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Plot Twist, because I’m an asshole: the massive treasure chest at the end of a murderously difficult and expansive dungeon is entirely empty. Inside the box there is some flowery prose that hints at friendship or something being the “true treasure.”

Subsequent Plot Twist, because I’m an even bigger asshole: the chest itself is actually a long-lost non-magical artifact with massive historic value, and there are plenty of museums, nobles, historical societies, etc. that would pay an insane amount of money for it.

‘Maintaining My Virginity Has Given Me Incredible Powers’: 5 Questions With Steven Spielberg

The architect of dozens of iconic movies, Steven Spielberg essentially invented the blockbuster and has changed Hollywood forever. We asked the renowned director five questions about his storied career, and his answers will blow you away.

1. Where do you get the ideas for your movies?

I get my ideas from things I see in my everyday life. One time I was walking on the beach, and I saw a huge shark eating someone with its enormous jaws. I saw that, and I thought, “What if that shark was a man, and instead of eating people, he searched for lost artifacts and battled the Nazis with a whip?” The next day I started work on Indiana Jones. You never know where inspiration can be hiding.

2. What do you think has most contributed to your success as a filmmaker?

Maintaining my virginity for my entire life has given me incredible divine powers from heaven. I have kept my body pure from desires of the flesh, and as a result, God has sent his blessings down upon me. Because I have remained a virgin, God has granted me the ability to hold my breath for six minutes at a time. This has enabled me to shoot several scenes in Raiders Of The Lost Ark underwater, which really made that film great. If I hadn’t been a virgin, God wouldn’t have allowed me to hold my breath for six minutes, and Raiders Of The Lost Ark would have been a mediocre film completely lacking any scenes that take place underwater.

3. What is a common misconception people have about your work?

People often think that E.T. went on to live a long and happy life after he left Earth at the end of the movie, but that simply is not the case. The moment that E.T. boards his spaceship, his fellow aliens immediately kill him for failing in his mission to steal one of Elliott’s sweatshirts. E.T. is the saddest movie I ever made.

4. What was it like working with Harrison Ford on the Indiana Jones series?

Like many actors in the early 1980s, when Harrison Ford heard that an actor had just been elected president, he assumed it was him. It made shooting the movie difficult, as Harrison was constantly trying to call foreign dignitaries and order missile strikes between takes. We had to cobble most of his dialogue from him shouting, “Now Harrison’s the president,” as he refused to read his lines, claiming that the U.S. Constitution forbade the president from engaging in archaeology. Harrison is the best actor I’ve ever worked with by far.

5. What’s your favorite part about being a filmmaker?

They let me keep the plastic E.T. puppet, and if you rub sunscreen on the plastic E.T. puppet, the plastic E.T. puppet will reward you by telling an interesting fact about insects. I love to learn about insects, so I always make sure I have plenty of sunscreen to rub all over E.T. I can’t imagine doing any other job.

