lost girl spoilers!


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Farewell, Cruel World!’

He was possibly the most arrogant person alive. Waltzing around, acting like he knew everything, owned everything.

He sometimes even acted like he owned you. And sometimes you’d have to remind him who was more powerful by putting him back in his place.

He was like the face of evil. His face struck fear into the hearts of all those who had heard of him, knew him, or who ever had the displeasure of meeting him.

But not you, of course. You were stronger. More powerful, if it were even possible. You were the elusive puppeteer that pulled the strings when no one was watching. Though you never took advantage of such power in a disgraceful way, you always did influence his choices. His actions. His words.

You were quite possibly, more powerful than Peter Pan. And you didn’t even have to have magic to have a hold over him.

All you needed, was his heart.