lost boy mountain

no sound but the wind// a playlist for two lost boys 

  1. blue ridge mountains-the fleet foxes
  2. kingdom come-the civil wars
  3. brothers on a hotel bed-death cab for cutie
  4. no sound but the wind-the editors
  5. shooting the moon-OK go
  6. from finner-of monsters and men
  7. after the storm- mumford & sons
  8. tiger mountain peasant song- the fleet foxes
  9. here i dreamt i was an architect-the decemberists
  10. you’re a wolf-sea wolf
  11. oh death-noah gundersen

listen {here}

not to be dramatic or anything but clarke and lexa have the most poetic fucking romance ive ever seen and if they aren’t endgame its gonna be pretty shocking to me, tbh. 

like do we ever talk about the fact that the story, from episode 1, has always been sky people vs. grounders? its the first big thing that happens on the ground. “we’re not alone” turns into kidnapping a grounder, torturing him, burning down a village with flares, invading their territory, and starting a war they never expected or wanted. so clarke tries to make peace with one of their leaders. she just happens to be the mentor of the commander. clarke’s fucking luck. 

they go to war against the grounders, clarke kills 300 of them in a ring of fire. clarke gets trapped in mount weather with guess who? the grounder who was the commander’s mentor. she escapes with her and anya has every intention of dragging her kicking and screaming to the commander but the sky people fuck that up too. so she doesn’t meet the commander, not yet. 

at this point, everything standing in the way of clarke meeting lexa falls away and she finally convinces her mom to let her try to speak to the commander. she meets her, their first words to each other are literally “you’re the one”, and the first things they talk about are how they’ve been at war against each other and are now at war against a common enemy. part of the reason lexa even takes her seriously is because of the first grounder she cooperated with: anya.

so they take mount weather together and now we’re back at square one. sky people vs. grounders, except this time the only people not at war are the sky person and the grounder who cant stand another second of hating each other. 

basically what im saying is lexa was born into the most dangerous life there is to lead on the ground, clarke was nearly executed in the sky, she came to earth, they started wars, they battled, people died, lexa loved and lost a girl, clarke loved and lost a boy, the mountain fell, and it still didnt stop clarke from falling in love with lexa. if this shit aint endgame the writers are throwing away a damn treasure.