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What is happening? '-' Its 3am here the demon will come for me soon and I go to tumblr and see that Shu kills himself... Whut?... Am... Am I to late for the party? Need more infoooo! ;_;

..”the demon will come for me soon” what demon omg are you okay

BUT UH YEAH in yuma’s LE route, shu kills himself as a way of apologizing for all the wrong stuff he’s done to yuma……..even though like, 75% of those things werent his fault >_>

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If Reylo happens, I'm less worried about the reaction of ant*s, and more worried about how SW fans, both hardcore and casual, plus feminist media, will react. I'm a feminist, but there's no denial that there will be many arguments made about how Rey's character is ruined, little girls have lost their role model, Rey interacting with Kylo in any positive way encourages abusive relationships, Rey turning (temporarily) darkside will make things worse, etc. I'm honestly not looking forward to that.

I think there will inevitably be discourse about it, but the shape the discourse takes will very much depend on how any Reylo relationship is handled. If it’s done tactfully and in a slow-burn kind of way, then I think you’d find most of the outrage confined to the usual suspects (read: Tumblr antis). In other words, I think we just need to hope for great execution. 

word vomiting here but if grundy was actually in love and invested in her relationship with archie she would’ve faced up to the consequences, served her punishment and not ran away first chance she got. SHE USED ARCHIE. there wasn’t any love or feelings, he was an easy prey. a lovable, trusting and loyal teenager who thought he found someone who believed in him. 

archie hugging his dad wasn’t ‘i just lost the girl i loves’ its a ‘someone who believed in me just left my life so easily’ and grundy does not even give a single fuck.


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