Y'all okay get ready cus the dream was AMAZING. I dreamt I wasn’t in the dream but.. I could “see” what was happening. Also please keep in mind time is Fake in dreams and I’m just piecing together what I can remember. So the dream starts off with this ship. . It was made of glass and gold and it was ENORMOUS. Like think, as big as actual temples. Like the pillars were gigantic. The ship was turned into a museum, but the ship was ancient. Apparently, long ago, humans lived in flying glass fleets. Anyway, inside the ship, there was supposed to be a lost artifact called “the midas touch”.. no one knows what it is or what it looks like, the only thing anyone knows for sure is that it would turn anyone who finds it into a very very wealthy person. Two people in the ship are trying to find it because they’re both “Trying to Prove Something To The World ©”
So the first person is an archaeologist and a scholar who just wants to find it in order to fund SCIENCELY things, and the other is am entrepreneur who’s the son of a wealthy businessman. I can feel in the dream the entrepreneur guy just wanted to impress his dad. These two guys were hella young and they were racing each other and fighting each other while they explored the ship. And then the dream changed. It was like.. It switched to ancient times, but there was the glass ship in all its glory. There was a crowd around it cheering and LO AND BEHOLD THERE WAS THE ARCHAEOLOGIST.. but he was looking timid and his hands were shackled and he was wearing like? These weird robes. And there was the entrepreneur sitting on a throne looking regal and shit.. apparently this was the archaeologist and the entrepreneur in a past life. The archaeologist was the son of a poor nobleman and the entrepreneur was a young prince. The nobleman had offended the prince’s father and was supposed to be set for a public humiliation but the archaeologist was all “punish me instead, not my father!” And the king agreed to punish the archaeologist . But then he died before he could humiliate and punish the archaeologist and the entrepreneur/prince ascended to the throne and became the king.. and he removes the shackles on the archaeologist’s wrists and shit.. Some shit happens and they fall in love.. and then the dream changes again and there was the archaeologist.. but this time he was a priest.. and he was offering something to a god.. The priest was called lion-boy and the god was a sun god.. and like.. lion boy loved the sun god so much and was devoted to him until eventually.. The sun god noticed how much the priest adored him.. so he’s like..okay. I see you. I hear your prayers. And guess who’s the sun god. He had the entrepreneur’s face. And the sun god goes down on earth and flirts with the priest, and eventually he turns lion boy immortal so they can be together, but apparently, deities in my dream cannot be in love.. because showing emotion cancels out their divinity.. so sun god was like, fuck it, me and lion boy are out! We’re gonna live as humans. Their first reincarnation was as the king and the nobleman’s son. It was legend that whenever the sun god and lion boy find each other as mortals, there would be just.. A flow of gold. And since the king and the archeologist found each other and are in love, there was just. Gold becomes very abundant, and since it becomes abundant, it’s worth less. So a bunch of gild merchants and goldsmiths team up to murder the king and his lover so gold becomes rare and worth more again.
And that’s the end of it. But then the sun god and lion boy reincarnate again, this time as the archaeologist and the entrepreneur, and they keep fighting and bickering with each other, until they reach a strange part of the ship, the archeologist stood before a giant statue of the lion boy, and the entrepreneur, under a magnificent golden statue of the sun god, and it’s like, both these idiots go, “it’s you!!” Like memories from a past life comes flooding in before everything goes quiet. And then I woke up.

A Prison of Zagig resembles a brass bird cage but can trap one creature of any size.  Only 5 are known to exist, and each requires 4 command words to operate fully (activation word, trigger word, command spell, freedom word) plus the true name or detailed history of the target.  (Jeff Easley, AD&D module S4: The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, TSR, 1982)


Countless pieces of DD history are scattered across the Internet–pictures, old tweets, concept art, behind-the-scenes pictures, and more. For a while, I thought that some of these artifacts were lost to time. But as I started searching around, I discovered long-lost pieces of DD history, as well as concept art, videos, interviews, and behind-the-scenes photos that I’d never seen before. I created this blog to archive artifacts that might otherwise be lost, including:

  • Old Twitter pictures and screencaps (due to Twitter’s changing format, much of the content has been lost)
  • Concept art from various artists
  • Videos and transmissions from the beginning of the era
  • Screencaps of the transmitter on MCR’s website
  • Rare photos from the video shoots
  • Close-ups of scenery and props from the videos
  • Sketches and inkings
  • And more!

Ready to brush up on your DD history? Visit @killjoyhistory today to view the collection!

Modern Pirate Sentence Starters

as requested by anon

  • “I’m not about to lose the ship…”
  • “What do we do, captain?!”
  • “As your captain, I order you to shut the fuck up.”
  • “It’s time for you to walk the plank. It’s not an actual plank, just get off the boat.”
  • “We’re getting so close to the treasure, I can almost taste it.”
  • “A storm’s brewin’.”
  • “What the fuck do you think a pirate looks like? Should I have an eyepatch and a talking parrot?”
  • “The journey was NOT the real treasure. I want gold.”
  • “There’s no way I’m letting them find the chest first.”
  • “It’s an old legend…”
  • “How are you already seasick?”
  • “Get out your gun.”
  • “Don’t ask questions; just hold the map.”
  • “No, you can’t steer the ship.”
  • “We’re pirates. Stealing is kind of our thing.”
  • “Crap, the navy is after us.”
  • “I’d let the stars guide the way, but there’s too much goddamn pollution.”
  • “Murder is a hobby by now.”
  • “I’ve been looking for this lost artifact for so many years and I don’t think I’ll ever find it.”

I worked to put together a collection of random generators to help with writing projects. I tried to cover a lot of genres, and included generators to help with character creation and development, plot development, and world building. There are also quite a few name generators on the list as well as a few general resources that I thought could be useful, but didn’t quite fit into the other categories.

