lost confession

I’m sorry no I’m not but bro

can we just take the time to acknowledge Sasuke’s face when Nardo gets hurt!?



Unpopular opinion here. I’m probably the only Dragon Age fan in the world who genuinely loved the Fade sequence in Origins. It was actually probably my favorite sequence in the game. The shapeshifting, the puzzles, the symbolism, the companion nightmares…loved it so. Damn. Much. And I’m SEVERELY disappointed they didn’t bring back similar sequences for DA2 and DA:I…although the “enthralled companions” in DA2 were an interesting touch and the DA:I Fade is visually my favorite, I wish they’d bring back something similar to the Fade puzzles in Origins.

INFJ problem

I can never seem to find anyone that wants to experience life like I do.. I long to feel this crazy thing we call life in every possible way; I want to see the vibrant colors of feelings and experience the fullness of every emotion. But no one else wants that. Everyone I know just wants to continue on in their shallow little world, experiencing as few emotions as possible. Everyone wants just simple small talk, no one wants to have real conversations about real things. All I want is to just lay on the beach with someone and pour out my soul to them, without the constant knowledge that they don’t care or that they’re judging me. But those types of people are the hardest to find. 

Do you want to know a Disney movie that really IS progressive and revolutionary?

Atlantis: The Lost Empire. It is not your typical Disney movie and that is one of the reasons why I love it.

It does not have any musical numbers or animals.

It takes place in an alternate version of 1914 where sexism does not exist. 

The hero is a skinny scholar and the princess is a tattooed warrior who is over 8,000 years old. 

A male and a female villain are working together….and they are not a couple.

The rest of the cast is racially diverse. 

The movie was sadly a box office flop (because it was released at the time when general audiences turned away from 2D films) so even Disney ignores it and many so-called Disney “fans” have never even heard of it.

I’m one of those people who gets attached quickly, opens up easily, and loves with all my heart, but has no idea how to express it.
—  Confessions of the misunderstood
I never understood how people could get lost in someone. Why they would voluntarily let themselves become consumed with this one person - until I met her. From our first kiss, it was like a lit match to a fuse. No amount of people yelling its wrong or we’ll both get hurt, no amount of caution or protective gear could ready me for how she would hurt me - how we would hurt each other. No amount of force or strength from hundreds, thousands of people would keep us away from each other. And no compass or GPS or satellite could ready me for how lost I would be in her.
—  Oko Ninjah (July 1st, 2015 3:55AM)