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Uchiha Sasuke’s Sharingan Legend - preview -

Here’s the traditional (?) preview. It should be chapter 11 (wrong I have no idea). Once again, scans taken from Saikyo Jump’s official site.

DISCLAIMER: Manga by: Kenji Taira. Original Work by: Masashi Kishimoto-sensei. Raws by: Saikyo Jump. Translation, Cleaning and Typesetting by: me.

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“Our brains are all wired wrong

But that’s how we’ve been all along

Wired wrong”

Steam Powered Giraffe - Wired Wrong (x)

I almost had forgotten my Rabbit cosplay that I did last summer! After a few encouraging words that I received from dear mellyoraa I decided to post a picture of it.

I have to say that my makeup wasn’t the best and I hate the vest that I made, but I had some lovely time at the con, so it didn’t really matter. And I even found a few people who knew SPG! (I live in Finland, in case you’re wondering ^^ )

New York City never ceases to amaze me. One minute a Starbucks barista is hitting on me by calling me an adorable chipmunk then the next i’m walking through central park with Cory, one of my best friends, and we walked by a guy who asked us if we saw his ostrich named Enrique. So, while Cory’s basically dying on the floor i played along like the dork i am and told him i saw Enrique running in Saks with a giraffe named Gerry and i made a point to let him know it his name was spelled with a G and the guy was dumbfounded and told me i was the crazy person. With that said i’m gonna go find my giraffe. I’m calling for a movie called Gerry the Giraffe: Lost in New York, it’ll be the remake of Home Alone. Who wants to be in my movie?