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Some people are born with tornados in their lives, but constellations in their eyes. Other people are born with stars at their feet, but their souls are lost at sea…

Just out of curiosity, do you guys think a leader can loose a life to old age? Like they can be on a life too long and it just expires?

In that case, if they had lives after that, would they be shorter? Like if a vital organ failed them as a result of old age would that organ just be fixed by Starclan in their next life or would they just keep loosing lives until they’re gone because their heart or whatever is still not working?

Elliot Nightray’s Birthday! // 08.08.

Happy birthday my beloved, precious son! <3

I am late but here is fanart for you, dear! \(^o^)\

ok so i couldn’t resist making a few of my own…

  • imagine naruto and sasuke going on a school field trip and naruto got these nasty veggies and then he sees sasuke (who is definitely his rival and NOT his friend despite whatever his mom says) frown at the cookie he got with him, and then he gets the great idea to trick sasuke into swapping with him but sasuke is actually more than happy to trade bc he likes veggies. so naruto feels kinda cheated that sasuke was so eager to swap so he challenges him to balance on the rocks in the small brook nearby and ofc naruto falls in it and has to go home with a teacher
  • imagine them being little kids and they’re making valentine cards in kindergarten and naruto asks what they’re for bc he wasn’t listening and the teacher says they’re for the people you like the most. so naruto makes one for sasuke, since they’re best friends, and sasuke never forgets. so when they’re older, whenever naruto says he’s totally straight, sasuke brings up the card he made which makes naruto really embarrassed. in the end, naruto accepts that he’s in love with sasuke, and confesses by making him a valentine’s day card (even though it’s not even close to february), and shoving it in his face yelling “okay fine you were right fuck you bastard!”

  • imagine kid sasuke falling and getting hurt and there aren’t any adults around so naruto blows on the wound and kisses sasuke on the cheek bc that’s what his mom always does and sasuke’s face turns bright red so sometimes naruto kisses his cheek just to see the funny reaction

  • imagine naruto loving halloween so much that even when they’re way too old in sasuke’s opinion, he forces him to dress up and go asking for candy and sasuke can’t say no bc the happy look on naruto’s face when he gets all the candy is too precious. but then they’re just WAY too old and sasuke prepares by buying a big bag of candy for naruto and throws it at him and refuses to leave the house and naruto spends an hour yelling arguments as to why they should still go and he spent so much time on their costumes and it’s an important tradition for them and sasuke is breaking his heart, but eventually he gives up and spends a week fake-pouting about the whole thing and everyone tells sasuke it was really mean of him so in the end, he has to promise to go next time. 
    it’s just that, next time naruto is wearing a sexy firefighter costume and sasuke follows him around trying to discreetly wipe the drool off his face.

  • naruto takes his driver’s license and for a first drive alone he wants to take sasuke on a roadtrip date to the ocean but he’s so nervous and the engine keeps dying at every red light and he gets them lost somewhere even though they’ve got a gps and he gets really upset because he was gonna make it so romantic and ask sasuke to prom, but sasuke calms him down and drives them to the right place and says he was planning on going with naruto anyway and it ends up fine in the end. and of course they sit on the beach hand in hand looking at the sunset…

  • sasuke has reading glasses and the frames are kinda thick, so naruto keeps putting funny little stickers onto them to the point where sasuke can’t even bring himself to care anymore. until naruto starts putting all these hearts and words like “gorgeous” and “cool” and “princess” onto them and refuses to tell why and especially not where he even finds those. but then sasuke needs new ones and he gets a pair that are too thin for stickers. at first naruto is sad, but then he starts covering sasuke’s notebooks and pencils and whatever he finds and eventually sasuke just has enough and pushes him down and kisses him. 
    except naruto still continues afterwards bc his grandma is always giving him mountains of stickers and he feels the need to use them. 

  • naruto, sasuke, and sakura start a detective agency where they look for lost things like cats and books and socks. their parents thinks it’s so cute that they bribe the neighbors into asking for help. they don’t find out that their cases weren’t real ones until they’re around twenty and they spend a whole night complaining about how their whole life was a lie and they can’t trust anyone anymore and mourning the loss of their childhoods. “we’ll never find that kind of happiness again,” sakura wails and starts bawling. naruto joins her, but sasuke is feeling kinda awkward bc he knew the truth the whole time and had no idea the others didn’t. 
“CUE THE WORRY FOR APRIL!” Me and the episode “Bat In The Belfry” WARNING! SPOILERS!

Mikey and Ice Cream Kitty reading comic books:

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Donnie examining April:

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Mikey: “It’s that freaky crystal!”:

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April becomes aggressive and defensive over the crystal:

Tampering with the crystal causes an unknown portal to open up:

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Strange ball of energy flying around:

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The ‘energy ball’ goes into Mikey’s comic book:

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Comic book monster appears in reality:

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Donnie asleep in his lab:

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Mikey’s comic book characters come to life due to the crystal:

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Mikey’s and Casey’s fangirling:

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Donnie being too precious:

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April going crazy over the missing crystal:

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Jesus christ, April be mad:

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The villains are hurt by bell rings (JUST LIKE VENOM!):

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April after retrieving her crystal: “Finally…back where she belongs…”:

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The ending:

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Me to Nickelodeon:

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Bosco, who ambled 6 miles, by Pauline

I moved to Austin, Texas with my cats and for the first few months kept them inside to adjust them to their new home. Slowly I started letting them out, but not at night because I had great respect for the rumored coyotes. One afternoon, Bosco wanted to go outside. The sun was still high, so I thought no problem. Then he didn’t come back. Oh my gosh, I was so upset. I did everything I could think of – put up posters, walked around the neighborhood calling his name, entered a listing at lostandfound.com, visited the animal shelter, prayed coyotes hadn’t gotten him. Two and a half months later I went back online to once again peruse lostandfound.com listings. To my astonishment, there he was! He had been found 6 miles away by folks feeding strays in the back of their business. At first, the people didn’t believe he was my cat (because he is so cool they wanted to keep him!) But I sent them a picture that I had, and that was hard evidence. I got Bosco back, and sent those folks a gift certificate (one hint – make sure you have a pic of your cat before you lose it! It was a great difference maker for me.)