Also note that if something is in a particular category, it doesn’t mean it can only work with that category. The story ideas and the world building categories overlap quite a bit.

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HDL Future HC’s

Thought i’d contribute, let me know what you think!

Future Ducks ideas/hc’s

• When the triplets grew up, they all had different ideas of what they wanted to do with their lives and they couldn’t stay together due to conflicts. They went their separate ways.
• Huey is a family man, and he has two daughters. One is 7 and the other is a newborn. He works as a camp counselor and a survivalist guide. He adores nature and children. He’s a bit of a tree hugger, he’s responsible, mature, very smart, and he still has his sense of adventure. He takes after “smarter than the smarties” part of scrooge and his responsibility comes from Donald.
• Dewey is following in Scrooge’s footsteps. He is an adventurer full time. He has a whole group of friends that he adventures with, including Webby. He doesn’t have a wife or kids, but he’s had a few flings with Webby that he’d rather not talk about. He goes out and finds lost treasure and artifacts, and brings them back to his Uncle Scrooge. He’s slightly taller than his brothers and very fit and muscular.
• Louie is a bit of a freelancer most of the time, but he also works for a big company that he got through Scrooge. He is very witty, cunning, and charming, and he is very well respected around the office. He is in charge of the company’s income and sales rates, and DAMN is he good at it. He also makes art and music on his own time to make money, and some of his work has been featured in art shows around Duckburg.
• Huey’s daughters don’t know about their two uncles.
• They only ever see each other at family gatherings, and they always have a great time together.
• They don’t talk to each other as often as they’d like to, mostly because they’re always busy, but they still love each other dearly.
• Uncle Scrooge becomes bedridden, and when the triplets aren’t busy, they come to visit him with their uncle Donald.
• The triplets come to visit very often, but Dewey always stays longer than his brothers.
• Scrooge is extremely close to all three of them, but he and Dewey always had a closer bond.
• After Uncle Scrooge died, they were devastated. Dewey especially.
• Scrooge left the Mansion and all his money to Donald and the triplets, but they didn’t touch it and kept it locked away like Scrooge would have wanted. Donald stayed in the Mansion and offered the boys to live there, but they refused.
• Dewey took his top hat, Louie took his coat, and Huey took his cane.
• Dewey wears the top hat on all of his adventures.
• When Dewey and Louie meet Huey’s daughters for the first time, they almost started crying.
• Except Dewey actually cried.
• Like a lot.
• Donald talks to each one of them every day over the phone, and he sends them cute pictures he finds online.
• Huey wears polo shirts and flannels (sometimes both)
• Dewey wears almost safari gear, he also wears combat boots.
• When Louie isn’t working, he just wears a tank top or a hoodie.
• At some point, they have to share a bed together. At first they’re very reluctant, but they end up having the best sleep of their lives. They always shared a bed as kids or at least slept in the same room.
• Louie mixes monster and coffee
• Webby still talks to all of them, and she tells them about how much they miss each other.
• Donald and Mrs. Beakly take care of the mansion and the money bin, Launchpad is still a pilot.
• Huey loves snakes
• Huey and Dewey sometimes go hunting for Cryptids
• Louie is always in charge of babysitting his nieces, and he absolutely spoils them


After a week of premieres in July, Adventure Time returns for its final season with a whole hour of new episodes in a special event on Sunday, September 17 at 7.00PM. The hour consists of 4 11-minute episodes listed in the image above and below:

September 17th, 7.00PM - “The Wild Hunt”  (written/storyboarded by Polly Guo, Sam Alden, and Erik Fountain) A fierce creature is terrorizing the Candy Kingdom but before Finn can slay the beast, he must first overcome a guilty conscience.

September 17th, 7.15PM - “Always BMO Closing” (written/storyboarded by Kent Osborne & Graham Falk)  BMO and Ice King hit the road as door-to-door salesmen and stumble upon an irresistible opportunity.

September 17th, 7.30PM - “Son of Rap Bear” (written/storyboarded by Seo Kim & Somvilay Xayaphone)  When Flame Princess is coaxed into a high stakes battle against the indomitable Son of Rap Bear, Finn must help her search for a new strategy.

