lost boy isn't on it tho

Here’s the manticora i designed earlier in the month, now refined and having some character traits rather than just a look! This is Giel, a manticora who used to be a human mage just a few years earlier to present time, why is he a manticora now tho? Well he lost a bet with a mage of equal skill and was then rather crudely rid of his magic abilities, however the details did not necessarily entail being turned to a beast, which didn’t quite stir well with ol Giel. He’s quite the vain type, seeing himself as too good for a fate such as his, still trying to keep to his human ways by rarely getting violent and rummaging through trash for discarded cooked food at any given chance. It’s not a pretty living, but you don’t have many choices as a beast said to spread chaos in its wake and don’t exactly want to do just that.