lost at the mall! ; ;


(( Meet Dominic Crisanto Sanchez, 18 years old and representing the Philippines! Dominic spent his first few years in Manila, skating in the SM Mall of Asia before moving to train in the US and Canada when his talent was discovered. Dom regularly keeps in touch with his family, so his Tagalog is pretty good, however he’s lost quite some of his Illocano. His favourite skating move is the triple salchow 

You won’t get to see much of Dom in the future, unless he gets his own blog ;) ))

what actually happened was luke took ben solo to the mall for his 14th birthday to get him his first suit from banana republic right like classy but not too expensive and while luke was picking out ties he lost track of ben and had to comb the entire mall and he found ben in a hot topic trying on cargo pants and south park t-shirts and he was like “ben what are you doing these clothes are so ugly” and ben was like “fuck you uncle luke, grandpa would have let me wear this” and luke said “this isn’t fashion this is trashion” and ben immediately turned to the dark side

  • viktor: hi sorry can i use the speakers? i lost my son in this mall!
  • worker: sure
  • viktor: announcement yuuri katsuki is retiring
  • yurio: *knocks over a wall of boxes* WJAT THE FUKC IM GOING TO KILL THAT FATSO
Things Jason Todd Has Definitely Done at Some Point

- got into a bar fight because someone dissed Beyonce

- got convinced by Roy and Kori to build a blanket fort

- accidentally shot a gun while it was still in his pocket

- let Cass and Steph braid the white streak in his hair

- went to all of his childhood enemies pretending to be a ghost

- dressed as a “zombie” for Halloween, his costume consisting of his normal clothes

- adopted 13 kittens and managed to hide them from Roy and Kori for two weeks

- took Damian to a bar and got yelled at by Batman

- tried intimidating a villain but tripped over a patch of grass and fell on his face

- knit a sweater that said #Actual Son of Batman™on the front and gave it to Damian for Christmas

- bumped into a mannequin and apologized

- blew a bubblegum bubble inside his helmet and got it all over the interior and his face

- got lost in the mall and had to call Roy for help

- cried during Toy Story 3

- held his breath until he blacked out when he didn’t get his way

- wrote ‘I AM BATMAN’ on Dick’s forehead in permanent marker while he was sleeping

-tried using Roy’s bow but got slapped in the face with the string

- got caught watching Pretty Little Liars by Tim

- stole the windows from the Batmobile for April Fool’s Day

- formed the Dead Robins Club with Damian

- got kicked in the face by Batcow

-learned the entire rap part of Fergalicious and knows it by heart

- flirted with a girl for twenty minutes before realizing it was one of his batsiblings undercover

- convinced a sleep deprived batfam member that he was still dead and was haunting them

At the mall
  • Bakugou: Excuse me, I lost my boyfriend. I need to make an announcement
  • Employee: Sure, go ahead
  • Bakugou: *leans into the mic* Goodbye you little shit

Mall of America hired its first black Santa and the racists of the internet lost it

Internet commenters ruin everything. Some recently surfaced evidence in support of this theory: the Mall of America’s decision to hire its first-ever black Santa to spread some much-needed holiday cheer. After many readers’ decision to unleash a torrent of racism in the Star Tribune article’s comments section, the website had to take an important measure.

Voltron fan, desperate to avoid separating Keith and Red, proposes ‘That one alien who threw a coin into the fountain in Space Mall’ for the new Black Paladin.