lost bay

Lost And Then Found — Ted E. Bear’s Grand Aquarium Adventure

Late one afternoon, Security Officers Sylvia and Kevin found a lost teddy bear belonging to a visiting school. After locating the owners, they took him on a tour of the Aquarium to pass the time before he could be returned. Here is the tale of Ted E Bear’s Grand Aquarium Adventure.

Don’t worry, don’t panic. This has happened before.

Yep—I’m just here by myself, alone on the floor.
I guess things aren’t fine, since no adieu was truly bid…
Oh my goodness, my gracious, just where is my kid?!

Maybe the teacher brought everyone back to the kelp?
Nope, nobody. OK, uh—yeah, I may need a little help.

Excuse me coral, apologies, I don’t mean to vent
But perhaps you know where exactly my kid went?

I guess I’ll just finish the visit on my own, that’s not so bad.
When you’re happy as a clam there’s no reason to be sad.

*Sniff* No, this really isn’t fun to be alone with the fish!
I want to find my kid! Please, I just have this simple wish!

- Hey little buddy! Aw—are you lost my dear?
- Yes! I can’t find my kid! I’m alone forever I fear!
- What’s your name? We’re Kevin and Sylvia and we care.
- Thank you so much for your help. My name’s Ted E. Bear.

- Not to worry, helping you get unlost is part of our job!
- Really? Oh wow, oh thank you—you’re most—oh *SOB!*

There there Mr. Bear we’ll find your kid, post haste!
Now let’s make sure your visit doesn’t go to waste!

- Check it out, I helped raise this little purple-striped jelly!
- Wow, it’s really beautiful—awesome job there Tommy!
- Want to give it a shot? I’ll bet you’re great at animal care.
- Wow, I don’t think I could—I’m just a little plush bear!

- Nonsense, you got this. Here’s a scraper—it’s all in the wrist!
- How’s that?
- Perfect! Look at you—you’re a budding jelly Aquarist!

- Whoa, what’s this class—I get to feed the fishes?!
- Yep! But to pass, you’ll need to wash the dishes!

- The control room is cool!
- You’re eating it up like a glutton!
- What’s this switch here?

- Want to help us greet our guests—Jasmine needs an intern!
- Oh wow, a job at the Aquarium—it will be so much fun to learn!

Learn… Where do I remember hearing that word… SCHOOL!
My kid! I have to get back! But… working here would be so cool!

Oh me, oh my—I really want to help conserve the great blue sea!
And… being there for my kid is the way for me to fulfill my destiny!

- OK, let’s find my school—what assistance can I show?
- Oh, we already found them.
- Really, when?!
- About 8 hours ago.

- Well, then let’s get this show on the road!
Box me up, make sure I’m safe and stowed!
- Can do Ted E! We wish you the best on your journey!
Thanks for stopping by, say hello to your school family!

Dear Sylvia and Kevin, 
I made it back to class safe and sound.
The teachers were so happy to tell the kids I had been found.
Thanks for teaching me to find my dreams and in my heart carry ‘em.
Much love from your Beary-best friend, Ted- E, to the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

Thanks so much to Ms. Bizon’s class and the Sea Breeze School in Foster City for letting us host Ted E for the day—albeit accidentally! We hope to sea him again soon!

i’m making a wixoss au for my own goddamn original novel characters send help

Pjiminnie playlist

Putting music to writing ( @pjiminnie ) is one of my favorite things to do, so I decided to give a form to it. Some of these choices are weird, because hey, I am the one making those choices.


1. Sleeping At LastNeptune. || 2. Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson - Winter Song. || 3. Ed Sheeran - I’m A Mess. || 4. The Oh Hello’sHello My Old Heart. || 5. Beyoncé – Pray You Catch Me. || 6. The Civil WarsTip of My Tongue. || 7. Phillip PhillipsWanted Is Love. || 8. The ScriptI’m Yours. || 9. MAXLights Down Low. || 10. The Script Without Those Songs. || 11.  Jessie WareSay You Love Me. || 12. HalseyYoung God. || 13. JamalaОбещание. || 14. Ruth B. – Lost Boy. || 15. James BayScars. || 16.Sleeping At LastLight.

Ghost Town  

1. The Neighbourhood – Lurk. || 2. Willi Moon – Railroad Track. || 3. Norma Jean Martine – No Gold. || 4. Of Monsters And MenKing And Lionheart. || 5. The Hawk in Paris – Freaks. || 6. Kings Of Leon – Closer. || 7. Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?  || 8. Passenger – Golden Leaves. || 9. The Civil Wars – Kingdom Come. || 10. Andrew Belle – Sky’s Still Blue. || 11. Jay-Z  – Run This Town (feat. Rihanna & Kanye West) || 12. Arctic Monkeys – I Wanna Be Yours. || 13. Hozier – Work Song. || 14. Grace Potter & The Nocturnals – Stars.  

Wild Hearts 

1. Gabrielle Aplin – Salvation. || 2. Lifehouse – Storm. || 3. Fallulah – Give Us A Little Love. || 4. Sleeping Wolf – The Wreck Of Our Hearts. || 5. Maria Mena – Habits. || 6. Little Mix – Secret Love Song (feat. Jason Derulo) || 7. Tatiana Manaois – Helplessly. || 8. Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan – 9 Crimes. || 9. Poets Of The Fall - All The Way / 4U. || 10. Vance Joy – Georgia. || 11. Lily AllenLittlest things. || 12. Trading YesterdayShattered

If These Wings Could Fly

1. Justin Timberlake Pair Of Wings. || 2. NFCan You Hold Me (Feat. Britt Nicole). || 3. PassengerCoins In A Fountain. || 4.Kate NashThe Nicest Thing. || 5.Justin TimberlakeNot A Bad Thing. || 6.Allman BrownSons & Daughters (ft. Liz Lawrence). || 7. Carla BruniQuelquun ma dit. || 8. StingFragile. || 9.The ScriptWe Cry. || 10.Mikky EkkoTime.


1. Jacob Miller & Matt Naylor & Steven SternSlipping Away. || 2.  OneRepublicI Lived. || 3. Ed SheeranWake Me Up. || 4.OmniaThe Raven. || 5. Foy VanceShe Burns. || 6.Bruno MarsTalking to the Moon. || 7.Bryce FoxBurn Fast. || 8.Sleeping At LastSaturn. || 9.SafetysuitFind A Way. || 10.Ed SheeranAll Of The Stars. || 11.The ScriptFlares.

Here you go! Most of the links are lyrics videos, a couple I couldn’t find (looking at you Jay-Z and Beyonce). I hope no one decides to sue me.

I am quite proud of this one. I hope you enjoy, @pjiminnie and everyone!

To be continued?

“We can hide under sheets, under heavy covers
So deep as the night draws in
And we’ll be slow honey lovers ‘til the clocks go forward again“

Cunning Celt's Spell To Summon One Who Is Lost

Gather the following:
- bay
- lavender
- rosemary
- a green candle, a yellow candle, a red candle, and a blue candle (or simply 4 white candles)
- an image of the one you wish to summon

Lay out the candles in a small circle - green at the North for Earth, yellow at the East for Air, red at the South for Fire, and blue at the West for Water. Sprinkle this compass circle with the herbs, and burn some as an incense. Place the image at the centre of the circle and chant:

“By the Elements, and Compass Round
[Person’s full name] will now be found.”