September 17th, 7.45PM - “Bonnibel Bubblegum” (written/storyboarded by Hanna K Nyström & Aleks Sennwald)  A long lost artifact causes Princess Bubblegum to harken back to the creation of the Candy Kingdom.

Image released by Adam Muto on Twitter. The road to the finale begins.

kylokiwi  asked:

could you please write some headcanons for an indiana jones!ben solo au? like he's his son and he's somehow even more cocky and smug and you are w e a k for it LOVE U


benjamin henry jones is more his father’s son than he cares to admit. henry jones junior was a complex man; part overbearing father, part absentee, part best friend, part worst enemy. his father taught him to be both a free spirit and a conformist, to value knowledge and to kick ass. 

but as he grew, ben grew away from his father, ultimately pursuing his own career as a for-pay excavator. he does dangerous jobs in uncharted territory, recovering lost artifacts and bringing them home to whoever pays the highest price. he’s suave, he’s free-wheeling, and he’s somehow even more rough and tumble than his own father was. he gets in more fights, more close shaves. his father’s daring-do runs in his veins, but ben turned the dial up to an eleven.

but as much as ben prides himself on blazing his own trail, escaping the colossal shadow cast by his legendary father, it seems that there are more ties to him in ben’s life.

like the number of artifacts he routinely recovers for the university his father used to work at.

he’s, effectively, their man on retainer. they’re a very, VERY well-funded establishment, so they can hire this wild man to run out to tibet and find them some lost scrolls, some ancient tomes.

and ben does it because it’s good money.

and because he may or may not have his eyes set on a very different treasure indeed: the literary theory professor.

she’s everything he isn’t; a homebody, quiet, reserved. but she matches his passion and intellect, and everything she does lights a fire in him. the way she plays hard-to-get, how she can quip back and forth with him, understanding all of his references, all his archaic knowledge. she’s everything.

he’ll frequently stop by her classroom and watch her teach, standing in the doorway with his low-cut shirt, dirty slacks, scuffed boots. countless students turn and stare at him, giggling and gossiping because “oh my god he IS as handsome as people say!” and “have you ever seen someone like that before?” his crush glares at him from her desk, annoyed that he’s disrupting her lesson, but he just twirls his hand, prompting her to go on silently.

“-and as i was saying,” she snaps, turning away from him to jot more notes on the board- “-the brothers karamazov is a notable novel for it’s inclusion of-”

a wave of giggles and dreamy sighs rises behind her, but she doesn’t turn. she hears footsteps, and the bell rings, cutting her point off entirely.

“remember to read chapters twenty through twenty five,” she yells over the din of feet and backpacks. “there WILL be a quiz in the coming week! so please-” but no one’s listening. they’re all filing past her, smirking at ben as he leans on her desk.

there’s an apple on her desk with a bite taken out of it, and he grins at her, eyebrows raised.

“hiya, teach,” he purrs. “you looked mighty cute teaching about russian literature.”

“and you looked mighty putrid as you ruined my class,” she hisses back, shoving her papers and dog-eared novel into her bag. “it’s not easy to schedule this kind of work, much less have someone step in and ruin my whole lesson plan!”

“aw, don’t be mad. i’m just here to learn!” his deep brown eyes almost compel her to listen, but she whirls away, getting ready to storm off to her office. ben is faster, though, and steps in front of her, leaning into the doorway. “i’d love to hear your take on the literary value of lady chatterly’s lover.

she pretends that she doesn’t know that he’s talking about one of the most famously sexual novels in the world. she ignores him and brushes past, stepping into the hallway as ben quickly uses his long legs to outstrip her own pace.

-stupid heels make her walk slow, stupid hallways so tight and confining, bringing him close enough that she can hear him breathing, feel his warm skin close by, smell his aftershave-

“you know, you still owe me one.” she glowers at him, seeing his smug smile.

“one what, jones? i hardly recall owing you anything.”

“you do. i got that first edition of a christmas carol for you! and now you owe me something in return.”

“first,” she snarls, “i didn’t ask you for that book. it was very nice of you to give it to me, yes, but i thanked you and that’s all i needed to do. it wasn’t obligatory, so there’s no debt to pay.”

“you don’t even know what i was going to ask for,” he chirps. “it’d be so easy. in fact, it wouldn’t put you out at all. you could pay up right here and right now and be done with it.”

