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Hey everyone! My very good friend Kristen lost her beloved pet rabbit recently. He’s a friendly puff-ball named Leopard. If any of my followers from Long Island NY, specifically Massapequa or surrounding areas, have any information, please contact my buddy on Facebook! 

[Transcript: A picture of a facebook post by Kristen Schmelzle that reads, “Hey Facebook, I’ve lost my Rabbit Leopard on the 18th and was curious if anyone had seen him. He’s a grey and white Dutch and was last seen on the corner of Forest ave and Linden Street. He’s super friendly so its possible someone thought he was lost and scooped him from my yard. If you have any info please contact me through facebook!”] 

[Image description: Pictured are four images of a white and grey rabbit. His front half is white with grey around his eyes and on his ears. His rump and back legs are totally grey, save for little white socks on his back feet. He is a Dutch Rabbit and noticeably large.]  

Nestinarstvo (Bulgarian: нестинарство, Greek: αναστενάρια, anastenária) is a fire ritual originally performed in several Bulgarian- and Greek-speaking villages in the Strandzha Mountains close to the Black Sea coast in the very southeast of Bulgaria.

It involves a barefoot dance on smouldering embers (жарава, zharava) performed by nestinari (нестинари). It is usually performed on the square of the village in front of the whole population on the day of Sts. Constantine and Helen or the day of the village’s patron saint.

The ritual is a unique mixture of Eastern Orthodox beliefs and older pagan traditions from the Strandzha Mountains.


In which Akashi lost his phone and, whoever the perpetrator, is tried to flirt with the GoM. Kuroko bby got jealous and fluff ensues~

I tried to make Aomine the perp, but I realized that I’ve been bullying him alot on my posts lol. Can you guess who took Akashi’s phone tho~? *wink* *wink*

Thank you for the request, anon-san! (*^▽^)/

P.S. I’m not good at throwing pick-up lines, so– *throws myself off of a cliff instead*


I am two semesters away from my BA in history and I’m going to straight to grad school in either euro history or the American south. I’ve taken one semester long class on the war, one semester long class on the American south and my advisor specializes in southern history. Ever since I got home for the summer people have been arguing with me about the war. Now I’m putting my foot down. Don’t fuck with me, or historians in general.