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A Lost Girl


Emma woke slowly, frowning in irritation when she realized that she was sleeping outside. When had she gotten out here? Last she knew, she was sleeping on the top bunk of her new foster home in the middle of winter in Michigan and now she was somewhere humid and… leafy. 

She sat up and stared at the campfire nearby and she could see a few more people sleeping nearby. Panic seized her and she sat up quickly, pulling herself out of the weird sleeping bag instantly. Where was she and how did she get here? And why was she in a jungle? All she knew was that she wasn’t about to stick around and let these people continue with their screwed up kidnapping thing. She checked the bag nearest to her and spotted a map and a few snacks and bottles of water inside. She shouldered it instantly, knowing full well that it was just plain stupid to run away with nothing. She always had a go-bag when she was at a new place and maybe she had made this one for herself earlier. She did have kind of a headache so maybe she just got hit really hard in the head and was suffering from amnesia or–or she had been drugged by these people and they were some weird cult that captured kids. Or something. 

She carefully picked a direction at random and began to walk, conscious of the fact that they could wake up at any minute and she had no idea if they were dangerous or crazy or any combination of that and she wasn’t willing to stick around to find out. She needed to get away from this stuff and then she could concentrate on what had happened and how she got here. 

Lost Girl: The 100 Fic

Title: Lost Girl
Characters: Clarke, Bellamy 
Setting: Post S2
Dis: I don’t own the 100

She never wanders far from camp. She can’t. They are still her people. People she cares about and wants to protect. If there is to be a threat, she wants to be there in case they need her, but she’s not one of them. Not anymore. She’s a murderer. She killed an entire civilization of people to protect them. She can’t look at their faces without thinking of that so she stays far enough away so that they are nothing but moving shadows in the distance. She moves from place to place, never in one spot long enough when they come looking for her. 

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