lost girl review

Lauren Lewis & Bo Dennis

TV Show: Lost Girl

I love them because: Here’s a bit of an eye-candy couple. They look great on TV which makes acceptance easier to the wider community who are still ignorant regarding issues like gender and sexuality. They are an on and off mainstream couple who we hope will end up together.

Lost Girl 5x07 | my coffeebreak review - part 2

Back to the clinic, Evony and Vex are trying to find the serum in Lauren’s lab.

Vex points out that even if they find it, she will need Dr. Boring to do that.

But Evony knows Lauren is using her and she lets her because she thought she didn’t have a choice.

Between her and Lauren it’s chess game.

Apparently, according to Vex, a doctor that treats Fae is not very common.. (really ? oO)

But something’s here too.

Evony reminds Vex to do what he has to if it gets close.

« How could I forget ? It’s how you and I met. »

Interesting. Some back story for Evony and Vex !

« You were a shattered little mess. »

« Yeah yeah I know. You saved me. »

Vex saved Evony. That’s why he’s still alive xD Now I understand.

And well, let Evony to have the best humoristic line right ? XD

« Of course, the serum’s behind a bush. When will I learn. »

Evony finds a safe in the wall, behing Lauren’s herb. Probably where she keeps the serum. But she needs a KEY.

She calls Vex but, oups.. He escaped xD For frienship you will pass.

Instead she finds Bo and Lauren, not so happy.

Lauren holds a key in her hand.

Let me say this again.



Bo is not really cool with the fact that Evony so close of Lauren’s herb.. right.

Evony wants Lauren’s key. Bo is still judgind Evony. She gives her the look.

Wait.. WAIT !!

What is she doing here ?!! If Bo’s here, then WHO is with Dyson ?!

I knew it ! It wasn’t Bo ! Mouahahahahaha cough

The TRUE Bo is with Lauren. Endgame. Bye.

Sorry, back to the story.

So, Lauren is a bit pissed. Evony’s monster killed one of her doctors, RIP Sam.. And now she tries to steal her work ?

But Evony is not new to this game.

« When that thing finds us, it’s going to eat you both alive… And then use me as a toothpick. Because I’m the skinniest. »

xD She’s funny, you have to admit.

You know what reminds me this line ?

The one Massimo told them in 4x13. Wait.. Let me find it for you.

«Well Daddy’s coming to play. And you’re gonna both die anyway.»


Ok, let’s just take a minute here.

Massimo had the gift of foresight right ?

WHAT IF he wasn’t lying when he said both Bo and Lauren are going to die when Hades is coming to play ?

It makes sense… Oh my..

Hades still needs to come into play.. And his arrival depends on Bo and Lauren… The blood, the power, the box…

They are all connected. Bo/Lauren/Hades.

Ok ok… I will talk about that later…

So, Bo wants to know how to stop it but Evony tells her nothing on this earth can kill it.

No chemical, no weapon.

On this, a thunder crashes not so far from here.

Fiat Lux ! Eurêka !

Bo has an idea.

Evony is like « What ? What ?? »

Bo turns towards Lauren and…

« How are your throwing skills ? »

It’s 82% on the good day. It’s good enough for Bo. Evony starts to worry a bit..

Is Bo planning to throw her outside in the rain ?!

And because Lauren must have a good influence on the brain cells of her wife, Bo comes with another brilliant deduction.

The monster wants Evony more than anything. Who’s gonna be the perfect bate ? Who ? XD

The complicity between Bo and Lauren is great. It’s great to see them work together. They make a good team. I want more of this.

Evony warns them, they don’t know what they’re dealing with.

« And I’m not talking invisible monster. With the Ancients back, we’re all ground meat. Steak freakin’ tartar, and hold the capers  because there won’t be time for condiments !»


C'mon, Evony is so funny xD Sounds like Kenzi here. (I miss Kenz!)

But Lauren isn’t impressed. Talking about badass.

She’s like « what a bunch of dusty old fae what makes you think they’re so dangerous ? »

But they want to know how Ev’ can be so sure of that.

Simple, she used to date one.

Way to go Evony xD Way to go.

Somewhere on the streets, the Destiny’s Child are making a video clip.

It’s called « Only in the darkness can we see the light. »

Sounds cool !

And here, I’m a little perplexed because Evony is right in the same street now, playing the bate.

Anyway she’s not happy xD Apparently she had a great argument with Bo/Lo :

« Sure. I don’t mind being a dangling freaking carrot. Rain is great for my human hair. » xD

But patience is not one of her thing, so she does what she’s the best for…

She provokes the invisible monster !

This shot is just gold.

A thunder crashes not so far, illuminating the dark sky, and we see someone in the corner, holdgind an axe whose handle is wound with an iron wire.

The scene is really special, almost mythic. There’s this epic vibe coming out of this.

Great shot.

So we know it’s Lauren. She’s waiting the right moment to strike.

And I think it’s revealant.

The secret in a battle is to know when you have to make your move. It’s crucial.

If you show your strength, your secret weapon too soon, it can be fatal for you.

It’s about timing. Lauren is a strategist. She’s a thinker. A chess game player. And she’s Bo’s best weapon.

Evony’s plan worked and something is coming.

Bo and Lauren come out of the dark corner and Bo gives the signal.

« Now ! »

And Lauren throws the axe right into the invisible monster’s back.

Wow. That’s some great throwing skills, Lauren !

But the most important thing is that Bo trusted her to get the job done.

They worked together, equally. Both strong together. Pwarf.

Here comes a surprising scene.

Evony touches the invisible monster’s cheek.

« You kept me in the dark for so long. It was your turn. » A bit revengeful ?

Oh my… It’s not a monster, it’s EROS. The god of love. And Evony dated him.

« You should have just told me how you really felt instead of stringing me along and humaliating me. »

Sounds familiar..

« I loved you. And you chose that doormat, Psyche. »

Yeah, defo. It sounds very familiar.

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