“fine. what do you want?”

they still their walking as she arrives at the door to her office, and ben leans in close, one hand gravitating to the doorframe to prop his weight as his face inchestowards hers. his eyes skate over her face, lingering on her lips, and he smiles, beautifully crooked teeth on display.

“one, single, itty bitty kiss,” he croons. “just one. though you might find that just one will make you want just one more, and another, and-”

“if i kiss you, will you shut up and leave me alone?”

“if it’s what you really, truly want,” ben replies with a shrug. “but it won’t be what you want.”

her heart is racing. she has to admit, the thought of his full lips against hers, his hand on her cheek, his big nose rubbing hers softly- oh, but what is she thining. she sets her brow and stops her hands from shaking, then closes her eyes, screwing them up tight.

“get it over with,” she says, as if waiting for him to punch her instead of kiss her. “but just one, three seconds long at maximum, and no tongue.”

“tut, tut. such a taskmaster. but i am at your disposal,” he hums, and before she knows what’s happening, a big hand is under her chin, and he’s tantalizingly close, so near that his breath is upon her skin.

“if you really don’t want me,” he whispers shyly, “all you have to do is say ‘no’. i won’t make you do this. i will never make you go through something you don’t want.”

“just kiss me, jones.”

and he does. he presses his lips to hers and she is so- so- so glowing. her skin is on fire and her head bursts with colors and it’s only three seconds, just as she asked, but suddenly she wishes she had been more generous.

ben pulls back, suddenly more shy and boyish-looking than she’s ever seen him, and he sheepishly looks down, his whole face flushed red, even to the tips of his big ears.

“sorry, i- i shouldn’t tease you to get that from you.”


he looks up. she never calls him that.

“come into my office. i think you were right.”

her hand tangles with his, and his chest stirs, his heartbeat racing. 

“a-about what?”

“i think that just one wasn’t enough.”

and his eyes are glittering, golden, warmed and alive, and oh, how he smiles. he smiles like it’s christmas, and he just found the big, shiny, bright red bike under the tree.

“yes, ma’am,” he breathes, following her as she tugs his hand and guides him into her arms.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any prompts about futuristic space pirates? Your account is amazing, btw ❤

  • A team of scavenger pirates that seeks out space ships that were attacked and abandoned. At least they’re usually abandoned…
  • Pirates who roam the seas of other planets. Of course, every planets has very different oceans.
  • There is a Council of Intergalactic Pirates that sets out guidelines and territories for different groups. This has made “legal pirates” that search for lost artifacts and ships, and rogue ones.
  • Different species band together in pirate gangs and each species has a different ability that helps with searches. One species are master navigators, another has the ability to sense other life forms, and so on.
  • Retired pirates are hired by companies to protect their ships. A former captain encounters their old crew one day. What do they do?
Mine (Sam Drake x Reader Drabble)

Originally posted by rikkisixx

A/N: Okay, okay I know I have requests to write and I know it 1:30 in the morning when I’m writing this but I saw a picture with a prompt while browsing the internet and this popped into my head and I actually have the motivation to write for once. So here it is. Not quite sure if I like how this turned out so let me know! Please note that I did not proof read this. If you see any mistakes tell me.(also what point of view do you guys prefer? First, second or third? Let me know, until then I’m going to write in second.) 
Words: 420 (⌐■_■) (#sorrynotsorry lol)
Warnings: None really just fluff.
It was another one of those nights where you and Sam were up late lying in bed simply enjoying each other's presences in a peaceful silence. The only light source was from the moon and stars coming through the nearby window. White covers were pulled up to your back as you cuddled up next to your boyfriend, laying your head on his chest, while he traced light patterns on your back. After all of the chaos the pair of you had gone through recently (it is not an easy task trying to find a lost ancient artifact in the middle of a South American jungle), this was the first time the both of you had any quiet. It felt nice, familiar almost. You knew life with Sam wasn’t going to be the easiest, and it wasn’t. It was filled with all kinds of dangerous adventures and occasional arguments over dumb things (”No, there’s only supposed to be a half a cup of milk, not a full one.” “(Y/N), does it matter? It’s practically the same thing.”) not to mention hardly ever down time at home.
Tonight, however, was different. You got to spend quality time with Sam for once instead of being in a life or death situation. Currently, all you could hear was the sound of yours and his breathing along with the chirps of the crickets outside. You contently sighed before your mind began to wonder, which lead you to ask your partner a question.
“Sam?” you asked quietly. 
You propped your chin up against his chest to look at him before continuing. “Describe me in one word.”
He furrowed his brows a moment then hummed in thought, stroking your back as he did while you fiddled with the material of his shirt. He smirked and glanced down at you. “Mine.”
You rolled your eyes. “Of course you would think of something like that.”
“What can I say? It’s the truth,” he responded with a smile as he tightened his grip on you slightly. You shook your head as you laid it back on his chest and not a moment later a yawn came out of you. “Getting tired?” he asked.
“A bit, yeah.”
“Get some rest, babe. I’ll be here when you wake up.”
Minutes later you were about to fall asleep when you thought of something. “Sam?” you mumbled with your eyes closed.
“I love you.”
He paused his movements for a second but quickly returned to the invisible patterns. “Love you, too.”

