lost girl*

You’re not a real lesbian if

you never watched a 3 hour-length video on YouTube called “ Every *gayshipname* scene of *ShittyTVShowName*”.

Random: Do you watch *insert show*?
me: Are there lesbians?
Random: uh no
me: no

Looking for blogs to follow!

I just unfollowed a bunch of inactive people so now I’m looking for new blogs to follow! If you post a lot about (one of) the following things please like or reblog this post so I can follow you!

- Swan Queen (Once upon a time)
- Orange is the new black
- Wayhaught (Wynonna earp)
- Cophine (Orphan black)
- Emison/Emaya (Pretty little liars)
- Clexa (the 100)
- Sanvers & Supercorp (supergirl)
- Elena Alvarez (One day at a time)
- Brittana (glee)
- Astrid & Niska (Humans)
- Calzona/Elizona (Greys anatomy)
- Rizzles (Rizzoli & Isles)
- Karmy/Reamy (Faking it)
- Naomily (Skins)
- Doccubus/Valkubus (Lost girl)
- Stef & Lena (The fosters)
- The L word
- Lesbian movies