lost at jfk


Happy Birthday

John Williams, born 1932

The Killers [USA 1964, Don Siegel]
The Poseidon Adventure [USA 1972, Ronald Neame, Irwin Allen (uncredited)]
The Long Goodbye [USA 1973, Robert Altman]
The Towering Inferno [USA 1974, John Guillermin]
Jaws [USA 1975, Steven Spielberg]
Star Wars [USA 1977, George Lucas]
Superman [USA / GB / PA / CH 1978, Richard Donner]
Raiders of the Lost Ark [USA 1981, Steven Spielberg]
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial [USA 1982, Steven Spielberg]
JFK [USA / FR 1991, Oliver Stone]


Been looking for this on YouTube for ages because it’s my favorite thing in the world and I finally found it. So happy :)


Kick and Jack Kennedy in Palm Beach, Florida - March 1940

Kick’s friends were always charmed by this tall, skinny, handsome young man who looked as if he were Kick’s twin; they were so similar in face and manners, finishing one another’s sentences, talking non-stop about anything and everything. They made a fascinating double act. Kick’s friends noted the peculiar closeness between her and Jack. She once threw a party at Prince’s Gate to introduce him to her friends. She took him around the room whispering into his ear; then the two of them would descend into fits of laughter. - Paula Byrne, Kick

Lost at JFK

Tragedy struck at JFK. I took off my necklace, with the Porter’s ring on it (I put it there for safekeeping, natch), and put it into the bin with my purse and shoes. During security they patted down my hair, which threw my already sleep-deprived brain for a loop, and thus discombobulated I did not put my necklace back on. I went down a flight of stairs, felt for my necklace, had a massive panic attack and then ran back UP the stairs to security. It was gone. It is gone.

I don’t even care about the necklace.

Somehow my brain did this weird thing where the Porter’s ring became my wedding ring, and I felt the loss of it so much more deeply, and I sat down and cried in the airport until my flight boarded. And cried on the plane home.

I’ve left a message for TSA lost and found but I really have no hope that it will ever make it back to me.

So if you are in JFK airport, or were this saturday at around 5pm, and you see a long chain with what looks like tiny gold and copper dog tags on it and what looks like a gold wedding ring, let me know. It means the world.