lost derpy

I found a thing on my USB xD (I feel the page layout is horrible, I can do better now..) I got a couple asks before about who her kids belong to. Ex: “So is are the filly’s yours ? Or both of the doctors with you of course “ So I had started drawing this out before. I figured might as well post it-

Sparkler is her only actual daughter (Father is pokey pierce) and Dinky is adopted.

In the newer one the fact was the same, I was going to have Derpy work part time at the orphanage. While working there she fell in love with the small filly and adopted her.

anonymous asked:

Could you do a blurb where Michael has a heavier set gf? 🙈

michael dating a heavier set girl would include:

  • peppering your face with kisses to wake you up
  • mumbling a “good morning, beautiful” in a husky voice
  • shamelessly cupping your breasts in his hands and giving them a small squeeze when you quirk a brow at him
  • him blowing raspberries on your tummy when he goes down on you
  • resting his arms on your shoulders with your head tucked beneath his chin as he rocks you both back and forth as you wait for coffee
  • taking naps in seemingly unconventional positions
  • his breath catching in his throat when he sees you wearing a dress that accentuates your curves with a shy smile on your face
  • late night chinese takeout
  • asking you what your favorite color is
  • then surprising you by dying his hair as close to the hue as he can
  • buying you a bunch of bracelets so you can be bracelet buddies
  • grinning like an idiot when he catches you humming along to “airplanes” 
  • nonstop compliments and body praise
  • sassy twitter conversations
  • posting stunning pictures of you on instagram when you’re lost in thought
  • posting derpy pictures you get from him on snapchat
  • shutting down potential rude comments from interviewers
  • “isn’t she a bit-“ 
  • “beautiful? yeah, but i wouldn’t say a bit” 
  • “no. i mean, aren’t you worried-“ 
  • “she could do better? yeah, i know she can” 
  • getting super excited whenever he sees fan drawings of you two on social media
  • playing with his hair when he cuddles up next to your side
  • constantly using your breasts like a pillow
  • “but, baaaaaabe. your boobs are so comfy” 
  • accidentally staring when he walks in on you undressing
  • not even trying to hide the fact that he finds your naked body attractive
  • doing his signature “naked lady” giggle as he walks out of the room
  • forehead kisses when he notices you’re upset
  • super duper tight hugs so you know he loves you and cares
  • extremely soft kisses from those pink lips of his
  • having plenty of lovebites and hickeys decorating your chest and neck
  • that piece of shit’s cheeky smirk
  • hasty pecks on the cheek before running to perform onstage for his concert
  • and winking at you whenever he notices your stare and grin

luke + calum

Luna has been a cone head since Saturday 😿 she ocd licked her stomach so much she licked some hair off and gave herself sores but with the cone and some antibiotics she’s healing really well and should be cone free this weekend 😸 she’s taking it like a champ though hasn’t lost her derpy sweet spirit 💜🐱