ClexaCon & Me

With it now being over a week(!) since ClexaCon finished, and me finally getting a good night’s sleep after a manic 4 days in NYC and some jetlag hell…’s well overdue that I give some gratitude and shout-outs to all those who made it such a radical experience. This is going to be long af ok cause it’s me and you know how that goes. #sorrynotsorry  

It was quite the fabulously cracked and potholed road to Vegas. @gramjams, @femininenachos and I started The Hunner Podcast a little over a year ago in February 2017, after many moons of creating ridiculous (and some serious!) Clexa content for our little corner of fandom. From there sprang RelicKru, then our own mini RelicCon here in Glasgow, and one incredible @merchanon who offered to make all our swaggy stall holder dreams come true for the big real deal in Sin City. @niylahsniknaks was born and suddenly we were on our way to becoming post-apocalyptic lesbian market traders at the world’s largest multi-fandom event for LGBTQ women and allies! I mean WHUT!

I am still completely overwhelmed that ANY of this actually happened, and it was over in such a whirlwind that it almost feels like a beautiful fuzzy exhausting little-bit-tipsy gay dream. But it did happen and we did do that. MASSIVE shout-out and respect to the entire @clexacon team. It was you guys who really did it and you have my unending gratitude for creating such an inclusive, nerdy, queer, vibrant, women-centric stupendous ball of a time. It is so important that ClexaCon exists, and you all work so tirelessly to make it so. My heart was fit to burst inhabiting that space for those days and I can’t thank you enough for all of it.

To everyone who came to our stall, either just to peruse and have some banter, buy stuff, or to tell us you love the podcast or the things we make and do - THANK YOU SO MUCH. This was without a doubt my favourite part of the whole crazy 4 days (even more than meeting Sarah Shahi!), and each and every interaction was a delight and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It was beyond surreal and flattering to have people ask for pictures with us, or even just to say they knew about the podcast or loved putting a face to the voice! Actually bonkers. Even funner than that was explaining our entire table to people who had no fucking clue who we were or what any of it was about! From complete puzzlement to rabid curiosity, every reaction was priceless.

To all the amazing artists and vendors - you made that hall LIT! I wish I’d actually had any time to properly walk around and browse and buy. @molliemashstash and @immochiball thank you so much for taking the time to come and chat to us! You are both amazing and it was so ace to meet you, albeit far too briefly. Mollie - I can’t wait to properly gaze at your beautiful sketches book. So chuffed I snagged the last one! @sabrinushka you are the cutest human with the wickedest sense of humour and I’m going to treasure your prints forever. Next time you must sell them!

And where would we have been without our pals….not half as entertained that’s for sure. To our little cygnet Swanita @swan-heda - you are literally part of the family and we’ll be seeing you in September for more fairy godmothering! I think I kissed her cute Daisy Diddly cheeks about twenty times. Being placed almost directly behind @blindwire in Artist’s Alley meant that we annoyed the fuck out of our immediate neighbours as expected (oops, sorry folks!), but it allowed for loads of hugs and hangtime with one of the best. Heart you bigtime, Candles. There was this other person there from time to time too but she’s so smol shy and retiring that I barely noticed her. lol lol kidding. @entirelytookeen you managed to be even larger than life than I was expecting, even after all those mammoth skype sessions. So glad you showed up for your throngs of fans, and for us (coast to coast), you gorgeous diva seawitch. @the-villageidiot you are a towering tour de force! Turnt it up from Vegas to NYC. Lovin your work gurlfriend. @blue-kiko as expected you’ve transitioned to mythical status due to arriving just as PizzaFloorGate2018 occurred then later making us feel like celesbians at your Ascension Party VIP table, allowing me to capture Stephanie Beatriz writhe around in front of 1000 drooling queers. Bless you! @foomatic YOU ARE A MACHINE! Can’t believe you kept making the time to swing by and even bought us those drinks at the party. We owe you 75 drinks now for everything you’ve done for us.

Mad love n props to all our other OG Relics and new friends alike. We love you all truly madly gayly - @timebureauagent @clexacloneclub, @imaginationofacornflake, @syngularitysyn, @wednesdayswoman, @thisismylifecollage, @orangeyouglad8, @jaimeajamais, @sunspill, @djkissyface, @quesandgays, @q-parallel and everyone else who either came for a drink in our homemade very well-stocked room bar or just had a wee chat at some point over the weekend. You are all wondrous people and I feel Priest Lexa blessed to know you. If we did meet, please send me a message so we can connect as there are heaps of people who I don’t know Tumblr names for!

Lastly but far from leastly, a moment of appreciation for Team Niylah’s Nik Naks. That includes our consistently awesome mule @jravenb who carted a skateboard and what looked like a brick of cocaine over state lines (it wasn’t), and our unofficial fifth member @hedahaven who truly went above and beyond to make our stall and our lives that weekend as easy and stress-free as possible. You really rock, are the kindest person and I’m so glad I gently persuaded you to join in the madness! The most important thanks of all though is by far reserved for our Magical Merch. G - you are an actual living legend. You grafted harder than I’ve seen anyone graft and you were a fucking hoot to boot. None of NNN would have been possible without your dedication, generosity and wild vision! You are SUCH a marshmallow wrapped up in a biker vest! Oh and thanks for the ghetto style punk rock hotel room tattoo ;) We’ll always have Agent 8008 and the Boob Umbrella.

And finally, to both my wife and my podcast wife - WeGramChos 4 Lyfe! So proud of us. Thank you for making this mental journey so much god damn fun. Like Clarke with Lexa’s top, we pulled that off pretty nicely. Love you times a HUNNER.

Below are a selection of pics that (minus the amazing faces of the kru) sum up my experience pretty well. Oh and I think that I speak for us all when I say - the heteronormative default world absolutely blows in comparison to that beautiful, queer, love-filled, safe space called ClexaCon!

Clarke Griffin is bisexual and not a lesbian.

Wonder Woman/Diana Prince is bisexual and not a lesbian.

Sara Lance is bisexual and not a lesbian.

Callie Torres is bisexual and not a lesbian.

Bo Dennis is bisexual and not a lesbian.


You’re not a real lesbian if

you never watched a 3 hour-length video on YouTube called “ Every *gayshipname* scene of *ShittyTVShowName*”.

Reasons to watch The Shannara Chronicles


Set in a POST-APOCALYPTIC world where Elves, Gnomes, Humans, and MAGIC have emerged and live old school (kingdom style) but what’s really unique and cool is that you see the remnants of our MODERN world (technology) pop up throughout the series. 

It’s like THE 100 meets LOTR meets G0T meets REIGN

BONUS- decent story writing (not SUPER cheesy)

BONUS- diverse casting

The never ending cycle

Qwoc: Here’s a new ship we feel represented in can you guys watch it so we get a season 2.

Wlw fandom: …………

Qwoc: they’re canon and not queer bait.

Wlw fandom: …………

Wlw fandom: reblogs a more diversity post.

Qwoc: okay can y’all at least wat-

Wlw fandom: “ omg there is a new white gay ship. They looked at each other for 0.8 seconds that means they’re canon”.

Qwoc: completely ignored

Wlw fandom: I can’t believe we been queerbaited