lost goods

I drive with silence.

It’s a lonely road, and one I never thought I’d travel. I never would have imagined this to be my path of life. It’s been an uphill struggle, with sharp bends and sudden dips—sometimes I lost sight of the top of that hill.

But it’s the hill I chose to climb, and now… here I am, at its peak, looking back into my past. My perspective has changed. Here I am, at its peak, and I’m not looking up anymore.

(Have I left you behind? I reach out, can you take my hand? But everyone is still climbing their hill—I’ve reached the top of mine.) Here I am.

Where do I go now? There’s no more path, no more road to travel, not like the one I had. Will I ever get that back, that path towards something?

Where do I go now?

I’m wandering. I’m lost.

Can you see me, from the top of this hill? Can you see who I am?

See who I am. I am what I love.

And I love you. I love what you do; I love who you are. Each and every one of you—a unique and individual human, climbing their own hill. So take my hand, and we’ll walk this next path together.

—thoughts and feelings from @markiplier’s “I Feel Lost


after pulling an all nighter, I finally finished the B.A.P. pieces for WAKE ME UP !! It’s the first song I heard by them, and it’s soooo good. I lost count of how many different performances I watched for it aha;;


( commissions are open!!! )

What are the best things money can’t buy?

Lost Time
Good Health
Peace of Mind
A Happy Home
A Good Night’s Sleep
Purpose in Life
The Love of a Pet
Another Shot at a Missed Opportunity
World Peace
Overcoming a Challenge
Work Ethic
A Good Night’s Sleep
Good Friends
An Open Mind
Hugs and Kisses from Loved Ones
Common Sense
A Generous Heart
A Long Life
A Sense of Humour
A Loving Reunion
The Love of Learning
Someone Who Doesn’t Give Up On You
A Clear Conscience
The Sound of Rain, Crashing Waves, a Baby Cooing
High School Memories
Natural Ability
Life Itself

Hide and seek (Caboose x Blue!Reader)

#7 I almost lost you

It was good to have Carolina and Epsilon back, but it was surprising how did they find you and the gang and saved you all from an inminent death.

It felt good to have everyone back, but when you saw that transparent figure coming towards Caboose, your heart skipped a beat. The mercenary showed up and actually tried to kill him.

Carolina had saved him. And now you really felt like you owed her something for saving your dorky, cute, childish boyfried.

You hugged Caboose close to you as soon as the mercenary was tied up, and Carolina was being patched up. 

“I almost lost you.”You muttered, feeling your heart beating faster and fasterwith the thought of someone taking his life. 

Cabosse, innocent as always, hugged you, a really tight loving hug that inmediatly told you that you didn’t have nothing to worry about. 

“Oh, miss girlfriend, we are ot playing hide and seek, so you couldn’t have lost me!”

A small giggle scaped your lips and you fought back tears.. “There are bad people who are playing hide and seek with us, Caboose. One of the found you and you almost lost.” Maybe it was simpler to explain it that way…at least for him.

His grip on you tightened. “Well, I’m not letting them find us, Miss Girlfriend!”

Okay but why don’t more people like Atlantis?! like

the main character is a dude that’s brave and amazing but isn’t typically masculine

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the characters are diverse in both races and body types

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Kida is a total badass princess that literally kicks people’s ass

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they fucking made an entire language for the film (made by the same dude that developed Klingon, btw)

we have one of the most gorgeous scenes ever

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and the music is by freaking James Newton Howard, what else do you want in life?!

so i watched fantastic beasts today and loved queenie so much that my hand slipped