The Heroes of Easthaven #5

Zelthana - Chaotic Neutral Half-Elf Swashbuckler (Thief), Age 30

With a slightly condescending giggle, Zelthana questions your motivation in asking for details on her past. She mentions that some things are best left to the imagination, but offers to elaborate on her past and leaves it up to you to decide if her tale is true or not.

Zelthana was the illegitimate child of a rich Calishite merchant and one of his indentured elven servants. Mother and unborn daughter were dismissed from the household to prevent a scandal, and Zelthana grew up a street rat as a consequence. She developed a penchant for stealing, pickpocketing, lockpicking, and general roughhousing simply to survive and provide for her mother.

Eventually, it would come to pass that her estranged father’s business would fall on desperate times, and in a drunken stupor the merchant found the residence of his former servant and struck her in a fit of anger, claiming that Zelthana’s birth was what brought about his ruin. Zelthana came back to her mother’s body, bloody and beaten by a crude club, and swore revenge.

After investigating by asking local residents about entries and exits from her home, she was able to determine the identity of her mother’s assailant. In the dead of night, she drove a knife into her father’s throat and lit his estate aflame before booking passage away from the city of Schamedar on a trade vessel.

The vessel was accosted by buccaneers on the high seas, and without a substantial defense, the vessel surrendered to the attackers. Zelthana saw an opportunity to make use of the talents she had fostered in her poor upbringing, and turned on the trade vessel to join the pirates.

For a number of years Zelthana worked her way up from a lowly deckhand to the captain’s first mate. Her ambition assured that this was still not enough, and after lulling the captain into a false sense of security, she smothered him in his bedchambers one stormy night and framed it as an accident, taking her place as the captain of the pirate ship she would name the Prize Pearl.

Zelthana launched a campaign of terror on the high seas that devastated the sea-bound traders of Calimport. She attracted many fellow raiders to her flag, and even dedicated pirate hunters found it impossible to keep her at bay. It was only when the Emperor of Calimshan himself saw fit to deploy the Imperial navy to subdue the ‘Pirate Queen’ that Zelthana was backed into a corner. She abandoned her subordinate captains and sailed her vessel to the Sword Coast, and even further north to Icewind Dale to escape from the authorities that wished her dead.

Eventually the Prize Pearl made it past the eyes of the Calishite hunters, but the long voyage had taken its toll on the crew of the ship. Just as she had betrayed her former captain, Zelthana too was betrayed. Her lieutenants accosted her one night as she was deep in her cups and threw her overboard, and it was only thanks to a passing fishing vessel that she escaped the unfortunate fate of freezing to death in the cold waters of the dale.

Not content to sit about after her recovery, Zelthana joined the expedition from Easthaven to Kuldahar, hoping to find a way to return to her old life. However, given the party’s seemingly uncanny propensity for discovering lost artifacts of great value, Zelthana decided to stay with the newly formed Company of the Even Hand. It is unclear if she holds any actual loyalty to the group, or if she is planning to leave at first opportunity once she has accrued enough wealth.


Zelthana fills the company’s need for a trap finder and mechanical expert. Years of working the rigging of a ship has given her substantial knowledge over general machinery and simple engineering. Outside of her utility in paving the way in dungeons, she is also a fierce combatant compared to the typical thief, and fights her way through enemy lines using her own personal brand of dirty fighting.

