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Jumbotron. Has lost. His mind.
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Lost Corgi after car accident on I-90 at milepost 327 between Bozeman and Livingston, MT. Details below! Please signal boost if you’re in the area!

“His name is Ronald, he is very friendly, mostly red with a little white on his face and neck, has lots of hair. His siblings are all safe and sound at the Stafford Animal Shelter and the co-owner will be driving up for them in the next few days. Thanks everyone for keeping your eyes out for him. It’s a good reminder to travel with your pets in crates, all the crated pups were unharmed and safe.”


$300 reward being offered for the safe return of Cami.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi last seen 8/23/14 at the Starbucks located near exit 288 off I-75 in Cartersville, GA.

She is a tri-color female, about 2 years old.

She is very scared so if you do see her approach real quietly.

Send any information on Cami’s whereabouts to Celeste at 912-685-2622 / 407-328-6305 or celestialstarcorgis@gmail.com

Please share this and help reunite a serviceman and beloved Corgi.

“Ruehls’ "hudad” Joel was serving in the Army and on leave out of the country when his petsitter said Ruehls went missing. Joel lives in Texas but has traveled to Little Rock twice so far to search for his little buddy. He plans on going back again in the middle of this month. Joel is now out of the Army, works full time and is earning his Ph.D, but that hasn’t slowed him down in his search for his Corgi. Many in the Corgi community have rallied to this cause in hopes of reuniting these two.“

Signal boosting appreciated! 

A friend of mine tagged me on FB and asked me to share this with the corgi community.

This little guy was found in the LA (?) area in SoCal today. I’m signal boosting so hopefully he can be reunited with his family!

If anyone recognizes him, please contact the shelter.

some little corgi went on a walk this morning. and then some little corgi decided to roll in something disgusting and stinky. like poop, LIKE A WHOLE FLIPPIN’ LOT OF POOP!

some little corgi just got an emergency bath this morning, and still smells like another dog’s shit. awesome.  

anonymous asked:

The world lost a little corgi named Loki yesterday :( Could we see some pictures of Otis?

I, too, am saddened by the loss of Loki. He and Ham Ham were the absolute cutest. Internet superstars for sure. Loki was lost too young. 

As for your request… I recently organized and rated my library of 22,000 images. Which means I can specifically sort out the 5 star puppy images that I took of Otis. These are my favorite 45 images of tiny little Otis. I hope this helps.