely. how do wisps reproduce without the mother wisp? obviously the Sonic franchise isn’t gonna go into detail about a species’ reproduction, but wisps living on an undiscovered continent with no sign of their universal progenitor for presumed thousands of years is kind of a gaping plot hole.

(ha! as if sonic has any of those.)

are there wisp gamergates????

there’s always the possibility that wisps are just biologically immortal magical beings, but that throws aside the general possibility of breeding/domesticating wisps, which would be sad.

When GUN was planning for their Space Colony ARK project, they discovered the Lost Hex hiding in the upper atmospheric levels of the planet. They sent soldiers up to investigate, who disappeared shortly after arrival. GUN pulled out and declared the mini-planet unsafe. Myths about the disappearances were spread for 50+ years, which was how Eggman knew about the conch and how Sonic and Tails weren’t particularly surprised or questioning about its existence.



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Rumbelle harry potter au - they could be students, or student/proffesor, or both professors, or hey not even at hogwarts - gimme gimme RP

Rare Interests

Belle had an alchemy essay due Monday.

However, Belle also had an essential research project on lost medieval hexes that needed work, and while she wasn’t getting graded on it per se, she was very much invested in it. After all, if she hoped to graduate with any chance of being hired back as a teacher, she needed to prove she had the aptitude for independent research. And it did help that hexes were so much more interesting than alchemical transformations.

The essay could wait: there was a binding hex used in fifth century France that would explain and link several apparently disparate muggle accounts, if only she could find the original grimoire.

The grimoire that was, according to the librarian, safely locked away in the restricted section.

Meaning that Belle had a decision to make. She could beg a member of the faculty to do the research for her, she could wait a year, move on to another section, and hope she was hired back and finish this section when she had her own access… or she could break into the restricted section in the dead of night, and hope the book didn’t contain any hexes of its own.

If she asked someone and they said no, then if they found out someone had accessed the tome without permission she’d be the prime suspect. And Belle knew she couldn’t wait a year or more, risking this crucial discovery on the vagaries of Hogwarts hiring practices. She needed it, and she needed it now.

Which was how she ended up in the library, covered in misdirection spells, the softest of lights emanating from the tip of her wand, in the dead of night. At least she spent so much time in the library that actually finding the book through the obscure filing system wasn’t a problem.

The tome, when she located it, wasn’t even wailing. “Belle five,” she murmured under her breath, “Library zero.”

She took a deep breath, ready to utter a silencing spell should it scream upon opening, and found the page the last book she’d studied had referred her to. 

Then she settled down on the floor, crosslegged with the book in her lap, and started to read.

“You know, dearie,” a voice came through the darkness, startling the life out of her. Belle slammed the book shut and scrambled to her feet, unsure of how much time had passed. Professor Gold wasn’t even looking at her, but at a place just to the side of her head. “Misdirection spells are all well and good, but some of us have keener senses than you’d think.”

Belle waved her wand and muttered the counter-spell, removing the charm. Her heart was racing, hammering against her ribs: she’d never been caught breaking the rules before, too clever and quick to alert attention, too studious and quiet for anyone to suspect her. And it would have to be Gold, the only professor in the school she was certain didn’t like her. He’d enjoy taking away house points or setting detention: he might even have her prefect status taken away for this. 

“Ah, much better,” Gold smiled, all sharp teeth and malice, and Belle shuddered. “Now, come along Miss French, spin me some glorious tale about how you were here studying extra hard for my alchemy essay, and simply forgot this section is utterly out of bounds to students. Even to seventh-year prefects who think they know better.”

“I’m… not doing your alchemy essay, Professor,” Belle admitted, deciding that honesty was now the best policy as another lie would only dig her in deeper. “I’m writing a thesis on lost medieval hexes and their relation to muggle folklore, and the book I needed was here. I thought if I asked, someone might have said no.”

“Oh they’d definitely have said no,” Gold agreed, absently, but he was frowning in thought, with interest even, rather than with anger. “You know, Miss French might be the first student I’ve ever caught in here doing independent study.”

“Does that mean I’m not getting detention?” Belle asked, hopefully. That earned a chuckle from Gold, a surprisingly warm sound. He was holding a lantern, and in the lamplight his face was cast in new shadows, golden as his name, and he didn’t seem severe as much as thoughtful, even handsome. 

Where the hell had that thought come from? Belle blinked hard: she clearly needed more sleep than she was getting. Gold was a nightmare, a strict teacher with a nasty growl and nastier bite, whose alchemy elective course was accepted as the hardest in the school. He only allowed those with the highest exam results to take it, and he was biting and even cruel to anyone who didn’t do the reading, or asked him a stupid question.

It was a school-wide mystery how this man, who delighted in torturing his students, had ever been sorted into Hufflepuff. Everyone agreed the Sorting Hat must have made a mistake: this snarling, taciturn man, who’d made his name with a formula to turn straw into gold and had immediately burned his research and refused to ever teach another witch or wizard, could ever have been anything but a Slytherin.

“You’re definitely getting detention, Miss French,” Gold said, as if there had never been any question of it. “Come along now dearie, away from the dangerous magical books.”

“They’re only dangerous if you let them be,” Belle argued, stubbornly. “If you stroke their spines and say nice things, even the nasty ones won’t growl too loudly.”

“The same can be said for people,” Gold murmured under his breath, and Belle frowned, unsure where that had come from or if she’d even been supposed to hear it. “In any case,” he said, louder, as he walked briskly away from the restricted section with her trailing behind him, “you will serve two months’ detention for this, Miss French. I can’t have even our most dedicated students flouting the rules whenever they wish.”

He locked the gate to the section behind them, and brought Belle up short. He was very close, and it was an odd moment, tense and awkward, before she stepped back and gave him space. 

“Are you sending me into the Forbidden Forest?” she asked him, curiously, for if that were the case it might not be so bad: lots of interesting plants and animal life to study in the Forest, after all. Gold shook his head.

“No, you’ll serve your detentions with me, Miss French. And trust me, I’m far less pleasant than anything you’ll find out there.”

Belle stared at him, eyebrows knit with confusion, for Gold notoriously loathed students and had only taken up teaching due to Hogwarts’ magnificent research facilities and store of knowledge. “Why?” 

“Your project intrigues me, Miss French,” he explained, and she was stunned - and a little gratified, to her own surprised - when he flashed her a soft, subtle grin. “Before I settled into alchemy, I was quite the authority on muggle folklore, especially as it related to the wizarding world. I thought I might be useful to you.” He looked down at her, gazed more like, and for a moment Belle couldn’t look away. There was something soft, warm, human in his expression that she rarely saw in classes: something yearning, although for what she couldn’t imagine. A protege? Someone to pass his knowledge down to? If so, she was more than willing.

the moment stretched, warm and comfortable if strange, and Belle wondered why her heart was pounding again, why he was in the library so late in the first place, and why she of all people received this leniency from him.

“And you can clean my equipment while you’re at it,” he continued, sharp and bright, a moment later. The moment dispelled as he looked away, “It’s filthy.”

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Art: Dan Schoening, Jack Morelli and Luis Delgado
Cover: Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante
CROSSOVER KICK-OFF Variant Cover: Rafa Knight
Epic Poster Variant (pt1 of 12): Ben Bates
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