No fandom is safe. People get offended by anything and everything. There is always that bad seed in the fandom that is a dick. But you can’t judge a whole group based on one persons actions. Just because we ship something someone else doesn’t ship or like a specific character when you think another character or pairing ruined the fandom. We should respect each other. I hate to see people so passionate about a fandom hate each other for their difference’s.

Shipping Wars:

This isn’t a slam on any body’s ships or anything but I feel like something in general needs to be addressed about this topic as a whole. I know its going to probably not matter but I feel wholeheartedly it needs to be addressed as a general topic not to “this ship vs. this ship”.

Shipping two characters whether they were canon or a crackship has always kept a show interesting; we can all agree on that. It brings a huge community together that you never thought existed and sometimes it opens the world to possibilities.

I’ve never been one to start a war about a ship I’ve adored over one I couldn’t stand. I’ve always been vocal on my trying to understand why a ship exists that made no sense yet it had a lot of shippers.

But over the course of these years, the shipping wars have gone too far. You have shippers badmouthing the creators, doing blood oaths for their ships, and even going as far as sending death threats to the actors just because their character is in the way of your ship. Newsflash, incase you’ve missed it, your show is not a reality show. It is fictitious. It is something created by someone else for you to be ENTERTAINED not to be a NUT JOB.

It is not acceptable to send an actor, writer, producer, anbody a death threat because you are upset that your ship isn’t canon. If someone did that to you, it would still not be okay. These people are just that…they are regular people. They breathe, they eat, they sleep, contrary to popular belief they even take shits, so while you send them horrible messages telling them to off themselves, they may actually do it. You know why? Because you don’t know shit about their lives or what they deal with internally.

So if you cannot tell the difference between fiction and reality you should probably not be allowed to watch television at all, or near the internet. Attacking people for your ship will only make your ship less likely to get canon so you should probably reevaluate your strategy. And just be good to one another. Ship calmly and respect each other. What happened to just supporting each other? There’s enough negativity in this world and we turn to shows and movies to escape the harsh realities. Its why I want to create those worlds; I get lost in it and I want you to experience it with me, so just enough with the hatred and ship hard but not violently.

Once Upon A Time should take a few notes from Lost Girl...

On Lost Girl

1. No character is assumed to be heterosexual.

2. Family are the people who are always there for you, not the people you share blood with.

3. All favorite ships are explored and respected, even if not endgame.

4. People of color and characters with powers are not rare or outcasts.

5. When someone morphs into a person to trick someone else into having sex with them, that is RAPE, and is treated as such.

6. Women are powerful, strong, smart, independent, loyal, and equal.

If I’m gonna keep watching you, its time for change.