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When your stand reverses things, does it utilize the conservation of momentum in an isolated system? Or is energy lost upon reversing said object? This of course is not applicable to non-physical things such as time.

The same directional energy is kept. If a car is speeding towards me and I use  O R A N G E C R U S Hthen it will continue at the same speed in the opposite direction. It works a lot like Mario’s Cape in Super Smash in regards to physical objects but can also reverse more esoteric things like Signs, Electrical Currents, Gravitational Forces, Etc etc.

John Watson didn’t even shove THAT hard. Watch it again and notice that:

John is using only 2 fingers and his thumb with his right hand, not much force there, like he’s gingerly holding Sherlock for the sake of just making his touch felt

John is grabbing only Sherlock’s coat, without grabbing also his suit jacket or dress shirt

Sherlock is not struggling, like he’s lost all energy and only John’s force is literally holding him up – this is a far gentler scene than the fake struggle near Irene’s house, albeit far less happy

Sherlock is looking lost and soft at John, like seeking answers and strength in his eyes, there is no fear from John or resentment

The distance that John pushes him is approximately 2 inches. He looks like he is merely trying to get Sherlock to focus and not have a breakdown.

This is not a domestic violence scenario where “John doesn’t love Sherlock” or is lashing out or is strong arming him into submission

I’ve posted this quite a while back but it bears repeating:

If this scene is where Sherlock finds Mycroft dead, he will literally lose his mind

Not in the funny “haha you’re crazy” way but a literal “snapping” of someone who has had enough suffering

Moriarty and Magnussen were sexual predators who literally assaulted Sherlock, they violated his body and his public identity

John Watson is his heart and Mary broke it, Mary broke both John himself and Sherlock’s heart

When Mary kills Mycroft, Sherlock’s mind is up next

We are always given sets of 3, not just in TSoT

Sherlock will die again in The Lying Detective; a saviour dies 3 times

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"Heard of.... this holiday.... valentines day? You... be mine... valentines?" Kayne stumbled over his words. "Thats... how works...?" @kaynelien

“Of course I’ll be your valentine~” @kaynelien

this entire year exo has been apologizing for coming up short on performances and etc which hurts bc it shows in their surprise and genuine shock when they win huge awards like daesangs that they HAVENT lost that energy…. to the fans its very clear that they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and they’re still on top of the world but to the members they feel like they’ve peaked already despite breaking records everytime they do something and setting new ones and making history…. :( i just want them 2 be happy n know they are loved

it’s so hard, being this way. So blue, and so lost. Wondering through life, and ya smile and laugh, but your heart burns. It aches, and cries. Yet? …. you can’t feel a thing.
—  s.f.

You are alive and staring out the bedroom window
and you tell me that in elementary school
you learned that the color black
is the absence of color, but you say that it’s not the whole story
that there are a myriad of other wavelengths
the black object does not absorb.
These energies are lost to imperception,
absorbed by unknowning, and
much of the world passes by as as ghosts.
This is a physical loss of spirit, you say.

This is when I hug you and press my nose into your
black black hair and I ask you
to tell me everything everything that you know
but you look up and already by this point
the dream is slipping away from my grasp,
the colors of your eyes are changing,
the details of the bedroom we used to live in are disappearing,
and I am no longer holding you,
and everything is being whited out to some brilliant pale,
and I find myself in my bed squinting out the window to the dawn sun.

But I hear your voice played out from my head
from years ago when you noted
that the color from this candle is honest light
it hasn’t yet been reflected,
hasn’t yet had a chance to lose itself.
The color from the flame of the candle is newborn
just like you and me before each other’s sight,
new every second, alive and staring under the light,
moved by bodies, energies, (and spirits).

This time last year I was falling,
falling in love with you.
I felt your energy calling,
I felt something new.
A year on and I’m sat here monging,
Also popping pills that are blue.
The tears don’t stop falling..
because I never stop falling in love with you.
—  even though you’ve moved away..

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Incredibly lovely tribute to Kim Manners - and real credit to the history and private communication between David and Gillian too ♥

DD (narration): Kim Manners, our director who passed away about five years ago, we were shooting a scene very late at night, and I guess we lost our energy in some way. And this scene was about some rock from mars. And he started yelling, rock from mars, rock from mars.

DIRECTOR (off camera): Yeah, even more with the excitement factor.


GA: You mean rock from mars?

DD *immediately energised*: Rock from mars, here we go! *launches into Mulder’s speech*

GA (narration): His [Kim’s] shorthand to David and I, when we were lagging in enthusiasm was to yell rock from mars at us, basically just, y'know, goose it