lost frontier


[im feeling so sorry for every of you there and for myself, that was to much, wasn’t it?]


IT IS WHAT IT IS and for now is better than it seemed before ATY airing.

Late-night Nonsensical Headcanon Time! (Come on, grab your friends?)

Check this out.

Maybe it’s just me,

But I was looking at this picture of Lest, and I came across something interesting. It’s probably just headcanon fodder, but…

What if Lest was a descendant of Mist?

(So, I suppose, her son/grandson, depending on how much implied time has passed).

I mean, just look at these two!

In their character portraits, Lest and Mist both have the same pale blond-ish hair. The only difference is that the gray portion of the hair gradient is switched. They also have the same violet-ish eyes (though Lest’s are a bit more purple than Mist’s in most portraits, perhaps signifying that his father had violet eyes?).

Even their fashion tastes are somewhat akin to each other. Both have a sleeveless top-half with a collar, and long sleeves/gloves that start before the elbow and end past the wrist. Heck, both Lest and Mist have a weaving knot on their collarbones that starts in diamonds, has a diamond in the middle, and weaves into a small point at the bottom. Even if they are different in shape, they are similar enough, and no other characters in RF1/RFF that look remotely like Lest have that feature on their clothing.

On the subject of clothing, I think it’s interesting to note that Lest has a belt around his waist that is adorned with pouches. You know who the only other character to have a pouches-in-the-front belt (and who, coincidentally, also has violet eyes in most images of him)?

(All the same, Danny from RFF has red eyes and has hair that more closely matches Lest’s in color (perhaps Lest’s eyes are like hazel eyes in that they are purple from having red and blue eye genes?). Danny could, therefore, also be a contender for Lest’s father [as could Anakin Skywalker, really], but given his personality, I have a harder time seeing this.)

(I like Raguna better though, because amnesia running in the family like this would make for some amusing conversations. What are the odds?).

Besides, how about those similar names? Lest? Mist? Both four letters, both ending in “st”. Remove the st. You are left with “MiLe”, or “mile”, the incredibly hyperbolic but approximate distance between Kardia and Selphia. Selphia. Sounds incredibly similar to Selphy, a character from Trampoli, which, by chance, is the town in which Mist resides in Rune Factory Frontier. Thus, Trampoli, Kardia, and Selphia are the three most interconnected towns in this nonsensical bullshittery of an analysis. Three towns, three different points on a map. Connect the dots. That’s right–a triangle. Illuminata confirmed.


Jak & Daxter 4 [PS3 Cancelled Project] Concept Art

Before to fully work on The Last of Us, Naughty Dog was planning to create a new, even more grittier Jak and Daxter game for the Playstation 3, but after the concept art team drawn some Jak and Daxter artworks to use in this “reboot” of the series, they thought that they would have more freedom to just create a new IP for the mature audience, and thus the project evolved to became The Last of Us. After Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak 2 and Jak 3, this project could have been the 4° title in the main Jak series (or even the 5th one if you consider Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier). In the end, Naughty Dog never released any new Jak & Daxter game for the PS3, only an HD collection with their first 3 PS2 games.


Uzay kavramını “dost canlı”, “sevecen” haline getiren mantığın ve bilimin sesi olan, Türkiye televizyonların siyah beyaz yayın yaptığı dönemde yayınlanan “Uzay Yolu” (Star Trek) dizisinden tanıdığı, yarı insan yarı uzaylı Mr. Spock rolünü oynayan Leonard Nimoy 83 yaşında öldü.

Star Trek öksüz kaldı Mr. Spock‘suz.. 

what she says: im fine

what she means: we will literally never figure out the theories behind eco and eco physics.  even if there is another game, we won’t be able to ever understand the deep complex physicality that come with eco.  is dark eco inherently considered a kind of dark matter?  is it dark in the sense that it is a “negative” energy, or does it simply have properties that are considered dangerous?  the lost frontier opened up such a good idea and then took a giant shit all over it.  eco is being overused, and it is clearly harming the entire planet.  are there environmental movements to prevent this?  is eco a nonrenewable resource?  can eco be polluted in the same way water and air can?  eco is considered “the life energy of the world” and, since KG guards drop eco when killed, we are led to believe that each person contains trace amounts of eco.  would there be attention drawn to this in the event of an eco shortage?  would people be killed and murdered for each other’s life force in order to do something as simple as power their homes?  in this sense, eco is what causes someone to be alive–their eco levels dropping would indicate they would be closer to death.  is this why samos has lived so long?  he is constantly surrounded by, arguably, the essence of life and health?  would he theoretically be immortal?  in daxter, the game opens with samos telling the story of jak and daxter as though it were a legend, implying he has lived past them.  how would jak be able to die if he is such a strong channeler?  is jak immortal, as well?  is keira?  what effect did eco have on daxter, in terms of his lifespan?  we’ll never fucking know