lost facebook


In which Akashi lost his phone and, whoever the perpetrator, is tried to flirt with the GoM. Kuroko bby got jealous and fluff ensues~

I tried to make Aomine the perp, but I realized that I’ve been bullying him alot on my posts lol. Can you guess who took Akashi’s phone tho~? *wink* *wink*

Thank you for the request, anon-san! (*^▽^)/

P.S. I’m not good at throwing pick-up lines, so– *throws myself off of a cliff instead*


Found this dude in my apartment complex’s garages today. Of course the shelter is closed on Mondays (??!) and not open until noon every other day, and the vet can’t get me in until mid-morning tomorrow either. But I think he’ll be okay in my storage room overnight. With luck, he’s chipped and belongs to this sweet old lady named Betty who I found on our town’s lost pet facebook page.