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Lost Souls Circus

The Lost Souls Circus is a purgatory-esque dimension which holds troubled souls, forcing them to perform for eternity under the iron fist of The Ringmaster, Muse A. Muse B has recently joined the show without much of an idea about how they got there or even who they are, they only know to perform their routine, night after night, but Muse B can’t help but feel like there’s something they don’t know. The more they learn about the circus, all while risking punishment for snooping around, the more they realize how trapped they are.

Muse B has to get out of the circus, but they have to get past Muse A to do it, and Muse A doesn’t let their acts go without a fight.


So I had an idea. Imagine if Charlize Theron came into Lost Girl and played as Tamsin’s mum? Rough fic ideas go!

Tamsin’s mother is a very high authoritative valkyrie. She only comes to the earthen plane when there are very important matters to attend to. One of those matters happens to be that she knows her daughter has limited time left. She’s come to visit, knowing Tamsin’s life cycle is ending and she want’s to say good bye. Both women have a hard time showing affection for one another, they’re both stubborn but care deep down. Tamsin’s mother is fearing the worst, she’s worried that her daughter will be reborn and never regain her full memories. It’s often a blessing if they have experienced much bloodshed, but for a mother who realises her kin may not remember her in her next life, it’s heartbreaking, even for a powerful battle maiden. 

Just some quick ideas I needed to jot down! Gah~

Seriously though… how perfect are these two together? It’s just marvellous.