The pirate has given the party little reason to trust her thus far, and has made her intent to gain wealth over the course of their adventure quite clear. Knowledge of her path in life has made Varius and Magnar quite wary of her intentions, a fact that she plays upon to pester them to her own enjoyment. Siri Wintergaze, however, adores the romantic fantasy of a pirate’s life, and (perhaps unwisely) looks up to the pirate. Nythura does not trust Zelthana for a second, but has a measure of respect for her desire to live freely. Surprisingly, Zelthana gets along rather well with the quiet blind ranger Rhys, whom she treats quite differently to the other members of the company. Perhaps it is out of sympathy for his condition, or her relating to the feeling of helplessness that he often feels.

Zelthana is quick witted, sly, sarcastic, and often times aloof. She makes no secret of her loose loyalty to the cause they pursue, and takes the animosity from some of her fellow adventurers in stride. She seems to thrive off of adversity, and doesn’t seem to be truly happy unless she has something to struggle against or someone to hone her razor sharp wit upon.

In battle, Zelthana dual-wields a pair of scimitars, and carries a small crossbow in the event that long-range engagement is required.

anonymous asked:

One chance. Lana.

At the Academy on Korriban, her teachers–her masters–are fond of absolutes.

You will go here. You will complete this task. You will obey. You must succeed, or you will die. There is no other way.

The twin specters of power and death hang over every conversation, cold and angry as a Sith Lord’s Force ghost. They go hand in hand, Lana realizes early on. For one individual to have power, another must die. It might be the competition. It might be one’s Master, identified as a potential threat. It might be an innocent, or a hundred innocents, a thousand. Power accepts no boundaries. That is the way of the Dark Side.

Power is also fickle, even though death is not. 

“This is a singular opportunity,” her Master tells her early one morning. Dawn has just begun to touch the horizon, turning the atmosphere from gray to hazy orange. The sky is choked with dust and sand, just like the morning yesterday, and all the mornings to come.

“You will have one chance only,” the Master says. “If you fail, you will die.” 

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Ok it’s 4 Episode gonna be air this September 17 it’s season 9 but just four episodes this year, and the rest in 2018
Okay this is the episode that’s gonna air
1. “The Wild Hunt” – A fierce creature is terrorizing the Candy Kingdom but before Finn can slay the beast, he must first overcome a guilty conscience.
2. “Always BMO Closing” – BMO and Ice King hit the road as door-to-door salesmen and stumble upon an irresistible opportunity.
3. “Son of Rap Bear” – When Flame Princess is coaxed into a high stakes battle against the indomitable Son of Rap Bear, Finn must help her search for a new strategy.
4. “Bonnibel Bubblegum” – A long lost artifact causes Princess Bubblegum to harken back to the creation of the Candy Kingdom.
Ohhh I’m so excited for season 9 these episodes gonna be amazing!! And I wonder who’s the beast… omg it’s FERN!!! Who’s know… maybe

li0nfart  asked:

Eeeeyyyyyy go you for doing a headcanon blog! I hope it flourishes. :) I've got an OC x Predaking pairing in a fan fiction I'm writing... you mind tossin' me some headcanon ideas on how Preds would treat his S/O?

thank you so much <3!! of course!! i hope this works for you :) good luck with your fanfic, i’m sure it’s gonna be fantastic!!

Predaking ( TFP )

  • First off, once you’re establishedly together, he’s very protective. He tries to keep you around him at all times. Which, of course he can’t do… but he tries. He knows how dangerous these Decepticons are. He doesn’t want you to be hurt. You definitely have to reassure him you can take care of yourself.
  • Now, seeing as he’s very old… I think he’d be very traditional. Courting and all (like it calling it courting). Predking finds the most beautiful flowers for you and picks a whole large bouquet for you. Not only that, he ends up finding random things to give you!
  • Even funnier, he finds random lost human artifacts to give you.
  • You realize what he’s doing and you have to laugh and softly tell him that none of this is necessary!
  • What do you mean? I must get all but the best for you. My courting must be worth your time.
  • Predaking, you’re worth my time already.” 
  • After that he is extremely happy to be with you. Though, he’s very private with his relationships. Predking wants to keep your affections private. Not for shame or fear… just, it feels right!
  • So in private, you’re likely to be found cuddling up to him in his beast mode. He loves when you stroke his snout or just… stroke him anywhere! He even purrs like a cat.
  • You can sleep next to him knowing you’ll be protected and warm!